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28 May 2001 Christina Aguilera vs Piper Perabo

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Posted by Simguy on 5/28/2001, 8:04 pm.

Before: Piper Perabo gloves ‘em up for what could be her last time under the Ultimate Fighter banner--persistent gym rumours abound Pipes could on the bubble as money men reassess her market value in a crowded stable. Aguilera tough, but fair test--she’s smaller than Perabo, a more dedicated puncher, but fragile in her own right--if Perabo shows up tough and sharp tonight, she can win it. Piper in tan suede bikini top, light blue bikini bottoms--Aguilera in white bikini, boy curt white trunks.

During R1: As expected, Aguilera eschews finesse to go right at her foe, intent on testing Perabo’s heart early. Pipes up to the challenge--she legs away from early Aguilera heat, issues a well-timed if pushy jab to steer the wiry blonde and keep her at distance. Chrissy coming up short time and again with singing blows from either side--Perabo’s safety-first approach gives her the round.

R2: Piper has range, she’s selecting the right punches, and by the midway point, she’s got her timing down. Christina still lunging and wildly overextending on her punches--Perabo gives her a little in-out fade and licks a hook across the singer’s face to beat Aguilera to the punch. Christina stumbling sideways with a shocked expression--her own momentum combined with Perabo’s precision puts wobble into those perky boy cut bottoms. Perabo keeping the jab on her girl--she’s nudging it into Christina’s face rather than snapping it, but it’s enough to keep Aguilera off balance to the bell.

R3: Pipes growing in confidence--she hops out to meet Aguilera head in, greedily exchanged hooks with Christina in an effort to keep the crooner hurt. PERABO GOES DOWN! Pipes on her back, eyes wide and staring, limbs looking paralyzed as she sprawls--Aguilera leaving her feet to pull a clapping hook into the side of Piper’s head brings the crowd to its feet. AND IT’S OVER! Piper mewling, struggle to roll onto her side as the count passes her by--a smug Christina Aguilera strutting the ring, glaring down at her KO3 handiwork.

After: Perabo helped to a stool, then to the dressing room to await the verdict. Piper actually dominating the minutes, but proving awfully chinny as the smaller woman clocked her out with a savage left hook from Arkansas. Remains to be seen what UF gym does with Perabo’s contract--she’s got some tools, but you can’t teach a girl to get off the canvas.

Reposted by Archer 3/27/11.

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