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24 February 2006 Kristen Bell vs Alyson Hannigan

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Posted by Simguy on 2/24/2006, 6:37 am.

Before: crossroads bout--Kristen Bell a promising blonde on the way up--coming off a nice domination of doe-eyed Laura Breckenridge--KB just looking to build momentum en route to a title shot at 110.  “Alyson’s another step on my journey,” Bell philosophizes in preflight. “I’ve got Natalie Portman and Sarah Michelle Gellar in my crosshairs and beating Hannigan outs me right on that level.” Hannigan still playing much younger than her age--behind that sweet face is a hardhearted veteran with cougar-like experience: she’s not about to lay down for young Kristen. “I’ve had the best camp of my life for this fight,” Hannigan relates, “I worked out Lexa Doig for her Portman date, and we had girls like Samaire Armstrong rotating through the gym. Let me tell you: Kristen Bell would not have lasted in our sparring sessions.” Kristen in pink string bikini; Alyson in navy velvet push up and panties,. White lace bra-trim. Small gloves both vixen.

During R1: Alyson taking away Kristen A game early: redhead spitting jabs, pre-empting and out-boxing a frustrated Bell. Alyson dukes at her cheeks, stepping and crouching--she’ll shoot a non-anticipatory jab off her shoulder OR a jotting straight right: Bell never knows which until small mitt has bounced off her shiny pate. Bell’s right near her chin. Left lower and looser than Aly’s, blonde trying to pivot left and poke. Solid redhead technique spoiled late as Bell’s blistering hand speed. in combination steals the round: KB drops a sudden right over Alyson’s jab--scoring to left cheek; puts the hook on top to teeth; doubles up that hook while stepping in close and HANNIGAN GOES DOWN! Alyson SO disappointed, sitting up pretty, punching the canvas in frustration: Kristen scoots away with a big 10-8 after all that deft Hannigan ring generalship

R2: Alyson unruffled, just getting back to business with poke-and-retract punching from either hand, bringing her mitts back quick, cutting off the ring and slowly crowding bell to ropes. Kris not really getting the geometry she likes: blonde back to ropes--she’s laying in tousle-to-tousle with crafty Aly. Hannigan working tidy--bobbing her head as she leans in; tucking her hooks PIK! PAK! into Krissy’s ribs; tapping little 6 inch upper cuts inside (either hand)--Bell’s head jerking up at intervals as Hannigan collects touches. KB working it off the ropes, bursting flashy combinations to wow the crowds: Hannigan doing a nice job crouching into this stuff, taking a lot of it on her shoulders, slipping any flush contact. Late the round, Hannigan shoe-shines Kristen’s gut, steps back onto her right foot and lights the blonde up a clanging hook on a teeth: perky Bell buttocks put wobble as she stamps on the spot, flabbergasted behind a shaky earmuff.

R3: Alyson jabbing at the right times and distances: she’s not as fast as Kristen, but her timing’s more judicious. Hannigan tidying up Bell’s ribs: redhead not heavy handed, but she’s very insistent--always hooking in behind the elbow after jabbing her way in. Hannigan startling Krissy with lead rights from the tight guard--bell juts not reading the punch, constantly getting herself smacked tart between the eyes. Bell maneuvered to ropes and systematically7 worked over: raindrop combinations tap away at blonde defenses, stubborn blonde tummy and flanks--and those irritating little uppercuts constantly nag at blonde chin.

R4: Similar stuff--Alyson controlling tempo, really keeping bell off balance with abrupt, straight punches outside, then outworking the younger lass on the inside.. Kristen hunkering down, fighting out of the earmuff off the ropes for the most part: she’s not being rung up or battered--it’s just a steady process of being worked out, nibbled and bullied. Alyson digging into her trick bag: she;’ warned for billygoat butts inside--catching Krissy beneath her eyes in the process of repositioning head in either blonde shoulder. Elbows creeping up as Aly turns hooks over very short: more warnings from the ref as right side of bell’s face catches hard-cracking bone. Hannigan very hardhearted tonight--eyes flat and pitiless, simply registering the effects of the work, not sympathizing with it.

R5: Kristen fights her fight: makes it look easy. Bell motoring to her left, spritizing jabs--Hannigan blocking, weaving, but she’s lost the rhythm, allowing Bell to find hers. Kris not landing a high percentage of jabs, but suppressing Hannigan’s activity--blonde able to lean into some zesty right hands up the middle to keep redhead on the defensive. Hannigan responding late with punching to Bell’s hip flexors: draws curt warnings, but Aly’s doing what she has to do to slow this mobile blonde down.

R6: Alyson so systematic, so patient--she jabs to Kristen’s chest just to locate the blonde, hen utilizes those small gloves to grab Krissy’s biceps, tieing up and walking blonde to ropes. Alyson shoe-shining Kristen’s taut abdominals to set up ringing hooks or uppercuts on the chin: blonde really gobbling this stuff, looking confused and harassed most of the time. Hanni parking a stout left uppercut flat n thick to Krissy‘s solar plexus: nice jamming punch jerked in there snug--Bell’s gasping when it bites in and she’s drooping forward around it, clearly hurting. Alyson warned for more sharp practice this round: she’s bending low, looping uppercut-like punches up into Krissy’s inner thighs--drawing more frightened yelps from the youngster as redhead takes the fight directly, and illegally to her foe’s spring legs.

R7: Alyson keeps at it: just steady work, outboxing Bell midring, stepping the fight to the ropes and scouring the increasingly available blonde torso. Kristen discouraged, pushing at Hannigan off the ropes--pretty blonde lumping up around her eyes, corners of her mouth downturned as she’s clearly taking a workmanlike beating from Alyson now. Hanni pushing back, using those small gloves to veteran advantage, keeping bell rope bound., Body work graduating from irritating to damaging as Hannigan able to tap hooks to ribs, hooks to liver, rights to solar plexus, and shoeshine combinations across the gut. Bell’s head constantly being knocked up and back from sneaky little uppercuts inside: not huge connects--Alyson just making contact tap-tap-tapping away, getting touches.

R8: Kristen in a funk, looking sullen and b###hy as she’s crowded to ropes, pushed and bullied and worked over. Bell pushing at redhead biceps, licking Alysoin some nice right uppercuts to chin off the ropes, getting snappy hooks down-torso omn Aly to tuck in behind that elbow--but Hannigan won’t be pushed back. Alyson fighting her tempo, putting tic-tac-toe contact up and down Kristen’s sleek torso. Alyson pushing in with left shoulder, right palm extended left elbow to cram Kris to ropes and prevent any cutey-pie spins: blonde made to suffer bell to bell as calm, professional redhead grinds out the minutes.

R9: Alyson’s really got Bell flustered--young blonde just totally frazzled, off her game as Hannigan pours it on late. Aly stepping smartly left around an increasingly vindictive jab: she’s knocking back Krissy’s face with authority, punching to hurt rather than influence now. Hannigan hard-eyed as she leans into those straight right hands up the middle--busting Krissy in the mouth: Bell not reacting well now, staring into punches she usually evades, Hannigan stringing this out longer midring this round, circling and pecking at bell for two full minutes before negotiating her to ropes: bell visibly broken down, not protecting herself well--Hannigan steps it up, Gorgeous body punching--Hannigan hup-hup-hup underneath, both hands swinging, elbows in: poor bell sits in ropes groaning, reaching ineffectually to clinch. Romping mop up at the bell--Kristen helpless as Alyson stands up in the stirrups, chugs away to defenseless blonde jug, bruised blonde ribcage until ref reefs her away. Bell blinking back tears, trembling with rage and shame: she just got her head handed to her by Alyson Hannigan.

R10: Shutout Alyson Hannigan--a ringing endorsement for the oft-overlooked redhead as she ploughs ahead en route to a thumping upset tonight. Bell doesn’t want anymore--hounded to ropes where she extends her hands to push Alyson off: Hannigan just forcing herself on Kristen now, pouring on the punishment. Bell’s cheeks tearstained, face panicky: physically she’s still got more than enough to compete, but veteran Alyson’s shattered ingénue composure with sheer consistency. More tummy punching; more tucking hooks behind the elbow; more firm, sticking uppercuts to solar plexus; more herky-jerk little uppercuts to chin while Aly crowd in. nothing fancy, redhead just moving her hands, sampling as much blonde as she can before the bell. At the break--Kristen bursting into tears as she storms angrily away: UD10 wide, Alyson Hannigan.

After: Upset-minded redhead coming into her own: slower than her foe, less flashy, Alyson hand-crafts a masterpiece of patience and discipline, systematically dismantling the up and comer the way real pros are supposed to. “Again, I had a six week camp to prepare for this kid,” Alyson relates in post fight, ‘usually I get a call the week-of, you know? That makes a huge difference. I worked out with stronger girls than Kristen and that helped me so much--just knowing bell couldn’t hurt me and not being afraid to push that advantage on her minute after minute. I exposed this girl tonight: everyone’s been tapping her to be the next big thing at 110, but guess what? The next big thing’s been around for years, and her name is Alyson Hannigan!”

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