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2 May 2008 Danielle Harris vs Christina Ricci

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Posted by Simguy on 5/2/2008, 7:09 am.

Before: Danielle H calling some of the biggest names in the business following her last win--she’s full-to-bursting with confidence. “Ricci’s definitely one of the girls on my to-do list,” Harris chirps. “She’s big-name beatable, and that makes her perfect for my plans right now. Between Hayden and me, we can clean up the punchers at flyweight while Sarah carves up the boxers: I really see us as the new ‘Wolfpack’--you know?” Ricci almost out of her seat at times during Harris’ speech. “can you believe this chick?” Ricci asks the press, incredulous expression on her face. “Who the hell is Danielle Harris? Why does she have ‘plans’? How I can be ‘perfect’ for her when she’s like a third-rate sparring partner type. Seriously--I don’t know who this chick is, but she wouldn’t have been able to fight her way into my CAMP, much less match up with me in a professional prize fight. I’m glad she’s talking so big--otherwise I might have napped on her bit. But not now.” Ricci in shiny rust-colored satin camisol and tap shorts; small black gloves; she’s sporting the pixie ‘Speed Racer’ hair cut. Danielle in dark purple satin camisol and tap shorts; small black gloves; hair loose with bangs. Ring instructions tense--Ricci seething lower lip protruding: she bangs her fists down very hard atop Danielle’s for touch em up.

During R1: Ricci walking briskly cross-ring to engage: jab to Harris’ breasts, followed by a crisp left hook. Harris steps back, dukes up: Chrissy jabs her body, hooks her ear. Harris backs up again, walks to the right, ducks low as Ricci roars in swinging--Dani scooting out to the left and jogging away. Like that for two minutes--Ricci the aggressor, walking Dani down, pounding at her all hard hooks and crosses: Harris covering up, ducking low, scooting away rather than mixing it up. Down the stretch, Harris standing in the pocket as Ricci bears down: short right off the shoulder catches Ricci’s oncoming mouth--spoiling her own overhand right. Both girls race to follow up left hooks and RICCI GETS ROCKED! Harris busting Christina’s chops a beaut--Ricci stepping in fence post holes, camisol jumping, Harris hopping-to, swinging beefy at her foe’s satin-clad waist: Ricci grunting, beaten at the stagger to ropes. HARRIS WANTS JUG! Dani squares away, backside humming as she jacks up Christina’s jugs some chugging rights and lefts. Furious salvo enough to steal the round as Ricci suffers rudely at the bell.

R2: Ricci stabilizes her front, engaging Harris midring, staying very calm in the pocket as Danielle goes for the KO. Dani way wide--eyes wide, teeth bared as she tries to sweep Ricci out: Chris covered up snug, bending low under the blasts, answering back with short, thudding lefts and rights tucked accurately to ribs and tummy. Crowd pleasing stuff--Harris eye-catching, but she’s really getting banged up as Ricci’s counters are much more telling. Midway through--Christina’s tidy, snug slugging beating the wind from Dani: Harris starting to stumble, mouth breathing, waving her punches as strength starts to dip. Dani labouring, tries a right uppercut as Ricci’s ripping a vicious hook to rightside ribcage: Harris’ punch sails as Ricci’s pounds home and DOWN GOES DANI! Harris sobbing out, sinking to all fours: Ricci strutting past with a told-you-so-smirk, taking in the sights, Final minute a bruising mop-up session--Ricci all over Harris at the ropes. Chris just squared away--pushing her mitts into Dani’s guard to smear her sideways, then belting her thick amidships. Ricci’s hard work rewarded with another bended knees as cringing Harris goes down at the bell.

R3: Ricci dominates. Girls bumping guards together--Chrissy shoving Dani around, then throwing short, clubbing blows in thudding sequences. Harris beaten constantly about her waist, ribs, tits and arms--Ricci basically staying in the body, slugging off the bump. Harris grimacing--keeping her hands up, but she’s unsteady on her feet: Ricci really mocving Dani with pushes and punches both.

R4: Harris rallies, standing her ground better, engaging Ricci in thrilling toe to toe. Short-limbed, stocky girls digging in toe-to-toe, taking turns clubbing each other--crowd loving the honest give and take. Each lass with her dukes up as she’s ducking and bobbing on the spot while the other gets off--gloves bouncing off heads and shoulders; slamming into flanks; digging up paunch. Dani getting the better of Christina--eventually even backing Ricci up in the late doing.

R5: Trade in swinging rights and lefts--girls bending side to side with heavy leverage and HARRIS SCOOTS TO HER BACKSIDE! Dani spanked upon her face by a clubbing right--she’s sitting up all shocked and pretty as Christina stalks past glaring. Harris up, takes her 8, engages; Ricci beats Harris back into the ropes with dip-n’-dig body blows underneath. Ricci imposing will over the last minute--lots of pushing with the heels of her hands, keeping Dani pinned down, then hammering Harris with swinging clout. Harris weak-kneed at the bell: Ricci really pounding out points in the fifth.

R6: Wow, look at Harris compete. Ricci comes for her all big-girl, gets a rude shock as Harris slugs-with and gets the better of early trade. More of that sturdy guard-bumping as girls work from flat footed, strong stances--idea is to shunt the other’s defenses aside, then hammer her to the body. Christina beaten soundly, bell to bell: she’s not hurt, but she’s clearly outhit and backed up throughout.

R7: Maybe Ricci WAS hurt last round: she comes out tentative in the seventh, yielding initiative to Dani. Harris guard-bumping Ricci to ropes, smearing her sideways, then giving her a rousing body-busting: little Harris staying compact, chugging away thick amidships and RICCI TAKES A KNEE! Christina huffing and puffing, frazzled by the knockdown: she takes her time getting up, trying to rally. Works: Ricci better after the respite--bumping guards, even jabbing a little, taking initiative away from Harris. Ricci able to land a variety of punches in addition to the rib and tummy work: a straight right short to chin; a left hook/left uppercut in sudden combination, putting a blank look of wonder on Chrissy’s face.

R8: Ricci steadies, banging out close points in even closer quarters. Action very rough and uncompromising: sturdy beauties bumping each other, working each other over at the ropes--staying close and punching tidy, Ricci scoring heavily to Dani’s breasts this round--not just nibbling, but pounding them painfully and consistently, shaking Harris up, Round ends with the girls forehead-to-forehead. Ricci belting away rights and lefts across Harris’ tired waist.

R9: Heavy handed Ricci dominance: Harris back on the ropes bell to bell. Dani’s reactions slowing--she’s spending long stretches ear muffed up, stooping forward and absorbing blows. Harris also clinching more, wincing hurt in the embrace, cuddling Ricci until ref’s breaks. Ricci laying a steady, short-limbed bludgeoning on Harris--systematically pummeling her foe’s body and arms. Harris’ defenses loosening: for the first time, Ricci’s uppercuts and hooks are swiveling Dani’s head, buckling her knees. Ricci not scrimping on jug: she’s keeping up a healthy dose of rack-jacking mayhem to keep Harris pouting.

R10: Harris rallies--outworking Ricci midring and slowly working Chris to the ropes. Wonderful, grunting flyweight hup-hup as girls lean in mouth-on-shoulder to chug away. Tummies worked over; jugs bumped and flattened--it’s bruising fare. Harris using her left shoulder and strong stance to keep Ricci pinned down the stretch: Christina trading at a deficit off the ropes as Harris fights a busy 10th for the points. Comes back a close, hardfought UD10--Christina Ricci!

After: Girls still smack-talking as Ricci’s victory is announced: Harris refusing to act like the beaten party. “I could see a draw,” Dani says in outfight. “I think I did enough to win down the stretch--I know I hurt her, and I know it shocked her when she put me down twice earlier and I wouldn’t quit. Whatever the judges think, one things for sure: Christina Ricci knows who Danielle Harris is NOW!” Ricci snarling her responses on camera. “She’s just what I thought she’d be,” Ricci blurts, “a cheap, dime-a-dozen TRAMP. She had nothing in there--I backed her up, took what I wanted. Honestly--was she punching at all? All I remember is beating that fat body of herself all nigh long. Man are my arms tired!”

Reposted by Archer 7/5/11.

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