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14 January 2006 Jessica Alba vs Britney Spears

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Posted by Simguy on 1/14/2006, 11:53 am.

Before: Big risk, Britney: Spears coming off the longest layoff of her career faces one of the slickest talents in the division first fight back--mistake? “I don’t think so,” Britney tells reporters in preflight. “I was presented with a long list of names and some of them you would have considered ‘tune ups’--but I wanted to see where I really am right now and that means fighting Jessica. She’s really the only girl I ever considered for my comeback. I measure myself against her and I know she’s fighting well right now, so this is a great test for me.” Alba dour throughout preflight, dogged by Tractorpull assertions that she’s attempting to cheery-pick Britney at her lowest point. “Trust me,” Jessica scowls, “Britney Spears would not be fighting me if she were not 100% When I beat her, I don’t want you clowns saying she wasn’t up to it. The way I see it, she doesn’t have the distraction of a career outside the ring anymore so she should be that much more focused on her fighting. And Don’t even get me started on the “Spears Mystique’!” Tense staredown as always--Alba glaring, refusing to touch gloves--Spears the calmer, more composed of the two. Britney in lime green bikini, hair in messy ponytail: Alba in turquoise top, thin-striped bottoms for “Into The Blue”, long low ponytail. White gloves, both vixens.

During R1: Alba strong stance, right at her temple, left up unusually high for her--she’s chopping hard jabs into Britney’s forehead, bringing the mitt back quick. Couple of stiff strikes, then Jessica steps to her right--movements fluid, supple, face scowling. Spears blocking with both mitts high, then showing right under her chin, left across her body as she points left shoulder at Jessica and dips at the waist. Alba dictating, circling her foe--no lazy jab from Jess tonight--she’s really snapping it hard against Brit. potshot ting right hands biting in above Brit’s left hip, catching plenty of kidney: grimace of pain early as Spears reacts to those blows. Down the stretch, Alba patiently chipping away, stepping smartly--she pounds a pair of strong jabs, leans in a clanging right hand and checks Britney’s chin for the first time: Spears jerked a quarter turn to her right, legs momentarily uncertain, buttocks jumping--she staggers away blinking with hurt as the bell prevents meaningful Alba follow up.

R2: Britney stooping, spitting jabs up at Jess, then fading back: she’s luring Alba to ropes Charisma Carpenter style. Spears setting up in the apron--right under her chin, left across her body, feet flat. Britney twisting her shoulders side to side, ever-ready to parry head shots or roll under them--she’s coaxing punches out of Jessica then countering slick underneath. Spears deft, comfortable in the pocket, warping  her torso to ride out Alba’s hungry leather, then slashing nifty at tanned ribs, youthful jug, proud tummy. Britney dipping side to side, drawing her fists across Alba’s lithe torso, giving it a good stroking working over--Jessica panting from body work and her won wasted aggression: Britney Spears counters for points in a shifty second.

R3: Jessica uptempos, now employing fitness as a weapon. Alba flat footed and strong when she jabs, pounding away up top, breaking Spears’ defenses down--then jess becomes lithe, elusive, stepping away to her right, motoring out of Britney’s reach. Spears in a closed stance, pointing her left shoulder at Alba, but vulnerable to being outflanked--Brit constantly needing to adjust her feet, keep turning to meet Jessica’s angle of attack, Alba’s mitts lick at Britney’s meat: right hands spanking in above the left hip; bashing jabs forehead, chest and left bicep; strapping left hooks thick and spanky to paunch. Britney coming up short on her receipts, and when she fades to ropes--Alba’s not biting, just stooping to reach jabs into Britney’s quivering little paunch, then circling away.

R4: Britney mouth breathing, selling concern with her eyes--a little acting job to cozen Alba into attacking more forcefully at the ropes--Britney cuts her to ribbons with deft counters Spears rooted to one spot on the ropes, leaning into the strands, hands stacked right on her left at her middle, bending her waist, rolling shots. Alba baring her teeth as she swings away--Britney slipping shots, answering back vicious, swiping blows against the lean, supple ribcage. Jessica falling back, mouth open--Spears over to offense second half the round, walking Alba down and bringing big beef to Jessi’s body. Down the stretch--Alba ear muffing up, HER butt in the ropes--Britney able to work off Jessica’s chest and beat her savagely about the hips/waistline. Alba whimpering, pulling Britney’s head down, trying to tie up--Spears answers the Alba shutout in kind: fight’s even after 4 see-saw heats.

R5: Alba leggier, more wary: Britney’s banging bodywork sent a message last round. Spears advancing, taking the ring from Jessica, imposing will: Britney’s hands heavier than ever after pregnancy and Alba’s showing hinky. Minute mark Spears lunges in and JESSICA TAGS HER THE CHECK-HOOK! Alba dipping to her right, slinging a buggy-whip left over top and SMASHING the oncoming Spears in the face: Britney steps back, torso whipsawing in sloshing hips--she’s DESPERATELY hurt! ALBA POUNCES! Jessica leaping in a long read right, bouncing it off Spears’ brow and sending her baby-stepping to ropes, then Alba all-in--lathering away all limber-limbed as poor Britney lolls in the strands. Stroking hooks, piercing crosses--Alba shredding Britney: spears tilting to her right, arms crossed, facing stunned into punches and SPEARS GOES DOWN! Britney strafed, trembling on all fours--Alba lifting mitts and screeching in triumph. Spears up at 10, eyes glassy, chest heaving and REF WAVES IT OFF! Official cuddles Britney to safety as she reels on the spot--Jessica Alba climbs the far ring ropes, bursts into tears as she shrieks in exultation to a roaring crowd. TKO5 Jessica Alba.

After: They show it over and over again on the jumbotron: that blistering hook lighting Spears up in sickening fashion. Britney acquitting herself well, adapting her style effectively, but rusty timing on the attack more than evident as Alba cracks Spears the cleanest shot Britney’s been hit with in years. Jessica preening, animating as she re-enacts the left hand strike for sycophants in her corner--and Jessica’s not satisfied. Stomping to Britney’s corner, Jessica garbs Spears’ rounded , brown bicep from behind spinning her around. Sheer disbelief in Britney’s glazed eyes. Read Britney’s lips on camera: Don’t do this.” Alba’s lips hard, mean line before she answers: “You’re going.!” Jessica tugging Britney-to with a firm right arm around curvy hips--Alba shining with pride as she finally takes Britney for a glorious “Welcome Back” walk of shame around a boxing ring. Jessica beaming at her fans, waving with the left hand: Britney choking back tears, storing up her emotions, trying desperately not to give Alba any more satisfaction than she’s already getting.

Reposted by Archer 7/3/11.

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