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20 May 2005 Rachael Leigh Cook vs Reese Witherspoon

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Posted by Simguy on 5/20/2005, 7:32 am.

Before: Hard feelings in the aftermath of recent post fight shenanigans--good to see girls settling things face to face INSIDE the ring where shenanigans belong. “Witherspoon has had this coming for SO long,” seethes Rachael in preflight. “I’ve been begging Tech upper management to get me Reese--I’d have paid THEM to bring to the table,” Witherspoon cocky, confident, crossing her arms, clucking her tongue and sneering throughout the RLC commentary. “It’s gonna take more than a cheesy cashmere top and an attitude to get me beat,” says Reese, “and that’s all Rachael’s got to offer. Get past her wardrobe and she’s an undersized, underpowered, under talented little bimbo who’s only here to help bigger stars shine the brighter. When I get with Rachael, I plan to glow at her expense--if you like suffering, you won’t be disappointed. Tawdry pale blue crochet top and panties RLC, sport-cut pink bikini with large white polka dots, Reese.

During R1-4: fight largely fought out in the Witherspoon corner--Rachael very aggressive, crowding blonde into her home turnbuckles and working her over spicy. Cook busy, abrupt, pushing her head in on Reese’s head or guard, punching at Reese’s flanks with tidy, biting blows, bringing the mitts back quick to chest to reset. Reese concentrating, leaning forward mitts-at-mouth, grinding tousle with Rache--blonde getting dramatically outworked, offering only spotty response in the form of tapping little uppercuts ir sneaky hooks down in the waist. 4 heats to love, RLC--Cook diligently pounding her way to a fat lead on the cards early.

R5,6: Cook still making the fight--it’s she crossing the ring, pressing Witherspoon in her corner--but Reese more combative these rounds. Reese hot and bothered, grimacing as Cook’s busy, digging fists tuck in behind elbows, sample gut and jug--but blonde beating banging back lusty, turning her shoulder into clouting hooks to Cook’s jumping little jugs, doubling up the hook that liver with authority. Rache tough to  back up, but Reese doing it in spots, belting brunette back a few steps before Cook  responds with a batting fusillade of lefts and rights. Witherspoon outworked, but accuracy starting to tell--she can get to Cook’s chin via uppercuts--Cook’s rack and tummy there for the taking if only Reese would move her hands.

R7: Reese able to hammer out a round, backing Rachael up consistently for the first time, putting cashmere-clad buttocks in the ropes. Cook’s turn to roast: stooped forward behind her gloves, feet dug in--she sits and soaks it up as Reese bludgeons away all big at the ropes. Witherspoon standing up tall, her chest against the top of Rachael’s forward head position--blonde able to extend, rip away to hips and flanks, swab across lower back. Teaspoon showing beefy--often lifting one foot or the other up off the canvas slightly as she commits to reefing licks--poor Cook shaken by thump, feeling it in a one-sided 7th.

R8: Girls take turns savaging perky racks--first Cook will scrub away hooks, then cover up as Reese chugs away. Sweaty heads in close, breathy sobs and gasps as each suffers in turn, but fight’s getting mindless--both girls willing to soak a bit if it means standing their ground and getting off in kind. Wasteful mutual destruction--both girls suffer much more then necessary as neither takes a backward step. Busier vixen packs rack with extra punches: it’s Rachael. Both girls’ faces hot and wet with tears--very intense scrubbing takes it’s toll in a withering 8th.

R9: Senseless close in, shrugging jug-mugging continues, girls snuggling close: heads, shouldes, mitts. Short, muscular bumping in there--no backswing, girls crowding each other at all times in hopes f smothering a receipt. Muffled FUMP! SHUMP! WHUMP! As plump jug is lifted and belted--mouths pouting open in grunting protest, eyes closed as neither girl needs to see what they’re doing. Once again, Cook just a little bit scrappier, little bit more durable, more aggressive and hungrier. Reese finishes up butt-in-ropes, taking it to her chest, corners of her mouth drooping down as Rachael stamps out her supremacy in the 9th.

R10: Cook with some hard, hard body blows--great swinging lefts and rights, arched back, shifted hips--Reese folding forward, screaming into her gloves simply has to give way. Cook shining with pride, walking Reese down--girls trade vicious hooks and COOK’S LEGS GIVE WAY! Rache put wobbly butt, staggering back a few steps as though she might sit down, then raggedly pulling herself together--deep breath Witherspoon as she wades in. Rache belted ropeside, face in gloves--she’s helpless, tragically shaken up, just gutting it out. Reese all-in, knows she needs the KO--she-be-HEAPIN’ on the punishment double, trying to bring out the quit in Cook. Rache sobbing into her gloves, twisting, twitching, cringing--Reese really pounding Cook to the ribs and waist, bumping brunette off a brawny shoulder to reset. Bell: Cook survives--Reese stomps her bare foot in frustration, sending tremors of disappointment across her rounded backside. Comes back UD10 Rachael Leigh Cook.

After: Cook dreamy, badly hurt in withstanding Witherspoon’s last-gasp rally--brunette  holds it together to turn Reese back. Security johnny-on-the-spot in aftermath as Reese shrieks taunts and epithets at the still-woozy Cook--little Rachael swaying, uncertainly standing with taped fists balled, dukes up in groggy ready position--she’ll answer bets she can if it comes. “Cook’s a joke,” Reese spits in post fight “I battered her senseless in the tenth--everyone saw it. That fight should DEFINITELY have been stopped. I always knew Cook was babied and pampered--but this is ridiculous. Any other girl--they pull me off and stop the bloodbath, You couldn’t SHOW more dominance than I was putting on Rachael--what do I have to do to get a call?”

Reposted by Archer 5/8/11.

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