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27 May 2001 Debbe Dunning vs Vanessa Williams

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Posted by Simguy on 5/27/2001, 8:43 pm.

Before: Classic puncher vs. boxer match up featuring two of boxing’s most experienced fighters. Both girls on the downside of wonderful careers, but it’s a well made match that should allow both to show what they have left. Purple push up and panties for Vanessa--yellow string bikini for Debbe, black shoes and gloves for both.

During R1: Vanessa loading up the right hand, fading Debbe’s jab and timing the brunette’s looping power shots--30 seconds in, Williams slips a jab and bends into a sweet right hand on the chin that sends a jolt down Debbe’s trim legs. Van tough on follow up, lifting a meaty hook into Dunning’s breadbasket and kissing more right hands off the brunette’s mouth to drape her wide-eyed on the ropes. Heavy-handed beat down to the bell from Vanessa--she’s loading up and sweeping overhand rights and lefts, bending into a crouch to keep herself safe from counters after punching. Dunning sent back to her corner glassy-eyed.

R2: Debbe shakes it off the way she has her entire career, loading up and coming at Vanessa with swinging lefts and rights from the hips. Williams looking to counter, but long-armed pressure from Debbe keeps Vanessa a little too patient. Williams turning her torso to absorb shots--Debbe lifting punches up into the sides and lathering at Williams’ belly with curling rights. Vanessa able to bob and slip all head shots, can’t protect her ribcage as well as Debbe evens up the cards.

R3: Debbe stalking, flat footed, opens strong with lanky rising lefts up underneath the ribs, but Williams wheeling to her left takes the punch away. Van unpacks the jab--Dunning with little head movement repeatedly eating leather and looking stunned as Williams gets off with a blistering stick. Down the stretch, Vanessa is dismantling Debbe, really stamping the jab to the face following up with slashing right crosses on the teeth--DEBBE GOES  DOWN! Kind of a slow mo, delayed reaction as several one-twos land flush in quick succession, Debbe sinking to one knee with a vacant expression. Dunning gets out of the round, but she is badly rattled, staggering en route to her corner.

R4: Shutout Vanessa Williams, Williams with cold concentration in her eyes, steps to the left, picking apart Debbe Dunning with heartless accuracy--jabs and cobra-strike right crosses from outside. Dunning reeling, hands at her chest--she’s staggering pathetically forward, tasking punches off her face, threatening to go down, but toughing it out. Hard to watch--clinical battering leaves Dunning shopworn at the bell, face lumping up sore under Williams’ careful ministrations.

R5: Dunning scraps her way back, wading into the teeth of Vanessa’s jab and collapsing it, answering back with wide power shots to the ribs that force Williams to cover up. Van spends most of the round leaning into the ropes, bending writhing to minimize damage, countering occasionally to Dunning’s swollen face, but it’s all one-punch potshot ting. Debbe doing all the work this round, roughing Vanessa up along the ropes, lifting in lanky-armed body shots to the hips and belly, then palming her girl back by the shoulders for more.

R6: Dunning back on top early as Williams lures her to the ropes,  slips a lot of Debbe’s work, but doesn’t make her pay. Dunning in wide stance, twisting her hips into wrap around lefts and rights, but she’s head hunting too much--Williams crafty at bending into the ropes, or slipping low underneath the Dunning heat. Final minute, Debbe growing sloppy, missing badly, and Vanessa starts to tune her up; brilliant short right cross on the teeth--Vanessa ducking under Debbe’s own right hand that sails over the top; a sweeping left across the chops that beats Debbe’s wide left and another straight right hand on the chin--Van ducking to shoulder butt Debbe’s stomach to help the brunette into backpedal. Dunning badly hurt--Vanessa stepping forward with punishing right hands on the mouth, left hands on the jaw--Dunning battered straight backwards, face spanked side to side as Williams never misses and DUNNING GOES DOWN! Debbe finally sprawled on her back from the relentless connects and DOUBLE D CAN’T BEAT THE COUNT! Dunning a pathetic sight--lifting her head off the mat, but unable to master her limbs--KO6 Vanessa Williams.

After: Near upset as Williams had been written off as a serious contender prior to this fight--performance one of her best in years shows she’s still dangerous. Vanessa still cute, still defensively slick, but she’s turned puncher with age to compensate for slower reflexes--she set down and destroyed iron-jawed Debbe with wrecking ball bombs to the body and head in this fight, leaving the brunette stranded non her back in a beaten stupor, With Charlize Theron flattening the division--Williams seems as legit bas anybody out there--big win could have put Vanessa right back in the hunt.

Reposted by Archer 7/27/11.

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