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29 January 2001 Title Ch Jaime Pressly vs Teri Hatcher

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Unified Bantamweight Title

Posted by Simguy on 1/29/2001, 9:00 am

Before: Bitter reunion between former protégé 9now champion) Pressly and mentor Teri. Jaime’s evolved a more compact, snappier punching style than she had under Hatcher, although she still shows signs of the old walk-in girl. Teri’s had 2 careers, a distinguished, championship career under 110, a sub .500 career over 100--most think Pressly at bantam is just too much, although Hatcher still feels she has a thing or two left to teach. Light blue sports bra, orange high cut aerobics bottoms for Jaime, neon yellow sports bra, green high cut aerobics bottoms Teri.

R1: Hatcher’s got one job in this fight--get Jaime to fight with her hands, not her feet, and the old master gets it done this round. Hatcher’s right hand under her chin, left loose and low across her waist, gets Jaime into a similar slugging stance and the two trade licks as they step around the ring. Action to Hatcher’s liking--she’s painting her fists in slinging arcs up and across Pressly’s tight body, landing the right hand upside the jaw, using that left elbow liberally to push off, or turn her foe at will. Round to Hatcher.

R2: Jaime elects again to go toe to toe, and the two lanky-bodied lovelies stand midring, bandy arms slinging left uppercuts and hooks, or lashing down with whip arm right hands--both girls are wide open, arms loose, standing wide, flat footed. Even trading as fists crash off taut midriffs or hard skulls--down the stretch, Jaime doubles up on a flicking jab, steps around her mentor and drops a few straight right hands to take the round--things are easier when Jaime uses her legs.

R3: All Teri has to do is sting Jaime--tag her with one of those gaudy right hands, or tap her crotch, and the blonde will set up to slug. More toe to toe action, but Hatcher more subtle, turning her left shoulder in on Jaime, right under her chin as she slips Pressly’s right hands and comes back with looping rights on the face. Both girls sling low at the sweet chariot beneath--neither backs off--it’s just a free-swinging slugfest top the crowd’s delight.

R4: Now Jaime gets the upper hand, pulling even on the cards. Both girls loose-limbed, carrying their guards low, twisting their lean frames into whip action punches--but Pressly more insistent this round. Hatcher backing up, even covering her face on occasion as Pressly slings licking lefts and rights in combination. Hatcher backing away, tries to dive in behind counter right hands--good idea, but she can’t quite find the range.

R5: Hatcher backhanding the slapping jab from her hip, stepping back, obviously luring Jaime forward--Pressly obliges. Teri timing the blonde perfectly. Suddenly reverses, lunging into a tight overhand right, beating Pressly to the punch and JAIME GOES DOWN! Pressly corkscrewing to the mat as her own right sails--champ beats the count, but she’s glassy-eyed, tremble-bodied. On comes Hatcher--she walks into Jaime with hands at her side, striding into a clouting right cross with her left still riding her thigh--Pressly reels to the ropes, staring. Hatcher slugging side to side, bringing her fists up off her thighs, bending her supple body into a punch then wrapping around the other way as Jaime sits ropeside in a stupor. Hatcher realizing that she just can’t get Pressly out of there--goes to the body late, licking her gloves u into the blonde’s stomach with limber lefts and rights at the bell.

R6: Jaime still looking drowsy, and Hatcher catches her early with a tomahawk right driving the blonde sideways to the ropes. Teri squaring up, breaks her girl down with heavy-handed touches in behind the elbow as Pressly folds forward. Hatcher working loose, hands low--she’ll dig a left into Jaime’s side, then pull the right uppercut from below across Jaime’s face or stuffing it into Pressly’s breasts, Jaime wilting, open-mouthed--AND SHE’S DOWN! Pressly taking a knee to relieve the pressure--Hatcher slaps her left hand across the face as the ref jumps in with a warning. After 8--Prerssloy once again sags to the ropes and lets Teri have at her. Hungry long armed sweeps to the body, vicious licking uppercuts against the face--its carnage as Teri beats the stuffing out of Jaime in one little patch f canvas at the ropes. Hatcher working methodically, occasionally bodying up, wrestling the wiry blonde back--long arms entangled as Pressly is bullied, then it’s back to the punching. Jaime hears the bell, but oh the carnage: both eyes swelling badly, bad body aches--the blonde sags on her stool during the break as Teri smells upset.

R7: A staggery Jaime Pressly stumbles out to meet her foe, hands at her stomach and Hatcher lights her up with a sweeping overhand right that gets Jaime weaving drunkenly on her hips. Pressly on her feels, stepping backwards--Teri stepping forward, licking the left wide, then twisting into the go-home right hands. Jaime trying to stem the tide, drags
A right uppercut into Teri’s stomach, then suddenly snaps off that lightning left hook, stroking Teri’s jaw. Hatcher caught cold, lead leg comes off the canvas and TERI GOES DOWN! Hatcher on her back, doing a sick backstroke as she tries to flop to her belly, but  it’s no good. Jaime Pressly stuns her challenger for a KO& victory as Teri can’t beat the count.

After: A badly battered Jaime Pressly takes Teri Hatcher for a sober walk of shame--neither  girl seems all there as blnde poulls brunette roughly from corner to corner--half of Teri’s face covered by matted shoirt curls, Jaime all puffy and sore from Hatcher’s ruthless bombs. Stupid fight on Jaime’s part, getting dropped twice, spending most of the night flat footed in front of Teri, but still getting the job done when it counted, Hatcher plagued by an inability to bring her shattering power up from flyweight--Jaime able to come off the canvas to break her rivals heart.

Reposted by Archer 7/12/11.

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