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8 April 2006 Holly Marie Combs vs Dani Fishel

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Posted by Simguy on 4/8/2006, 9:26 am.

Before: Holly Marie Combs claims she’s studied Spears/Fishel, learned the lessons and is ready to apply them--special commentator Britney spears herself breaks down the fight at ringside “Holly Marie’s a smart fighter.” Britney allows, “I have no doubt she’s picked up what I did to Dani--I just wonder if she has the physical tools to re-enact that fight all over again. What people don’t realize is that Charisma Carpenter actually beat Dani--I was just the hands and muscle that put Carpenter’s plan into effect: Holly doesn’t have that kind of expertise in her corner. The one thing Holly DOES have is that I don’t believe Dani has recovered--physically, but especially emotionally--from what I did to her. You have to understand: I accepted Dani onto my chest--gave her exactly what she wanted--and I used up every last drop of fight bin that pudgy little body of hers. That’s devastating to Fishel, and if Holly can tap into Dani’s lingering disappointment, she can discouraged Fishel and maybe even take advantage of her.” Holly Marie in sturdy black velvet bikini--halter style top, full coverage bottoms, black suede 60’s knee-high boxing moccasins; hair held back in pink scrunchy such that it falls down shoulders and back, but not across her face. Dani in navy bandeau bikini (bra strap support top) with large baby blue polka dots; white aerobics shoes/socks for that ballistic look. White gloves, both vixens.
During R1: Holly sets up on ropes, dukes up high--she does beat Dani to the punch, dropping the left onto Fishel’s face as d walks in, tidying up a shot, clouting right onna chops--turning torso nicely into shots and covering up on follow-through. Fishel right hand at chest, left at gut--bobbing/weaving her torso, reefing hooks out of the crouch--she soon suppresses Holly’s chopping shots, forcing brunette into earmuff. Combs sitting in ropes, stooped forward all cramped up: DANI’S  HAMMERING AT THAT RIGHT FLANK! Robust, splattering hooks smashing into rib behind the elbow--Fishel grinning, torquing her entire frame into withering blasts--she’s getting ALL up into Holly in second minute slugging and COMBS TAKES A KNEE! Holly badly shaken blinking back tears as she bends knee before Dani rather than continue soaking haymakers. Fishel stomping away, bellowing happily--pointing a mitt at a purse-lipped Britney. Final minute all Dani pop up--Fishel working out of the crossed arm, hooking hard, clubbing short right hands, weaving side to side, During the break, Spears points out how Dani gets off, then dips left/dips right in a very predictable fashion.

R2: Promising stuff from Holly early--pre-empting Dani off the ropes, turning into a nice clouting right, pulling down on Fishel’s head--Dani bobbing, weaving, patiently negotiating the defenses as Holly swats at her. Once Dani opens up however, that’s it: Combs has to cover up--she can’t punch-with the way Britney did. Big splattering bombs pasted across Holly’s fleshy chest and torso; bashing blows against her biceps, into her flanks; clubbing shots against head and shoulders--Dan intent on breaking down that earmuff. Britney correctly noting that Combs is letting Dani get off too much--not tieing up enough--Fishel just executing vintage shove-n-slug against a slumped and stationary target.

R3: Dan marches on Holly, pushing her to ropes, plastering away as Holly starts to look more and more out of her depth. Combs now tieing up however--accepting ruinous punishment to her waist and ribs, but drawing Dani in, folding her into head-and-arm clinches for refs breaks. Fishel bogging down some--but more often than not, she’s able to bump her way clear or yank her arms free--fighting her way pout of the clinch in a way she hadn’t been able to against Britney. Result is a slowed bombardment, but not effective control off the ropes: Holly suffering badly as Fishel pounds away at flesh, really bouncing her mitts off Combs to the bell.

R4: Dani marches on Holly sets up in crossed arm, goes to work. Short right hands just clubbed against Holly’s head--the hand brought immediately back to Dani’s chest to reset. Snappy hooks--often doubled up ears and ribs--Dani bringing the hand back to her belly, then bobbing to her left, bobbing to her left, bibbing to her right, easing her left shoulder into Holly to stack up. Combs glum, suffering, soaking: mostly she hunkers down behind her gloves, absorbing shock, then reaching for Dani to pull her into greasy clinches. Fishel upbeat, bouncing on her toes when the ref pushes her back, eagerly pushing her way forward again--look of exhaustion and hurt in Combs’ eyes just adding fuel to Dani’s fire. Paunch and jug coming under increasing scrutiny as Dani dips-n’-digs with crunching leverage--Combs not answering back, paralyzed against the ropes as Dani’s abuse takes numbing effect. Bell: Combs badly rattled, wobbly butt--Dani gleefully swats a chunk of sullen combs buttock to send Holly slouching to her corner.

R5: Too much Dani: Combs slumping against the ropes and tilting forward--without pop or vexing defensive wizardly, ropes are no place for a girl to be against Fishel. Dani dipping side to side as she bashes her fists against the target--ringing blasts against the arms numbs Holly, takes away her offensive options, Ribs: belted and bruised, taking away Holly’s breath. Tummy: reefed and reefed via thick-digging hooks--taking away Holly’s legs. Jugs: plundered and flattened, taking away Holly’s heart. Poor Combs taken apart in tragic fashion--Dani jiggly, effervescent, lively on her legs as she shifts weight, twists her hips into shots, punching harder than she was in the first round. Fishel pushing into Holly and resetting--Combs unable to tie up--Britney angrily shouting at the ref to stop the fight. Holly’s head jerks back from a crunching Fishel right uppercut--Combs body going limp as she sits into the ropes. Cudgeling hook detonates off the side of Combs’ head, tilting her head to finally out the brunette down--hard--on her side. Combs rolling to her back bludgeoned senseless, bidy parallel-to and underneath the bottom rope at the apron--Dani strutting away hands-high as physicians rush past. KO5 in brutal, one-sided fashion--Dani Fishel.

After: Guess I’m okay after all!” Dani jokes with press in-ring. “Holly thought she’d discovered the blueprint to beating me, but it turned to be exactly the opposite. The truth is--Britney just had a great night--a one-of-a-kind night against me, and other girls can’t expect to have the same luck. It’s an illusion: you lounge on the ropes against me, and I’ll beat you the way I did Kelly Hu, Holly Marie and everyone else who’s ever tried it. If Spears fights against me that same way? I’ll beat her down. And you can print that!” Spears smug in response, wryly observing: “Things have come full circle for Dani and mel. Early in our rivalry, she put tremendous heat on me and it was all about catching up to, and surpassing her. Now she’s obsessed with me again, because I took her out back the woodshed, and I’ve taken the lead on her. She Can’t take me belly-to-belly anymore and it’s killing her.”

Reposted by Archer 5/31/11.

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