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1 May 2011 Gal Gadot vs Odette Yustman

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Posted by simguy on 5/1/2011, 10:07 am



BEFORE: (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) "As soon as I saw her," Odette says of body-double Gal in prefight, "I knew I'd either have to sue her, or fight her. Well - litigation's for pussies, so this chick's going DOWN!" Gadot eager for the sinewy challenge - young import hasn't been shy about bandying Odette's name around in the fight press. "Obviously, we compete for the same space," sensual lanky-body shrugs. "If I take, I must take from her. So be it!" Gadot in purple F5 bikini with black gloves; hair back in sleek ponytail. Odette in blue/white horizontal barred bikini from one of her horror movies (And Soon The Darkness...? Something like that) white gloves; black hair long, tangly-curly. Rio beach venue - standard ring set up on sand - bleachers.

During R1: Girls loping together - Gadot with fists collected chest high, chin up. Odette getting off first, bending in to slop a rangy right/left to Gal's sleek flanks - Yustman's long arms/back working in sinuous concert to lick home the harm. Gadot snarling, dipping to push a right uppercut through the air...sinuous slugger supple but slow in her delivery. Odette weaving away from pushy, elastic lefts and rights - Yustman in wide stance, bending at the waist as she slings back lanky lefts and rights of her own. Gadot stroked and licked upside her head and across her body - Odette finding the range as both girls lash away in a succulent first.

R2: Girls loping together - Odette first again with a sweeping wide right hand taking Gal hard in her flank. Gadot pushy with her punches - slender arms delivering an elastic, ping-ping rhythm as she tries straight-trajectory one-twos, or a wide, slapping clout in the horizontal plane. Yustman's long arms crisper, more accurate: long jab finding Gal's gorgeous face - punching the bridge of nose or mouth to push Gadot's chin down. Odette weaving her torso - swaying away from or getting under Gal's rangy pokes and slaps...Yustman's torso gyrations giving her angles to counter with slinging venom, both sides. Down the stretch, Odette bending in and down strokes a right hand ear-to-chin down left side of Gal's head...Gadot stepping prettily in fence-post holes, hands covering her face...Yustman finishes up via batting, slender-limbed tic-toc right/lefts against her foe's svelte flanks. Odette's long arms shivering upon contact: Gal's sinewy legs trembling as she gasps into her palms, unable to answer.

R3: Odette jabbing and slap-chopping in right hands to Gal's face: Gadot showing face-in-gloves midring, giving away her tummy. Odette to the midsection via wide, slinging right/left wallops...American girl popping slender hips, bouncing mitts off lean beef. Gadot grimacing, hurting...she reaches her left out to touch at Odette, trying to slide her hand in under Odette's right arm. Yustman with room underneath, responds with long limbs a-lashing to body - straight-armed delivery of whacking lefts and rights...Odette just thrashing away, her right hand swinging in outside Gal's outstretched left; her left arm swinging inside Gal's left, spanking tummy/ribs. From the halfway point, Gal discouraged, wobbly-butt...she stands face-in-gloves, whining as Odette pours on. Yustman slopping it to her rival - long arms lashing side to side - punches arcing in to body with palm-up delivery, twisting and turning over palm-down after carving at rib or tummy. Odette fearless, showing no respect - she's just leaning forward with arms-akimbo, face exposed as she twists side to side to generate sinewy leverage. Healthy, strapping shellack altogether too much...sobbing Gadot eventually stumbling to all fours, gasping and crying in body shock after too much Yustman. KO3 in dominant fashion - Odette Yustman!

AFter: Odette resplendent, defending her brand with a callous whitewashing of a very similarly-configured rival...she leaves Gadot on her haunches, hugging her ribs, eyes closed/lips parted/cheeks tearstained. "I told her I was going to mess her up," Odette chirps happily in postfight. "You come at me all long-armed and leggy, you better be prepared to get pasted


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