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14 November 2001 Julia Louis-Dreyfus vs Allison Mack

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Posted by Simguy on 11/14/2001, 7:49 am

Before: Mack continues to mop up rd tier flys, sharpening the tools she’ll need for the bigger fish in the division. Dreyfus an underutilized talent--never really reaching her potential--fight looks pretty safe for an up and comer like Allison. Mack in sturdy two-toned navy and pale blue one piece gymnastics leotard--armless, Dreyfus in red armless gymnastics leotard, curly hair up.

During R1: Mack hacking away up top with banging hooks--power startles Dreyfus who buckles under the barrage and takes a shaky knee in the first minute. Only gets worse--Mack digging into her opponent’s cushy midriff, beats Julia to the ropes and lays it on thick--reaching under JLD’s arms to chest her back, slamming away two-fisted to the midsection, coming off the body with zesty hooks inside that have Dreyfus head a-bobble, late in the round--Mack pushes her shoulder into Julia, then turns into a bashing hook on the chin that drops Dreyfus to all fours at the bell, Sumptuous power performance from the packed little blonde--she leaves Julia hurting in corner.

R2: Julia Louis-Dreyfus sucks it up--one of the bravest moments in a career not exactly smothered in glory. Throbbing in the body, Dreyfus hardens it up and stands in toe to toe with Mack--girls grinding it out cheek to cheek, struggling with one another’s arms of the constant action, backing her girl up, and down the stretch, Julia gets her hips into a thudding left to the side, doubles it up on the chin and MACK GOES DOWN! Ali Mack dropped to her backside, slow to get up as she takes a flush shot o the chops to end the round.

R3: Girls are settling in together--it’s mouth on shoulder, body on body as both seek to move the other backward and scrape hooks inside. Mack the stronger in a series of engagements that wander aimlessly around the ring--Julia laying in, trying to tie up and bog the blonde down with little success--Mack too busy, beats body with relish this round.

R4: Julia shocking on-lookers once again, answering a good Mack round with one of her own, Ali shocked to get off her stool and be packed back into her corner by an enraged Dreyfus--Julia putting her weight into Allison’s chest and hammering away at the breadbasket two-handed. Julia getting all big--crossing her arms and jamming Mack into the turnbuckles, overwhelming Ali with constant clubbing to the arms and sides--Mack with her gloves at the temples sacrifices torso to survive the round--shutout Dreyfus.

R5: Over anxious Julia Louis-Dreyfus comes storming in, chopping overhand lefts and rights like she’s doing the front crawl--Mack reads it, steps back and kisses a perfect little left hook counter on the chin to catch the brunette charging in. Dreyfus stumbling into Allison, spills to the canvas, trembling on all fours--she makes an effort to get to one knee, the sputters onto her side as the KO takes hoild--KO5 Allison Mack.

After: Stunning conclusion to what had been a more competitive fight than expected--Mack doing more damage with a single well-placed punch than she had been doing with reckless flurries all night long, Dreyfus carted from the ring in stupefaction as Allison speculates on a proposed mish Williams match, ”Am I ready? The truth is, if Mish were still on promotional contract to the WB, we’d have been paired off already. I had a lot of respect for Williams in the past, but she’s backing away from this fight and I have to call her on it. Tonight, she saw shades of Li’l Kim-type power and she doesn’t want that to happen to her again. I think when she thinks about me, she thinks a bout getting knocked out again, and it scares her.”

Reposted by Archer 5/15/11.

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