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26 January 2008 Title Ch Natalie Portman vs Reese Witherspoon

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Posted by Simguy on 1/28/2008, 10:00 am

Before: “I liked what I saw from Reese in her last fight,” says a relaxed champion at the podium. “Very sturdy. Very confident--she’s really tightened up her game and I’m looking forward to seeing exactly how far she’s come/” Witherspoon a little stand-offish with press--she’s not a high-profile FCBA name,  but she’s Oscar-caliber class and not afraid to let the little people know it. “I don’t think Natalie’s got enough juice to hurt me, “ Reese says. “and that’s a problem for her, because I’m going straight at this girl. Portman’s small--even by flyweight standards--she’s not built to take a constant pounding. Unfortunately for her, I’m built to GIVE constant pounding--so she’s looking at a long night against me.” Natalie in navy blue bandeau. low rise hipster bottoms, small black gloves; hair wet. Reese in baby blue bikini (Tie sides); small white gloves; hair wet.

During R1:  Girls swat gloves step into stances. Reese dukes at temples, palms out like she’s making little horns. Portman loose, right under her chin, left at her hip--she’s jabbing Reese to tummy and breasts, pivoting left. Girls trade swift right hands on occasion--Nat back with the hook to punch Reese across the teeth. Feisty shoe-shine of Witherspoon’s breasts has her glaring at bell: frisky Portman first.

R2:,3: Reese no-nonsense in there-=-dukes up, giving away tummy, but she’s coming forward sturdy. Reese’s jab heavy as she steps and chops it down off her temple. ‘Spoon hooking off her jab, sometimes doubling the hook to take Natalie in her flank. Portman moving her head, using her lefts--stepping around her jab--occasionally mixing it up in spirited exchanges, judges like Reese’s stepping pressure--she’s unable to corner Portman, but Natalie not anxious to try Reese at the blonde’s strongest.

R4: Natalie ups the tempo--spitting her jab tummy and head. Reese walking through it, but not getting off: Portman can make Witherspoon wait just by being busy. Natalie edging in with her shoulder off the jab, flurrying to tummy, stepping out to either side as Reese waves back late receipts. Portman able to dart in and out, placing a firm, reaching right directly to blonde belly button--knuckles landing flat--then jabbing Reese up top to step back out of range.

R5: Natalie’s footwork the difference-maker: Reese looks stronger, ht time and again, Portman’s able to win position or wrong foot her blonde, preventing Witherspoon from getting off with leverage. Natalie scoring jabs to the body--less successful up top, but it’s suppressing Witherspoon offense. Natalie really fitting a thick, beefy right hand onto the Witherspoon paunch: very deliberate, smacking punch taking ‘Spoon in her midriff--hile she’s grunting, Natalie jabs her and steps away from harm. Bell: Reese a little wobbly butt: absorbing a lot f leather to the bodkin.

R6: Natalie loose n’ lithe--putting pasting combinations together, then darting out of range. Portman all business, eyes dancing as she steps and circles and curves in on her blonde. Reese circling the wagons a bit--turning on the spot, not so anxious to come forward, grimacing from both the touch of Natalie and the constant threat of being touched. Portman grinning as she pounds in that pouch-punch--spanking away to belly button the right hand, then jamming Reese the left while escaping. Down the stretch, meanspirited Portman jabs double and triple up, penetrating Witherspoon’s high guard and scoring spanky to face.

R7: Natalie ups it another notch, shows why she’s champ. Glorious combinations: shoeshines to sunned blonde breasts; rolling lefts and rights to midriff; hooks and crosses strafing the defenses up top. Nat feinting, then bringing cute hesitation rights--stampin’ ‘em straight in off the front foot, knocking Reese’s head back, Nat doubling up her hook to Reese’s right ear while pivoting ‘round Reese’s right flank: blonde crouching hurt, unable to answer. St one point, Natalie fires and reloads THREE of those muscular, thumping right hands to paunch, crippling Reese and threatening to put her down. Crowd oohing and  aahing as Nat lights it up, really pasting her foe in one-sided fashion. ‘Spoon proves durable: wincing in pain, and unable to advance, but she’s refusing to bend a knee to the champ through 7. Goes 10-8 without a knockdown though--just too many clean Portman power punches.

R8: Natalie loose, comfortable in her delivery--pinging, swatting, clouting the shots, then pivoting easy to the left, Reese scowling, blocking shots and answering in spots: she’s a stubborn lass, willing to take punches to land. Witherspoon clubbing Natalie soe strong right hands--nothing too clean, but Portman backs away when hit. Reese’s jab troubles Nat when Witherspoon commits to it: Reese not using it enough as Portman’s own poke routinely wins back the initiative after exchanges.

R9: Crowd roaring as Natalie edges in shoulder to shoulder, looking to see what Reese has left! Both girls hunkered in close enough to kiss each other’s left shoulder--bumping and pushing inside, but not clinching. Nat digging double hooks as per BSE trademark: nice bite applied to Witherspoon’s tummy and tits CHUP! CHUP! Reese bludgeoning back in kind--not as quick for nifty, but she’s tucking robust hooks into the Portman paunch, or clouting Portman’s ear. Both girls look to spice the other up right uppercuts in tight: both heads picked up tart in compact exchanges. Portman stays in there bell to bell, outworking her girl and grinning at the break.

R10: Reese jabs Natalie stiff, drops a chopping right in as girls fall in together: Portman stumbles slightly, clinching just in case. Ref’s break: Reese forward with the stiff jab/right hand routine, then bulling her way inside to hook Natalie’s belly. Portman being walked back, has to turn at the ropes--she’s starting to get on her bike a bit, looking for a little distance with her jab. Reese forward with vigor--she’s puffy and a little busted up, but proving very durable at the weight: Portman starting to look rushed as Reese walks brunette down Reese slugging at Natalie’s biceps, winning brunette winces: if only the investment has been made earlier. Nat flurrying in spots, then darting away: Witherspoon clearly the aggressor, but kept off balance by these sudden squalls of Portman offense. Goes to the cards, comes back UD10 for the winner and STILL champ, Nat Portman.

After: Portman takes it comfy--outclassing and out finessing her foe--but Reese proves as solid as advertised in a business-like outing. “What can I say?” Reese gripes to BLONDE! Magazine. “She ran like a little tramp. I hurt her early, and she didn’t want to fight me woman to woman after that.” Portman non-plussed when told of the comments. “Nice. You know--it figures. I’m not going to get into a war of words with Reese--especially since I just won the war of fists with her. She’s tough--I’ll give her that. Took a lot of punches tonight. Maybe if she took a few LESS, you’d be talking to her instead!”

Reposted by Archer 5/7/11.

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