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1 April 2011 Title Ch Michelle Williams vs Vanessa Hudgens

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Posted by simguy on 4/1/2011, 10:02 am


BEFORE: Constant bickering in prefight - every time girls are brought close, they're fisting hands in one another's tank tops; slapping or punching each other; pushing and screeching. "I'm definitely the girl on Mishy's scene these days!" Vanessa gloats in prefight. In the background: revolving slideshow of 'Nessa's SHAPE mag photoshoot is intercut with stills of her landing leather on Mish, with particular emphasis on jigglin' jubblies. "Mishy got old against me last time out. It's horrifying to her that a girl as pretty as me can be as tuff and fast and good as I am - she's never seen that before. Gonna beat her jugs to putty; gonna tire her out and use her up. It's 'Nessa-time boys: SAVOUR it!" Mish pissed...long time since a girl's gotten under the champ's skin like Hudgy has. "I will tear Vanessa apart in this fight," Mish vows, eyes steely. "Forget about what I've done in the past, THIS is going to be the beating against which all other beatings will be measured forever. This kid needs more than an ass-kicking: she needs an ass-ANNIHILATION and trust me - it's on the way." Mishy in zebra-print bikini with twist-tied top; small black gloves; messy blonde fighting tousle. 'Nessa in white bikini trimmed in tan; small black gloves; black hair loose/tangly. Asked to touch 'em up, both girls throw immediate twitch-hooks against rival racks, leading to pre-fight warnings and delays. "I thought you said 'touch 'em up'?" Mish says, all innocent.

During R1: Mishy bull-rushing, trying to wrap up and stampede 'Nessa to ropes: Hudgens backpedalling in good order, getting her right arm in under Mishy's left, then throwing it up and over to 'Nessa's left while Hudgens squirts away to her right. Punching is sporadic as Mishy's intent on securing 'Nessa first, while Hudgens under pressure can only get off slap-and-scoot. Hectic round - scrambling 'Nessa keeps her back off the ropes; Mishy aggressive but frustrated, frequently stomping around jugs a-jumpin' because of Vanessa's cute evasions.

R2: Mish continues to pour up the middle: 'Nessa trims blonde sails this round. Hudgens threading punches through a key-hole up the middle: straight, chopping right/left/rights bouncing off Mishy's face, startling her. Williams' head jolting - eyes closed/eyebrows high/lips parted - she stumbles forward ONTO ALL FOURS! Mishy breathing hard, blinking: 'Nessa steps to Michelle's left flank and KICKS MISHY'S RIBS! Not a real loaded up boot - more of a slap-foot PIK! - but Mishy grunts in surprise as ref bodies 'Nes off for a warning. Williams takes her 8, then pushes forward: blonde girl showing dukes curled into hollows of her cheeks on the march. 'Nessa sliding back in her stance - dragging lead (left) foot. As Mishy reaches for Hudgens, 'Nessa's RIPPING check hooks tight-n'-biting to mouth. BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Mishy blundering into several ripping chin-checks...Williams wobbly butt, hurt...legs give way and she eases to right knee to steady herself. Vanessa strutting ring hands-high: woozy 8 Mishy...she's cut in the mouth through 2.

R3: Mission accomplished Vanessa: she's hurt Mish, won respect...blonde girl coming forward still, but at greatly reduced speed. 'Nessa jab-jab-jabbing while sidestepping left...she's turning Mishy midring. Hudgens triggering both hands off the jab: sudden right hands off the shoulder; fast-twitch clip-across hooks. Williams fielding on her face all groggy/grumpy...'Nessa scoring from middle-distance, getting good extension/snap on her shots. Turning, turning, turning...'Ness circling cute, bouncing mitts off blonde...Williams wobbly butt from accumulation, busting up through 3.

R4: 'Nessa jab-jab-jabbing; circling clockwise...Mishy cooperating, turning-with, dukes-at-cheeks. Hudgens feinting, then pouring in one-twos to Mishy's jugs: cute little P-PAK impacts, then Hudgens scampers out of range all springy-legged and fresh. Mishy scowling, vexed...she gets close enough to hurl right/lefts to 'Nessa's ribcage, but absorbs furious, rapid-fire flurries in response. Hudgy able to bounce both hands off Mishy's bruised face; get into the Williams rack a bit; feint Mishy into earmuff front then go at her tummy via lapping right/lefts. Bell: Vanessa gives with a bratty, "MMM! THAT'S GOOD MISHY!"

Claire and Eliza have seen enough - shooing away the corner staff to take command. Claire applying enswell to Mishy's brows, growls: "You can NOT lose the belts to this tramp!"

R5: Mishy rushing 'Nessa: Hudgens scampering back, getting her arms in under Williams' and shucking her grapple-attempts: boxing equivalent of take-down defence serving Vanessa well. Williams stomping around all jugs a-jumpin'...soon she's blundering into check-hooks as Vanessa turns her shoulder into tight little cuffs and knocks. Midway through - Mishy sputtering forward - 'Nessa sidestepping and pivoting cute: brunette suddenly triggers a chopping right/left/right up the middle, neatly pasting Mishy's face and DROPPING HER TO ALL FOURS! Williams gobsmacked, in distress: Vanessa squealing in delight - galloping past the HISC corner to fire off imaginary six-guns at stunned Claire and Eliza. Mishy up but shellacked - damp blonde curls hanging limp across her eyes: ON COMES 'NESSA! It's Vanessa on Mish, CHUGGING at that rack hup-hup-hup...little brunette just in there shrugging, working desperately to punch apart that twist-tied knot! POOR MISHY! Williams jacked up, looking gatling-gunned...jugs bunching up under rapid-fire assault as Vanessa crowds close and stays busy. Mishy whining, reaching round 'Nessa's shoulders to clinch: brunette crossing wrists to brace Mishy's tits in the grasp - thrusting toned little legs to compress blonde girl to ropes. Mishy: "UHHH!" as 'Nessa pushes in - brunette cackling hot in Mishy's face, working jug via body-bump on ropes. Bell: quick peck of disrespect 'Nessa to Mishy on the side of blonde head...Williams miserable, disheveled, hugging battered jugs en route to corner.



R6,7: Mishy firming, more organized - still coming forward, but moving her head, being more responsible on approach. 'Nessa circling clockwise midring, working behind the jab: brunette able to fight her pace, box-and-turn her blonde - clever Disney-trained fists seeking out belly/breasts/chin. More competitive, closer rounds: Mishy able to belt 'Nessa's flanks robust right/lefts - though Vanessa's head remains elusive. Hudgens getting off limber and quick - mitts bouncing off MIshy's head and shoulders, but improved Williams defence cuts into Hudgens' connect percentage.

R8: Mishy able to crowd-and-bang...girls fighting intense shoulder to shoulder engagements for the first time. 'Nessa frowning - pushing and negotiating Mish with chickenwing left elbow - brunette very concerned to keep back clear of ropes. Williams scouring, letting her hands go: 'Nessa's chiclet-abs getting rapped; flanks batted; face chipped and scraped by short Mishy uppercuts in close. Down the stretch, Mishy rips right/left to waist - hesitates - then fits 'Nessa for the clipping left uppercut to chin...BUZZING 'NESSA'S LEGS! Hudgens stumbling backward badly rocked for the first time: fear in glassy brown eyes as 'Nessa hits ropes, covers up earmuff. Mishy hops in for clean up - lands a few stout whacks to waist/hips before ref jumps in to enforce the bell.

R9: Pressure from Mish...'Nessa grimly buckling down, fighting shoulder to shoulder in the trenches. Vanessa slapping at either Mish elbow to turn-and-sidestep blonde girl inside. Mish pumping and chugging body shots; reaching left arm in under Vanessa's right, wrapping her, holding her for plugging rights. Mish warned for holding and hitting, but she's unrepentant - staying in Vanessa's face, constantly squirming atop her or punching her. Hudgens competing, digging back at body/breasts in close...gritty brunette resistance for 2 minutes before blonde finally bodies her girl to ropes for clean up. Bell: Mish pushing up off sweaty, grimacing 'Ness...CHEAP, LATE RIGHT HAND BINGO ON THE CHIN! Mishy pasting 'Nessa after the bell, buckling Hudgens knees...ref rushing in hot, giving Williams a hard shake by her left arm and reading her the riot act.

R10: Neat, tight check-hooks stall Mishy's pressure: 'Nessa scoring to chin off her back (right) foot, pivoting left with renewed crispness. Mishy blinking, wobbly-butt...she's traipsing after 'Nessa, starting to eat hard, small-glove leather. Hudgens left hand touching Mishy jabs; ripping her hooks...cute, tight stuff from Hudgy here. Midway through, Mishy blunders forward into a gorgeous right-uppercut to chin...blonde girl sputtering away from the punch, lashes fluttering. 'Nessa over to the attack - strafing Mishy via straight, criss-crossing lefts and rights to ropes. Mishy: woozy; right hand under chin/left across body. Vanessa eyes bright, elbows in - nice tight, rapid-fire flow stitchin' Mishy! Mish groggy, facing into a pasting...small gloves biting at her belly, bouncing off her face. Mishy buckles, sags into ropes, guard loosening and VANESSA WANTS RACK! TORRID bid to undo that knot - 'Nessa baring fangs, crowding close and shruggachugging away both hands to tender breastbeef. Mish sleepy, head lolling...she's hurt, curvy legs holding her up. BELL: 'Nessa's still in there hup-hup-hup...Mishy out on her feet, whining in pain...ref pulls wriggling Hudgens off, leaving Mish hugging her top just in case. Comes back UD10 for the winner and NEW flyweight champ - Vanessa 'Hurt Machine' Hudgens!

After: Mish blinking, battered, confused - used by 'Nessa Hudgens for a second straight time...little blonde bully with a real problem on her hands as youth bursts through. Claire livid, using the loss as an excuse to lash out at vulnerable Mish while removing Williams' gloves: heartless! Hudgens weeping in jubilation...emerging from the pack of Disney starlets to take the belts and down a legendary HISC brawler in the process. "OMG..." Vanessa sniffs, trembling with excitement. "I'm the best - really the best! I beat Mish and took her belts...I'm the hottest and best fighter in boxing...it's like a dream!" On and on in that vain - 'Nessa just enthralled with her achievement and hotness. When forced back on-point, 'Nessa considers her future. "Beating Hayden would really cement my reign as the most dominant flyweight champion in history, so that has to be considered. Rolling up HISC is the same deal - just grinding the 'pack under my heel. People're saying 'what about Hannah' because she beat me on a fluke - I may have to hammer her just to stop the talk, even though she's not a big movie star like me. There's lots I have to think about, but trust me - I'm going to beat the daylights out of everyone and rule with an iron fist! AND iron abs - look! (hardens up the six pack for cameras) KAPOW!"




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