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12 November 2001 Cindy Crawford vs Monika Schnarre

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Boxing After Dark

Posted by Simguy on 11/12/2001, 5:29 pm

Before: Joke is Crawford was on the phone with Monika’s agent before Schnarre’s body stopped bouncing following the first round debacle vs. Krista Allen. Former champ Crawford needs some rounds and a little Rustoleum--Schnarre a perfect big beautiful blonde foil, keeps Crawford in the picture with seemingly little risk. Monika anxious to erase the humiliation of the Allen dismissal. “I’ve wanted Cindy my whole career,” Monika says in pre-fight, “this is a huge fight for me.” White, tight tank top and panties for Schnarre, pea green tank top Cindy, evergreen panties.

During R1: Girls out with gloves high, Monika looking to make the early statement. Schnarre skids a left uppercut off Cindy’s guard, then tries to clout a hook around it--Crawford blocking coolly with her hands at her temples, answering back with a clockwork hook, hook to blonde tummy. Schnarre opening up with ear-cuffing lefts and rights--Crawford stays in the pocket, blocks every shot, then scores a fish-hook left uppercut under the chin to snap back blonde head. Monika discouraged, backs off and Cindy preys on her foe with one of the sport’s most educated left jabs--lifted backhand off the hip to Monika’s stomach, chopped down from the temple to Monika’s face--Crawford outclasses Schnarre in the first.

R2: Cindy C on her toes, stepping fluidly for a big woman, putting her jab on Monika’s face, reading the blonde like a gossip column and stepping back out of range as the blonde telegraphs in response. Crawford choosey from outside, but connecting with a high percentage of jabs and right crosses--easy, breezy shutout Cindy.

R3: Crawford’s got the range, legs are in control of the ring--she starts to really drop te right hand hard on Monika’s hittable jaw line. Schnarre getting clocked in the opening minute--knees bending, then locking as she refuses to go under and, by the midway point, a hurt Monika Schnarre is brawling effectively with a flat footed Cindy Crawford. Cindy circling behind  a smokescreen jab late--realizing the finishing touch with a little premature.

R4: Monika’s jab not as accurate or well timed as Crawford’s but it’s  tree-trunk hard and  stuns the brunette in a series of early long distance exchanges. Crawford pivots to her left, pulling away with lowered hands and Schnarre leans in with a booming right to send CC sputtering sideways to the ropes. Crawford momentarily frazzled--Schnarre able to get big, club away with hamfisted side to side slugging and score meaningfully to Cindy’s head and ribcage while the brunette regroups. Cindy rights the ship late, going back to the high guard, nipping back at Monika with short left hooks and uppercuts in between the blonde’s wide sings to prevent the shutout.

R5: Girls trade right hands and CRAWFORD IS HURT! Cindy stepping back in a daze--Schnarre steps with her and CRACKS HER ANOTHER RIGHT HAND! Cindy stepping in fence post holes as she clatters into the ropes--brunette is glassy-eyed, gloves at her lips as she tries to gather her defense. Schnarre climbs aboard with hellish wide lefts and rights to the sides, beating Crawford into stupor and sending the brunette sliding into the nearest corner. Monika stepping with the broken down ex-champ, squares up and starts POIUNDING away! Wide lefts hooks, straight right hands--Monika pushing off her back foot to drill those right hands hard between Cindy’s gloves AND THE REF STEPS IN! it’s OVER--TKO5 Monika Schnarre!

After: Crawford bleeding from the nose--shell-shocked and disoriented--blonde power puncher not fancy, but effectively bulldozing the overconfident brunette, Schnarre giddy as a school girl with the victory, can’t WAIT to take Crawford for an agonizing walk of shame--model submits stoically, but it’s awful for along-time Cindy fans to watch. Pundits don’t know what to make of Monika--she can box a bit, she can punch--she took hard licks from Crawford, but froze when starched by Allen--some old-timers are likening her to a young Shannon Tweed after this performance.

Reposted by Archer 7/22/11.

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