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31 January 2001 Carmen Electra vs Jennifer Lopez

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Posted by Simguy 1/31/2001, 8:24 am.

Before: Unexpected super fight comes together bin a hurry follow J.Lo’s comments in “Rolling Stone” Magazine. Branding Electra a “skank” and a “Music industry winnable”, questioning her credibility as a celebrity--most insiders think the interview must have been calculated to cause the fight--Carmen can’t allow a big music star to diss her in public without reprisal. If deliberate, it’s a shrewd move on Jennifer’s part--she gets a huge payday to slug it out with a smaller woman, even though Electra can make this interesting IF she can keep her pride I check and box smart. J.Lo in black bikini, honey brown hair, Carmen in purple halter-style bikini, highlighted hair as well. During the face on face stare down, several observers ringside swear their watches stop--something about space actually being warped due to sheer curvage in the ring.

During R1: Jennifer on Carmen early, rough with her head inside banging belly with bot mitts--it’s classic pressure from Lopez and Electra can’t get off. Carmen soaking it up big, nasty hooks to her rightside ribs and stomach--Lopez fighting off Electra’s chest. Rolling her shoulders inside and just bashing away. Everything falls apart for Carmen in the last minute: a scouring left hook behind the elbow numbs her legs--Carmen takes a knee, then a standing 8. On follow up, Lopez is brutal, sinking in her punches to the body as Electra swoons on the ropes, stuffing punches into Carmen’s halter, and cracking jaw with finishing left hooks and ELECTRA GOES DOWN at the bell, Carmen helped to her corner badly beaten, in shock--J.Lo strutting with a purring grin--that’s the beatubg she had promised in pre-fight.

R2: Carmen out to shot legs, but she’s not going away. Cheek to cheek with Jennifer. Electra blazes away on the inside, putting swabbing combinations to work on Lopez’s belly, backing the big woman up., Midway through, Jennifer recovers and starts answering back--crowd screaming as the two sexpots stand midring and help themselves to each others bodies. ELECTRA GOES DOWN! She was trading toe to toe and suddenly Carmen falters to all fours--Jen stepping back, sweating, smiling a hard working smile. Electra takes 8 and waves Jennifer in! Lopez obliging and  it’s another hellish final minute for Carmen Electra. She’s butt-propped on the ropes, gloves weak at her cheeks, getting buffeted from one foot to the other as Lopez clobbers away with wide lefts and rights to both sides and along the jaw line. Carmen left humming savaged at the bell as J.Lo bounces back to her corner--she’s destroying Carmen Electra through 2.

R3: Carmen flat footed, clearly a shot fighter, but she comes forward with dukes at her temples to give Jen all she has left. Toe to toe, VICIOUS body shot lick back and forth-0-crowd reacting every time a body sounds out with a sharp spanking noise--girls turning one another’s torso into primal musical instruments last heard in the Stone Age. Agonizing back and forth, but down the stretch, it’s Electra--beaten, exhausted--showing her hand speed and driving Jen  back ion her heels with blistering one-twos to the stomach. LOPEZ IS HURT! Jen covering uo, turns her side to Carmen and lays on the ropes as Electra whales away at the bell, Carmen mindlessly punching after the break--ref pulling her away--Lopez wincing, hand at her back, stretching--it’s getting dangerous in there.

R4: Hammer and tongs, one girl taking over, then relinquishing the lead as the other girl gets it all back. Lopez feasting on Carmen’s breasts with short, clipping uppercuts--Carmen with her left hand at her side, rocks from her lead foot to her back foot, then forward again to stuff her right glove hard to the belly, sweet around the guard to club the left eye, or straight to the breasts. Carmen’s potshots are harder, Jen busier with both hands--round goes a draw.

R5,6: Jen starts to impose her will, size in these rounds, Carmen laying in with the bigger girl, fighting in bursts with that astonishing hand speed, but Lopez able to get on top, smother resistance, walk her girl to the ropes, and fight big most of the time. Electra soaking up terrible, terrible punishment to her hips and midriff--crowd groaning on occasions when Lopez can stand up and rip that left hook into Electra’s weeping side. Carmen’s taking it--but she drops both of these rounds.

R7: Jen takes a breather--Carmen takes over. Girls walking around each other, Electra taps a jab, then jumps in with the hook to swivel Jen’s head. Carmen busier on the inside, rolling her shoulders, curving punches up into the breadbasket. Late in the round, Electra bends at the knees and launches her first trademark wild uppercut to the stomach--puffing out Lopez cheeks as she knocks the bigger woman back a step.

R8: Lopez back on the grind, She’s holding and hitting a LOT this fight--casually riding an arm around Carmen’s shoulders or waist, slugging single shots to the body or jaw, putting her face on Electra and wearing the dancer down. Carmen winding up on the ropes, for some reason refusing to clinch--long stretches go by where Lopez is able to work a hunched up Carmen Electra over at will, just ladling in the doubled up hook, head and body, head and body, to the bell.

R9: Shutout Jennifer Lopez.; A battered Carmen Electra spends almost the entire round sagging on the ropes, not moving her upper body, leaning out over her feet and soaking up whatever Jennifer Lopez wants to do to her. Jennifer standing up straight, reaching in on either side to plow punches into the meat of Carmen’s ruined midsection, then propping the girl up with a shoulder to reset. Some at ringside scream for the fight to be stopped as Electra isn’t punching back, isn’t quitting--just taking. At the bell a concerned referee outs both hand son Carmen’s ace and takes a look at her swollen eyes--she pushes him away with a sneer.

R10: J.Lo piles o again, Electra retreating, launching desperate right hand potshots at Lopez’s beautiful face before getting bodied to the ropes once again, Carmen doing just enough to avoid being stopped, but it’s all Jennifer--fists digging into belly flesh, elbowing Carmen back, then twitching that left shoulder to clip a short left hook across the chin, Repeat. Electra beaten into a daze by he bell, but Lopez clearly frustrated--Jen punching herself out at the end on an opponent whose legs simply refused to give out. UD10 Jennifer Lopez.

Reposted by Archer 7/12/11

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