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8 April 2006 Elisha Cuthbert vs Eliza Dushku

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Posted by Simguy on 4/8/2006, 9:28 am.

Before; “I don’t want to get all mystical,” Elisha tells reporter in ore fight, “but I kinda believe it’s my destiny to batter Eliza. I stopped her the first time I ever saw her, and I don’t know, I just feel like I’m irresistible when I hook up with her. I haven’t felt this supercharged for a fight since I destroyed Jolene Blalock--and we all know what happened THEN!” Dushku her usual calm self throughout Elisha’s musings--Eliza more practical, down-to-earth in her comments. “You always have to respect a strong-legged girl, and Elisha’s a great platform-puncher. No great trick to beating her--I need to keep her moving her feet, get off balance. That MAY mean a less exciting fight than the fans want to see, but hey; I’ll be exciting next time. This time, I just want to make sure Elisha stays bottled up and under control.” Dushku in red leather bikini; Elisha in maple-leaf motif bikini.

During R1: Eliza ducking, pivoting dodging early as Cuthbert steps in SWINGING! Huge, lusty blasts from the hips--Elisha gunning for Dushku’s chin early, but can’t find the mark as Eliza slips clean away. Sheriff slowly bringing blonde to heel in second minute sharpshooting: range-finding jabs, spiky right hands jammed to jaw, tuff left hooks to ribs engage Cuthbert as she comes forward. Elisha grunting in acknowledgement, crowds in behind a high guard, clubs back at Eliza’s head overhand rights/slinging left hooks. Dushku forced to ropes late--right beneath her chin, left at her tummy as she dips and rolls blonde thunder. Cuthbert at the bell: beating Eliza’s flanks with thick, thumping leather, then getting into brunette jug with short, torquing hooks. Round ends via Eliza Dushku clinch--brunette tieing up behind blonde arms, sagging back into ropes for ref’s break.

R2: Eliza narrowing her eyes, meeting Elisha midring with stiff jabbage up the middle, beating blonde to punch. Stubby right hand to jaw, Eliza and ELISHA GOES DOWN, shocking shot--Cuthbert buzzed, sits down, scrambles back up--ref pushes her back to make sure she’s clear-eyed as Dushku stalks scowling to neutral corner. Resume--Eliza on the warpath--Sheriff backs blonde up with thumping rights and lefts amidships--bruising bodywork puts blonde back against the ropes as Dushku digs in shoulder to shoulder. Elisha grimacing, leaning forward, slugging back--hot body swap issued as both girls lean forward, let hands lap at offending ribs, sloshing jugs. Leaning out, girls trade hooks and ELIZA’S STUNG! Dushku suddenly forlorn, stepping in fence post holes to her right: snarling Cuthbert clubs her a swinging right behind her head and another on the eye t clobber Dushku ropeside. Eliza badly rattled, tilting forward dukes at temples--Cuthbert ROCKS her a stupendous right uppercut, picking up sleepy brunette face with raucous spank. Left hand pushes at Eliza’s shoulder: right hand swings thick to paunch--Cuthbert just in there with hamhanded rights, pinning Eliza down with the left to keep her stabilized. Right hand on the face; right hand on face--Eliza staring, open-mouthed, hands low, Cuthbert bodies up, pressing Dushku flat, then palms Dushku’s right bicep with the left hand so the right hand can continue pounding home. Elisha bending in on Eliza, plowing her righty to jaw, slopping on the hurt--Dushku sagging, staring--head tossing to the side, then lolling back into position all groggy and THE REF STEPS IN! Good Lord--TKO2 Elisha Cuthbert!

After: Cuthbert yelping away with glee: Dushku trembling, badly stunned--she’s out on her feet and saved by the ref as Elisha just got too good a look with those rampaging right hands. Sensational blonde slugging--Cuthbert coming off the canvas to turn back an Eliza finishing run, savaging Dushku in the response--it’s unprecedented setback for the Sheriff. “I told you it was my destiny!” Elisha shrieks. “First Jolene, now Eliza, and tomorrow who knows? I just can’t be stopped!” Dushku devastated, getting penlights in the eyes and cautiously checked out by HISC physicians on her stool: Sheriff gunned down tonight, has some soul-searching to do--Elisha Cuthbert’s not going away any time soon.

Reposted by Archer 5/31/11.

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