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15 July 2006 Julie Bowen vs Lexa Doig

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Julie Bowen 02.jpgLexa Doig 02.jpg


(6 weeks after Doig/Park)

Partial Report

Bowen in lavender bikini
Doig in black bikini
Small gloves, both vixens

Boxing After Dark

UD10 Bowen

With Bowen coming off a devastating KO loss to Lucy Liu, and Doig absorbing a thumping from lanky-limbed Grace Park--this fight was an important redemptive effort for both beauties. It was also a nice contrast in styles: Bowen the blonde-of-privilege with her snooty good looks and elegant orthodox style; Doig the exotic upstart and blonde nemesis, positioning herself as the hardest, more streetwise vixen in the fight.

From the very first moments, it became clear that punishment Doig had received from Park--being of a very thorough, consistent nature--was still with her. Lexa was slow to get off, tentative, and defensively lackluster--facing into Julie’s punches and absorbing face spank with sullen resignation. Bowen operated crisply, stepping around her classy stick and rifling straight right hand chasers to brilliant effect. By the end of the first, Doig’s nose was bloodied and her body language screamed “discouraged”.

Bowen’s pinpoint execution continued in the second as she stitched the jab un under Doig’s eyes, landing right crosses with impunity and controlled distance with springy, tanned legs, Julie was having a good time--barrowing her eyes and pursing her lips when she drive home hard rights, twisting her body sexily into tightly clipped hooks--she was every bit as vibrant energetic as Lexa’s was lethargic. In the final moments, a rapid series of Bowen punches exposed Doig to a snappy hook directly on the chin: Doig scooted to her buttocks in astonishment; Julie nodded, strutted away with a hard little smile at the bell.

When Doig successfully initiated withering trade in the third, Julie banged-with and got the better of the notoriously “hard” brunette, face-punching Lexa back step by step to nearly put Doig out in her feet at the bell. After 9 minutes, Julie Bowen was beaming: Lexa was obviously not at her best, and the blonde was rapidly cobbling together a much-needed showcase post Liu, naturally, that was when Doig decided to fight back.

Lexa started to jab-with, contesting the punch with Julie, and finding ways to engage Bowen inside. Julie’s  a fine combination puncher and doesn’t shrink from hit toe-to-toe, but Doig’s a SUPERIOR combination puncher, especially on the onside, Slowly but surely, Doug got the better of the work shoulder to shoulder; it was Julie’s turn to scowl, frown and scuff up under pressure.

Julie’s best when she can work behind her jab, hold an opponent at arm’s length and create angles with her fat-free legs: the rest of the fight from 6th round ion would be a textbook case of a blonde getting her way in the ring, and forcing an opponent to fight on the least favorable terms open to her. Julie was nearly flawless 7-through-10--dictating to Doig virtually every minute and beating a glossy patina of hurt onto Lexa’s exotic features via a stinging withering accurate right hand off the jab. Julie finished strong on her despondent foe, strafing a stunned and helpless Doig at the ropes in the 10th to punch Lexa’s mouthpiece off her teeth at the bell.

For Julie--a classy comeback which just might get her a lucrative opportunity to throw a wrench into Jennifer Anniston’s plans. For Doig, a heartbreaking lesson: never follow a beat down loss with an uptempo stylist. Julie was just too sharp for a dulled Lexa to compete with on this night.

Reposted by Archer 5/24/11.

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