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16 July 2011 Vanessa Hudgens vs Brenda Song

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Posted by simguy on 7/16/2011, 9:13 am


BEFORE: Girls pushing each others hands and making "I'll hurt you" faces in photoshoots and press-junkets - both vixens feeling pressure to be the better woman. "I'll trounce her," 'Nessa says confidently in prefight. "Song's a poor man's Liu, but she doesn't have the heart or ambition of a Lucy Liu - only the punch. That won't cut it against a proven HISC-busting phenom like me. At 110, I'm the total package - the full meal deal - the gold standard. Bren's in way over her cute little head in this one." Brenda enjoying the limelight - fair amount of buzz attending this fight as hottie brunettes vie for position on Hayden. "Clearing Vanessa out of the way has always been job one," Song states at podium. "Once that's done, I can march to the title, or do whatever I want, but she's definitely working this 'best in show' attitude that needs to be taken from her. I'M best in show and I'll prove that to 'Ness in the ring. I finish fights guys, so don't worry: there'll be no doubt about who's on top when I'm done!" Bren in black bikini; small black gloves; black hair in loose, soft curls. Nessa in white shape-shoot bikini; small white gloves; glossy black hair in loose soft tangles. Ref asks young ladies to touch 'em up: Song proves a brat by fitting a short right hand to 'Nessa's nuggets instead - shouting "HAH!" as Hudgy can only stare back in receipt.

During R1: Bren: wide stance - weight on back (right) leg; right hand at jaw; left extended out and down, tracing little ovals in the air. Scooting footwork for Bren - just little tap-step adjustments with her feet that hop or slide her around while maintaining her stance. 'Nessa: dukes up loose around mouth, elbows in, eyes calm, focussed: as she darts forward to jab - Bren's sliding back, looking to swat check-hooks...nimble little chess-game develops at the open. Gets serious mid-way through when Vanessa chops a short right to chin, buzzing Bren's legs...Hudgens hops in to flurry, but Song lunges up out of her crouch via left uppercut, rocking Hudgy to chin, setting her back on her heels. Bren leaping in to flurry, but Hudgens meets her en-route with the check-jab: Vanessa raking Bren another crisp right, then bat-bat-batting cuddly Asian waist with a trio of ripping hooks. Brenda grimacing, momentarily hurt: she's loading a right while out of position...'Nessa ripping a sidearm right in advance, bouncing the punch off Brenda face to put her wobbly butt at bell! Furious glare, 'Nessa to Song...Brenda visibly woozy en route to stool.

R2: Blistering stuff - Vanessa leaping in off the jab, looking to flurry rights and lefts, batting and clouting Bren about head and shoulders. Song hustled out of her stance, but she improvises well - scurrying to her right, re-balancing and eventually walking 'Nessa into both the check-hook and the pre-emptive lead right hand. Pressure from Hudgens continues to menace Song all around the ring: Brenda competing by using legs - bending low at the waist - lunging up into powerful slugging strokes from weird angles. Down the stretch - Nessa misses a pair of jabs as Bren bobs down under 'em; Song leaps up in receipt, sweeping the left uppercut clean to chin, then pivoting around 'Nessa's right flank as Hudgens is stepping in fence-post holes. Song circling around, then bouncing back in: Vanessa concerned, hurt - keeping mitts at temples as Bren lunges forward - this time with a lead left hook high on 'Nessa's right ear. Hudgy stumbles, still in earmuff: Bren shoots past Vanessa's right flank to circle-round again. Song with another strafing run as Vanessa turns - this time a lunging right hand pounded flat into the middle of 'Nessa's forehead...Hudgy's knees knock together, then she SITS DOWN! Eyes all moist and unfocussed, lips parted. Song all a-glow - happily gazing down at little brunette rubble...Vanessa beats the count shabby, blinking and trying to gather herself at bell.

R3: Song with a rolling start catches Hudgens in her corner...Vanessa grimacing, extending arms/catching punches on her face as Bren jams away straight, jolting, palm-down left/rights in ratatat burst. 'Ness covers up face-in-gloves, butt-on-turnbuckle: Song bends her knees, stamping her palm-down fists against jugs, then tummy in creeping-barrage down-torso. Song finishes up a pair of fat, whacking left hooks to paunch - shouting "HAH! HAH!" upon delivery - perky little Asian girl feeling her oats, really giving it to Nessa here. Hudgens collects herself, fighting out of the corner via left uppercuts and short right hands...Song giving ground, bending at the waist, walking Hudgy forward and BEATING HER TO THE RIGHT HAND! GORGEOUS timing...Song just triggering her short right - getting her back and buns into it as she bends in and down...fist clips off 'Nessa's chin as Hudgy's throwing her own right, switching off the lights in Nessa's bridge. Hudgens' waves-through on her own right hand - forward momentum carrying her past Song's right shoulder...'Nessa sprawling tummy-down on canvas, right arm trapped beneath her...she's 100% knocked out cold before she even noses in! KO3 Brenda Song in exquisite fashion.

After: Song goes batshit - leaping around the ring - climbing the corner posts - sticking her tongue out at Scerbo - pumping a double bicep so folks can see her back and biceps - it's insane. 'Nessa rolled gently to her back and brought round...she's making little murmuring noises, then breaking down into chest-shuddering tears when she realizes what Song's accomplished. AND IT AIN'T OVER! Bren graciously allowing frazzled Hudgens to be set up on her stool before yanking on 'Nessa's left arm to get her up and out for a walk of shame. Song a dazzling sight - SO happy here - right arm around 'Nessa's trim waist, left hand waving/blowing kisses, or cupping along the right side of 'Nessa's face so Song can plan a peck of disrespect on Vanessa's left eye MWAH! Vanessa wretched - she got done the way she did Spearritt, and Hudgy's hating


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