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17 November 2001 Allison Mack vs Michelle Williams

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Posted by Simguy on 11/17/2001, 10:00 am.

Before: Quite simply--there’s not enough room in the FCBA for both these fighters. “it’s economics,” points out one HBO suit, “one of these girls is going to be seen as the real thing, the other as a wannabe-just because of their similar styles. For a while, Mish had the whole sandbox to herself--she was kind of a unique talent in this division, but Allison Mack is a threat to all of that. Fights we had earmarked for Michelle could just as easily go to Allison if Williams can’t defend the status quo.” Michelle reportedly sparring hard rounds with Danielle Fishel for this fight--”If I can take Dani’s punches,” Kish snipes in preflight, “I can shrug Allison’s off completely.” Mack in sturdy black push up and panties, white trim, Mish in red.

During R1: Girls lean in with their foreheads, all four gloves up around both faces and Williams goes immediately to the body with hurling hooks up underneath. Mack hurt seconds in, scowling in pain, nearly taking a knee and crumbling back into the ropes where Williams can really go to work. Battering bell to bell beat down for Williams as she clubs Mack senseless with nonstop punishment, At the bell, Mish clinches up tight and sneers directly into Allison’s ear, “All night long.”

R2: Shutout Mish Williams. Mish very rough with her forehead, jamming it in between Ali’s gloves, then ripping away to the belly and ribcage downstairs. Mack giving ground with a pained wince, and once on the ropes, she’s helpless to answer back. Williams unloading Boom Boom Mancini style--hammering wide lefts and rights to the body and head, using her left elbow to nudge and push, using her head hard against Mack’s face--Allison wide-eyed and staring after another 3 minutes of one-sided abuse--a boisterous Mish Williams sends her foe off to her corner with a beefy clap on the buttock.

R3: SHUTOUT MISH WILLIAMS! Starting to look like a mismatch as once again girls rub foreheads--Williams viciously butting, crippling Mack underneath with hellish hooks and brawling the blonde into the ropes for more of the same. On and on--Mish bullying Allison, bodying her back, lathering away to the body and finding the chin on occasion as Mack’s guard starts to droop. Non-stop churning punches from Mish hammer Mack into stupor--she’s busted up, woozy, and looking shot after 3 glorious rounds from Williams.

R4; SHUTOUT MISH WILLIAMS! It’s a rout! Williams jamming her head in between Mack’s gloves, draws a peep of hurt as forehead bashes eye yet again in this fight. OH those hooks to the body--Mack whimpering on impact as her legs shimmy and she staggers to the ropes, desperate to tie Williams up, Mish fighting her way through the clinches--using her head when she can’t punch, and as Mack recoils from the butting, Williams’  fists free up to get back at body. Mish smearing Mack all along the ropes, keeping her face on the blonde, welting away with blind punches into Allison’s curvy goodness downstairs--wild punching routinely sailing into panty or thigh as Mish shrugs off referee suggestions. Seconds left--Allison covered up, leans forward as Mish pumps lefts and rights into the breadbasket--Mack droops to her knees at the bell as Williams crows in delight. During the break, a concerned trainer takes Allison’s face (left eye closed, purplish, swelling on both cheeks) in both hands and says, “Baby, if you don’t punch back, I’m going to stop this fight. I mean it Ali.”

R5: Mack responds with gutty effort early--standing her ground mid ring, rubbing foreheads, trading beefy hooks to the ribs, but once again Mish imposes her will. Mack starts to wilt backwards--she’s being exposed in this fight as a uni-directional fighter as Williams has her way with Allison on her heels. Round ends the way all previously Mack’s butt on the ropes, Mack’s body absorbing sensational hurt to both sides, and Mack’s chin fielding clouting blows from both hands as Williams loads up without fear, Mish bodying up chest to chest at the bell for more taunting--she’s relishing one of the most comprehensive beatings she’s ever dished out to another woman.

R6: Ali digging down--hopelessly behind on the cards, face a pulpy mess, she stands and trades in a senseless first minute that sees both little bodies savaged. In the end, Williams’ will prevails--Mack forced into cringing retreat--Michelle reefing away with batting lefts and rights underneath, then it’s shove and slug at the ropes to the break. Mack drifting in and out on her feet eyes fluttering--Williams bashing away at the arms as well as the torso of her foe in an effort to break Ali down completely.

R7: Ali Mack shows her heart, wins fans this round as Michelle finally starts to slow, First time in the fight, Mack’s punches seem to faze Williams, putting her on her heels, and it’s Williams giving ground as Ali steps forward, driving in with her left shoulder, then pulling out to crank that hook. Mish punching back in the final minute and it’s Morales/Barerra type shattering action as girls trade pitching lefts and rights into one another’s faces and jaws. Wobbly butts all around as Mack takes her first points of the night.

R8: They bang heads mid ring, gloves up high, and Mack bends her knees to sink in a hook, hook, HOOK to Williams’ right side--Mish groaning, backs away with a sick expression as Mack walks her down. Ali bodying Mish into the ropes--girls wrapping up with one arm to work with the other--it’s hardhearted combat in the trenches. Mish fighting hurt, won’t be worked over--she grinds it out, slugging, mauling, pushing and struggling with Mack as the fight spills past the bell.

R9: Heads clang, bodies are tapped and Mack comes off the liver with her left, clipping Williams’ chin as Mish leans forward and MISH GOES DOWN! Williams groggy on one knee--staring for a moment before collecting herself--she sags into the ropes after 8 and covers up to receive Allison’s charge. Mack pouring it on, keeping Mish’s head and lathering at the girl’s hips and back with either hand--bludgeoning attack has Williams trembling in shock, Storm peters out and Williams starts to punch late--blonde drives blonde back across the ring in a walking barrage of curling lefts and rights--Mish has won the last minute of every round thus far and always sends her girl home discouraged.

R10: Shut out Mish Williams. Mish returns to form--in hard with her head, touching Mack’s chin with the little uppercut inside, then bending her knees to really out the mustard on the hook to the midriff. Allison shabby from damage--wandering, just keeping her elbows in and soaking up a steady pummeling as Mish gets more and more brazen. By the end, Williams is shouldering up on Mack, then slugging from her thighs, just welting lefts and rights into the compact blonde’s flanks. Mish shaken at the bell--Williams thrusting her hands high and bumping chests with her beaten opponent--comes back UD10 Mish Williams.

After: Spirited second half from Mack makes this one respectable on the cards, but early in, Michelle Williams turned in the finest punching of her career in blanking Ali Mack over 4 consecutive heats! Ali unable to fight backing up found herself lapping up the beating of a lifetime--she’s inconsolable in defeat. Williams hooting and thumping her chest cant help herself--she takes a badly battered Allison Mack for a gut-wrenching walk of shame, despite some disapproving looks from the TE corner. When asked in post fight about the unsanctioned showboating, Mish responds, “Hey, I’m not a robot. I just beat Allison Mack six ways from Sunday after she talked a mile of smack--she had it coming.” Mack’s corner filing official complaints against Williams’ rough tactics and insensitivity. Says Dani Fishel from ringside, “That was frightening, I mean--that was really frightening. Mish beat Allison to a PULP! I tip my hat to Mack for not quitting and giving my girl a fight later on, but JEEZ! I’m glad that wasn’t ME in there.”

Reposted by Archer 5/15/11

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