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30 November 2001 Jessica Biel vs Brooke Langton

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Posted by Simguy on 11/30/2001, 6:58 am.

Before: Girls have been eyeing each other for some time, carefully measuring one another’s progress--time is right for both to get a taste of the other. Both talented in their own ways--Langton a tighter punching, Ray Leonardesque type fighter--Biel lankier in delivery, uses a lot of ring--Langton calculating, consistent--Biel inspired, unpredictable. Jessica in clingy baby blue cashmere camisol top and panties, long blonde ponytail, Brooke in red tankini.

During R1, 2: Jessica outboxing Brooke, keeping the brunette in the center of the ring--Langton blocking a lot of shots behind a sturdy high guard, but allowing Biel to control distance, dictate tempo with her legs and licking jab.

R3: Langton’s had her look, starts to jab with Biel to get close and forces the blonde to trade. Langton the snappier combination puncher, she’s landing the last punch in any sequence and finding a home for her biting hook in Biel ribs or jaw line. Midway through, spirited back and forth ends with Jessica catching a clean hook on the chin--Biel stupefied, nearly takes a drowsy seat before pin wheeling back into the topes. Langton squaring up to pound away, doubling up that hook to the breadbasket and chin, turning into a crisp right hand on the face that leaves Jessica staring. Shutout with feeling,  Brooke Langton.

R4: Banging, two-way exchanges--once again, Biel’s gangly delivery betrays her as Brooke is able to outwork her toe to toe Girls just licking it up--no clinching or excess lateral movement--they rotate clockwise midring, taking turns off the block in crowd pleasing trade, Right side of Biel’s face puffing up--oh that Langton hook.

R5: Brooke continues to pile up points--eye intent on her foe, crisp punches in bunches, connect percentage steadily increasing as Biel grows frustrated, and unable to get ahead of the curve. Langton working angles, pivoting to fight off Biel’s right shoulder, getting outside Jessica’s dangerous cross, and digging hard to the belly, breasts and chin with a busy left hand. Final minute, Brooke bodies up, fighting temple to temple with Jessica and hammering the blonde’s butt to the ropes with a steady tummy attack, Biel shaken up at the bell--that’s bell to bell from Brooke and mileage put on he young blonde’s springy legs.

R6: Jessica adjusts--uses her legs to reset the agenda for the fight, Biel changing up distance by darting in and out, blinding Langton with decoy lefts and sneaking in hard right hands in behind, ranging round the ring as Brooke has trouble cutting off the mat. Classy stick and move gives Biel breathing room, breaks Langton’s momentum and puts a shutout for Jessica on the cards.

R7: Brooke with some tasty stomach punching early, but Biel’s learned to avoid toe to toe exchanges and legs out of range. Midway through, Jessica lifting a heavy jab off her hip, opens Brooke up for a crashing right hand down the middle, Langton stepping in fence post holes has to deal with vertigo for the first time in the fight. Biel patient in follow up, keeping her distance, content to touch Langton with the jab, dive in behind the right hand, and pivot away down low as Langton soaks up the punches.

R8: Nice, brisk, professional fighting--both girls looking good, doing good work. Brooke able to cut the ring off at times, put her punches together--Biel able to spin off the ropes, keep the fight moving, work behind her jab to land the odd stiff right hand. Langton coming forward, looks the aggressor in a very completive round.

R9: Same as the 8th, only Jessica gets slightly more done, stinging Langton with the right cross and stopping the brunette from walking her down, Biel making fine distance-judgments, pulling back just enough to make Langton miss, then scorching the brunette with butt wobbling right hands down across the cheek. Jessica takes a slim lead into the 10th.

R10: Corner wants Biel to keep her distance and box it out--Jessica obliges early as she lopes around the ring, slapping jabs or lead right hands, then pivoting sharply into open ring, slapping jabs or lead right hands, then pivoting sharply into open ring. Langton keeping her guard high, stepping lively to cut down the ring--by the midway point she’s getting to Biel’s ribcage with that tough left hook, bringing the blonde down off her toes. Harsh exchange midring sees Langton catch Biel a left hook on the mouth as the blonde wearily pulls away--JESSICA’S HURT! Biel glassy-eyed at the ropes, Langton stepping in and going down with furious punching to head and body. Whipping Ray Leonard hooks and crosses chew Jessica up--blonde’s legs give way as she slumps helplessly into the strands and THE REF JUMPS IN! TKO10 as Broke Langton yelps for joy at the sight of Jessica’s sudden collapse.

After: huge come-back for Brooke leaves Biel distraught--blonde had hoped to catch brunette a post-Fishel low and instead found a very motivated, sharp punching contender in red. Langton down on the cards, pulls out the stoppage to erase any doubt in what had been a VERY close fight to that point, “It’s my experience,” says Brooke confidently in post fight, “Jessica’s good, but raw, She needs seasoning before she can step in with a Brooke Langton--talented girls are dime a dozen in this division.”

Reposted by Archer 5/1/11.

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