14 Janaury 2006 Kaley Cuoco vs Denise Richards

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Posted by Simguy on 1/14/2006, 11:51 am.

Before: Richards still haunted by a heartbreaking decision to CZJ: Kaley seen by Denise as a chance to regroup and get back in the saddle. “I consider Kaley a B-lightweight,” Denise states in preflight, “and that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Cuoco’s a good athlete, but she’s soft: I’ll get her against the ropes and break her down. Once her legs are gone and she’s discouraged? She’ll be putty in my hands.” Cuoco bringing youth and vigor to the scrap, eagerly debating Denise’s assessment. “B-? She WISHES I was a B- fighter. I’m still finding my way at lightweight and I know I’m not top gun in the division--but frankly the Denise Richards I saw against Zeta Jones looked shot to me. There--I said it: Denise is shot and I’m going to expose her in this fight!” Denise in red bikini, yellow ring connections--Kaley in white bikini top, navy low-ride/boy leg trunks. Small white gloves, both vixens.

During r1: Denise embarrassed by Kaley’s speed, badly outclassed: Richards stooping forward behind her gloves, posing for Cuoco’s one-punch potshot ting. Kaley springy-legged, changing directions ion D, pivoting ‘round her, feinting her, stepping out and circling her--Richards just turning and turning, not cutting off the ring. Cuoco jumping in lead hooks, hesitation lead right hands, jabbing to the body--brilliant young blonde virtuosity reminds everyone of the exquisite skills this kid has when given the landscape to employ them. Shutout Cuoco: Richards busted up inside her lower lip from shocking chin-checks throughout.

R2: Richards shows calm veteran savvy, analyzing and addressing the problems I front of her. Job one: pump stick, make kaley pay some sort of price for this dazzling rushes. Job two: grab Kaley, rough her up, disrupt Cuoco’s timing and tempo, Job three: punch Kaley to the body--Richards systematically bodying Cuoco to ropes and bludgeoning her hamhanded to ribs and tummy--Richards enjoying long sequences of shoulder to shoulder thuggery as Cuoco is smeared against the ropes. Kaley scrapping back in spots--willing to lean in and trade snatch body shots with Denise--but Richards the boss in a more flatfooted, stabilizing second.

R3: Kaley hopping the perimeter, flighty, just brushing combinations at Denise and bounding away. Richards the aggressor--walking Kaley down with purpose, dukes up--Denise swaying the judges with her forthright, bully’s demeanour. Not a lot of hot contact--Cuoco’s legs won’t allow it--but Denise obviously bringing the fight to her foe I the third.

R4: Denise trapping Kaley near the ropes and landing a clouting right hand wide to jaw--Cuoco stunned, forced to clinch as D rings her girl up in first minute slugging. That’s it for Kaley--she’s wide-eyed, skittish--hopping perimeter in turns into full-fledged flight as Denise storms after her prey. Richards pinning her ears back, lunging and reaching punches just to find Kaley, hoping to knock her back into the ropes so D can square up and get thicker work done. Cuoco shaken at the break: trainer gets right in her face, telling her: “She’s not respecting you at all Kales--you gotta punch. Look: I want you to set your feet and put your hands in this girl. Put some fear in her, baby!”

R5: Cuoco responding, meeting Demise midring, toe-to-toe, and outfighting her Richards sturdy behind a temple-high guard, stooped forward, teeth grit--but she’s waiting her turn, not getting off as Kaley tears it nup. Glorious tic-tac-toe punching from Cuoco as she works up and down her foe’s chassis, tattooing Richards’ firm tummy, working jug and rib, then sidestepping to the right to reset angles. Latter half the round--Kaley easing in on her front foot and JERKING left uppercuts, JERKING left uppercuts--she’s just scraping away against Denise’s guard, jamming the punches through as Richard stoically takes, bell to bell Cuoco getting off, sidestepping, putting mitts on meat as instructed.

R6: More Kaley, harder Kaley, Richards unmoved in the fifth despite being pelted: this round she’s staggering slightly, punches off her stance and starting to give ground. Kaley’s face punches with effort, lips pursed, eyes narrowed--she’s giving her all as she RIPS hooks to waist, or jerks those jagged, short left uppercuts. Cuoco leaning in and out--getting hooks off the front foot AND the back (right) foot, lithely distributing her weight, coaxing leverage from her nubile frame. Richards posing, an easy target: not much head movement, no lateral movement as D just tries to crowd, wait her turn, Denise shows her toughness however, shaking off Kaley’s early chin checks, absorbing body shock--another Cuoco shutout sends Richards humming, but unbroken to her stool.

R7: Third Cuoco shutout in a row. Kaley now putting it all together: using her feet and angles midring, jabbing, moving in and out to establish control; easing in to pound short, heavy punches--mostly hooks--against Denise’s ribs, tummy, jug. Richards sluggish--she’s brave enough, leaning forward behind her mitts--but just waiting on Kaley. Cuoco tirelessly chopping away, constant sound of her gloves spanking off Denise’s tanned flanks or taut tummy punctuated by the squeak of those short left uppercuts picking up Richards’ drowsy face, Non-stop contact starting to take a toll: D lumping, eyes looking discouraged--she’s moping in there, looking to bargain with Kaley rather than fight, looking to clinch and tie for breaks. Cuoco won’t have it.

R8: Make it 4--Cuoco hardhearted as she gets right back to work, tucking into Denise like Thanksgiving dinner. Crippling hooks lathered snik-snak across the waist, in behind that right elbow. PUM-PUM right/lefts on the trunk line, pounding the Richards paunch. Nifty right/left uppercuts scraping against the guard--Kaley easing weight fro one foot to the other, supple as she bangs away inside. Denise still strong on her feet--stumbling a little then gathering herself--but she’s not punching back. Denise shipping leather--Kaley makes a huge statement late as she hup-hup-hups inside to Richards’ jumping jugs, pounding those babies a jarring burst of shrugging lefts and rights at the bell. Big smile Kaley as she whirls away on her heel: Richards eyes glassy, mouth open, slouching back to her stool.

R9: More Kaley, shutting Denise down, diminishing her. Hard to watch for long time Richards fans--their girl wilting forward, giving up her flanks and tummy, having her rack ransacked, and offering nothing back in return. Cuoco smart, ripping into Denise, then sliding back in half-steps, letting Richards tilt forward into punches. Uppercuts really chewing away now--Kaley getting in there snug and jerking ‘em--lifting Denise’s groggy face up off her gloves, eyebrows high in wonder at the punishment. It’s all too much--Kaley fighting brilliantly in retreat, lighting Denise up body and chin as Richards plods forward and DENISE GOES DOWN! Richards finally swooning forward to all fours as Kaley sidesteps right--breezy smile Cuoco as she saunters to neutral corner, glowing as a grimacing Denise can’t get off her knees. Beatdown KO9, Kaley Cuoco,

After: Heartbreaking night for Denise as she carves out a methodical lead, then watches it fade away under a relentless Kaley Cuoco rally. Young Cuoco oblivious to the older woman’s torment: Kaley clapping happily, hugging her stablemates, loving the moment--great win for Cuoco as she takes all she wants from Denise in a very comprehensive, draining fashion tonight.

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