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12 November 2001 Title Ch Ali Landry vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Boxing After Dark


Unified Welterweight Title

Posted by Simguy on 11/12/2001, 5:31 pm.

Before: Bitter welter rivals glove up once again in one of boxing’s hottest match ups. Landry with a solid career edge against Gena, many wins coming with titles on the line. “Nolin’s not a big-fight fighter,” proclaims Landry in prefight, “she’s dangerous and she’s rough, but she can’t handle the spotlight. Hate to disappoint all her fans, but its going to be another Landry romp, boys.” Ali in gold bikini top, dark brown bottoms, Gena in black bikini top, yellow bottoms.

During R1: Ali guts Gena early by stepping back, walking Nolin into bolo rights to the pit of the stomach that shake blonde booty. Gena with some artful clinches manages to ride her left forearm on Ali’s shoulder, pulling the brunette into curling rights inside, often twisting Landry off balance as the ref warns for holding and hitting. Good scrappy round--colour it blonde.

R2: Nolin with a JAB of all things early--surprises Ali backs her up, and Gena is able to extend on a firm right cross that catches the brunettes jaw with spank. Midway through, Ali’s able to get inside with designs in Gena’s midriff, but Nolin’s pre-empts the brunette with a tactical crotch tap--bundling Ali up and leaving herr momentarily helpless. Nolin piling on, swabbing away at Ali’s lower back, then wrapping up he brunettes right arm, plowing home right hands underneath as Landry groans in protest, Round to Gena.

R3: Ali taking care to jab her way in, gets Gena moving backward early and spikes blonde ribcage with some overhand rights in the first minute. Once again, Nolin clinches, twists, holds and hits--bogging the classy brunette down in stumbling, hurtful action all around the ring,. At the bell, Gena with a well-placed thumb in the eye has Landry recoiling in pain--champ goes down 3 rounds to love as Nolin is clicking on all cylinders.

R4: Ali with another good first minute--crunching her way into Gena’s belly with a pumping two-fisted attack, but Nolin gives ground, clinches at the ropes, and soon has Landry suffering from an assortment of elbows on the mouth, tough right hands to the jugs, headlocks, and rough jostling action. Round ends with Nolin bodying Ali into the ropes, palming the big brunette face back over the top strand as the ref jumps in with fingers wagging.

R5: Landry’s consistent attention to Gena’s midsection starts to pay off as Nolin is beaten t the ropes, covers up, and doesn’t look right this round. Ali patiently beating in Gena’s sides, laying off the right shoulder, then the left, curling and snapping her punches in around Nolins elbows, Nolin hurting, clinches but can; wrestle her girl this round--Landry able to fight her way through the swamp, shoving and mugging Gena effectively throughout.

R6: Gena measuring with a loose and lanky left, just looping iut around Ali’s neck as the brunette comes in--bitter in fighting results as Landry hammers away under Gena’s arm, while Nolin responds by pulling the champ into harmful right hands underneath. Ali’s punishing two-handed attack outweigh Nolin’s clubbing right--Gena pushed into the ropes, pouts and grimaces as Landry yanks another round from the blonde’s grasp.

R7: Landry with crisp pageant jab early--has Gena blinking, standing stupid, and brunette is able to catch blonde chin with a crashing right cross to stagger the challenger in the first minute. Once again, Nolin doesn’t panic--she gathers Landry in with that looping left, holds her, and starts to pump away inside with merciless right hands. Landry pained, trying to body up, but Gena’s twisting her off balance--that clutching left arm controlling the brunette as the ref issues vague warnings. Down the stretch, Gena slumps Landry forward, and POUNDS away low with a series of pumping rights--Ali shook up, backs away hurt and Nolin leans in with a sumptuous overhand right that bashes hard off brunette temple. Landry spilling into the ropes, dazed, covers up sadly as Nolin squares away--spiteful blonde beat down at the bell as Gena wails away on a battered champion.

R8: Gena rolling up the brunette--reaching to gather Ali in with the left as the brunette concentrates on digging into bell meat, then it’s all Gena Lee as she pulls, twists and turns her girl, slagging away with meanspirited right hands, elbows and well disguised low blows. Landry looking shopworn, starting to be rag dolled and bullied into the ropes--it’s classic GLN, Down the stretch, Nolin with her left arm pulls Ali’s head down, jerking repeated right uppercuts to the champ’s chin inside and LANDRY’S LEGS GIVE WAY! Ali hurt, nearly goes under as she clinches helplessly around the blonde’s waist at the bell. Nolin won’t release immediately holding Landry close and taunting directly into the sleepy, hurting face until referee intervention.

R9: All Gena Lee. Right hand coiled, Nolin grins, swaying and looping a lazy left--just brushing Ali with it, measuring her. Gunshy Landry won’t close for fear of being wrapped again--she steps uncertainly outside, where Gena can load up and take potshots with her savage overhand right. Landry’s skull getting bounced, she finally has no choice but to clinch as her buttocks wobbly uncontrollably--Nolin vicious out if the wrap, now heartlessly clubbing away on Landry’s breasts with rampaging right hands in close. Nolin with hands high, smiling wide at the bell--a shellshocked Ali Landry is sent wandering to her corner.

R10: Nolin lanky, loose, left hand low and playful, right hand set to do damage. Blonde circles, lifting a backhand jab into Landry just t brush the brunette, keep her outside where the hammering right haymakers can do their worst. Landry badly beaten at this point, sees the big right hands but she’s too worn to get out of the way--Ali covering up and blocking, cuffed sideways as Nolin is able to slam away at the brunettes tired guard begins to slip, right hand start to clap ear and jaw line flush and LANDRY IS HURT! Ali spills into the ropes in a daze, takes a seat, stoops forward and covers up as Gena has her way! All Gena Lee to the bell, paying back Landry for every broken dream and disappointed hope  with huge welting strokes to the sides and across the back. Nolin slugging away after the bell--ref has to physically wrap her up and walk her off to save Landry from further punishment. UD10 for the winner and NEW WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION GEN A LEE NOLIN!

After: Gena Lee crying tears of joy--all frustration of the last couple of years swept away as she finally put together a resounding effort against a bitter rival. Badly battered Landry sobbing as well--title reign cut short by a girl Ali had begin to take for granted. Nolin seals the deal with a long, slow walk of shame, letting Ali drink it all in, riding the brunette around the ring with an arm around Landry’s waist--it’s the proudest moment of Nolin’s career. Doesn’t get any easier with the next brunette--perennial contender Krista Allen hopes to get over her title slump in similar fashion.

Reposted by Archer 7/22/11.

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