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30 January 2001 Gena Lee Nolin vs Paula Trickey

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Posted by Simguy on 1/30.2001, 8:53 am.

Before: Trickey wants a lot of what Gena’s got and makes no bones about it: “I’m using Gena, absolutely, I’m stealing her heat, her fans--beating Nolin was the best the that ever happened to me and I’m not giving it back. Beating her up again puts me right where I want to be.” Nolin in an unusual position, having to take her eyes off her own ambitions to clean up insurrection in her own back yard--she’s deadly serious for this fight. “No way Paula’s going the distance. No more question.” Gena’s standard sound byte. Navy bikini with thin strap sports bra top look for Paula--Black halter style bikini top for Gena, yellow bottoms. Paula smug during an intimate stare down, holding Gena’s smoldering glare with a smile.

During R1: Gena mist have actually studied tape for this fight. Paula in a crouch, bobbing her way to Gena’s midsection--taller blonde stepping back and NAILING Trickey coming in with a sudden, short right uppercut, TRICKEY GOES DOWN! Paula jarred, sinks to all fours with a dazed look--takes an 8. Gena showing tremendous restraint, doesn’t go wild--she swats her jab against Trickey’s voluminous chest, prompting the brunette foreard--Paula stumbling in, looking to go body and GENA CATCHES HER ANOTHER UPPERCUT! Same punch, this time sprawling Paula on her face and leaving the crowd in hysteria. Somehow, a shellshocked Paula Trickey gets to her feet, reels to the ropes, gloves at her lips, nodding to ref to let it go. On comes Gena. NOW the savagery erupts--a hurting Paula Trickey sits helplessly against the ropes, staring as Gena heaps on the abuse. Murderous body punches sink into the brunette’s sturdy midriff, clubbing lefts and rights about the ears, then blonde bodies up under Paula’s arms to reset the slumping brunette. At the bell--Gena pulls away from the steaming mass of brunette with a cruel leer, just admiring her handiwork until the ref pushes her back. Big 10-7 round Gena.

R2: Girls fall in together, Gena diving in behind a curling right hand that disguises a vicious overhand elbow to the sternum--Paula collapses into the blonde with a  gasp, and the mugging is on. Gena tieing Paula up, folding her into side headlocks or front chokes, smiling innocently at the ref while underneath, her laces rake cruelly across Paula’s beautiful features. Chest t chest, Gena waltzes Paula into the ropes, pushing the brunette’s chin back, banging the rib cage with illegal elbows, and helping herself to crotch with subtle little thump-taps in close. It’s brutal, hateful stuff--nothing but payback from Gena who can’t tolerate Paula’s combination of beauty and insolence. Ref overmatched, struggling to continually break up the clinches, pull Gena off push her back. Gena’s eyes never leave her wilting opponent--she’s always wading back in for more. It’s classic Gena lee--fouling a hurt opponent, attacking the psyche and will--Paul with open mouth, high arching eyebrows, hair across her face seems stunned as the outrage piles up.

R3: Gena just walking Paula down clubbing away with overhand rights--Trickey melting around the ring with a dreamy look in those doe eyes, Suddenly, Paula shows signs of life, slipping a ponderous Gena right, coming back with a digging left hook to the liover and DOWN GOES GENA! Paula bouncing away as a stunned Gena Lee looks up from one knee--tingling from the waist down courtesy the sweetspot body shot. Trickey still banged up but there’s fight left in her--Gena takes 8 and it’s ON! Paula going tight back at Gena’s body, backing the big girl to the ropes, hacking short, powerful lefts and rights against the firm tummy as Gena grimaces, looks to clinch. Nolin soaking up damage, but firing back--swiveling Paula’s head with those clipping uppercuts, but with her weight in her heels, Gena can’t get Paula in trouble. Down the stretch, all Trickey, going to the black bag of Gena’s halter top with bashing blows, stuffing leather in as Nolin’s eyes well up. 10-8 Paula.

R4: Gena using the tactical retreat--palming Paula’s shoulders, then sliding away, breaking up the brunette’s timing and crouch, then letting her come forward--walks Paula into another beautiful right uppercut that sets flashbulbs exploding around the arena. Trickey’s head lolls side to side as she goes out on her feet swooning gently to her right on locked legs as Gena is able to turn into a sweeping overhand right on the side of the face--insurance overkill to drive Paula to the mat fast asleep., Crunching KO4 Gena Lee Nolin as she raises her gloves, struts around her fallen challenger.

After: “I want her brought around!” Gena says as Paula is propped up and given the salts, then it’s a tough walk of shame for the semi-conscious brunette as Nolin sneers her way around the ring. Trickey all buffed up, sleepy badly used in this fight--Gena suffering with tenderness throughout her lower body--this brawl couldn’t have gone ion much longer. Nolin making one f the few adjustments of her career for this fight--correctly diagnosed the uppercut as the key, and executed it brilliantly to effectively destroy Paula’s chances in a numbing first. Sensational outing for the blonde reaffirms her status, at least as far as television networks are concerned.

Reposted by Archer 7/12/11.

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