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3 February 2001 Title Ch Sophie Marceau vs Catherine Zeta Jones

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Unified Welterweight Title

Posted by Simguy on 2/3/2001, 1:59 pm.

Before: Jones all curvy and heavy at 130 but still has the deft hands, interesting to see how she does at welter. Marceau running out of credible European challenges--she’s chewed ‘em up and spit ‘em out, collecting fat satchels full of Euros for defending in Paris while HBO execs gnash their teeth, waiting for the fall. Sophie’s favored, but not exactly living a Spartan existence in between fights--pundits wonder when she’ll take her eye off the ball. Pink bra and panties Catherine, little blue bra and panties Sophie.

During R1: Chess match: girls stand shoulder to shoulder, Catherine’s left glued to Sophie’s right--challenger trying to hit the champ as Marceau slicks it up.  Jones has some success with short, straight right hands up the middle, banging Sophie’s mouth or thudding home to the breasts. Marceau slipping Jones’ hooks, taking the punch away, turning her shoulders with most of the incoming in a tactical round for Jones.

R2: Sophie once again fighting flat footed, taking up a station outside Jones left shoulder and making this a battle of wits and reflexes, mace with her right at her thigh does it all with her legs and body, putting her right shoulder against Jones, then stuffing the left hand into the body or face, sliding over to the right to keep the angle. Jones’ legs give out as Marceau jams a left hand in on her jaw, steps right, then jams it in again and again--little pokes on the chin from a weird, close in angle that Jones can’t counter. So frustrating--Marceau right on her girl, but exploiting the angle, moving her head, chips away at Jones and hurt s her this round.

R3: Sophie clearly out to put Jones in a mental ward. Marceau with that lead shoulder against the opponent, body writhing up and down at the hips, right hand riding uselessly at the thigh as Sophie drills away with left hands. Marceau will push Catherine to the ropes with her shoulder, then use her legs to lift short left hands into the body--once, twice--then Marceau will walk away to reset. Sophie scoring huge with one move in particular--using her right hand to hold Jones’ left wrist down, allowing the French girl to stuff short left hands over the shoulder--hard, point blank punches on the jaw are seriously hurting Catherine, leaving her dazed for long stretches and vulnerable for more body work. Scored 10-8 without a knockdown as Jones slips into a stupor from the accumulation.

R4: Jones answering back finally, dueling shoulder to shoulder--Jones right hand against Sophie’s left. Catherine able to jam her right against Sophie’s chin momentarily has the French girl stumbling backwards--Jones with some nice moments midway through as she squares away, finds the waist and back with some short left hooks, clipping face up the middle with the little right uppercut in tight.

R5,6,7: Sophie Marceau simply puts on the finest display of supple close-in boxing most have ever seen, completely demoralizing a game, but outclasses Catherine Zeta Jones in these rounds. Sophie working outside Jones left shoulder, using the right hand to pull down Catherine’s left, using the left straight to the belly, breasts and chin, but also to push Catherine’s right arm away--Jones getting harassed and pawed at when she’s not being out and out battered. The sixth goes as a 10-8 without a knockdown as Jones is repeatedly hurt by those jamming little left hands on the inside plane of her jaw--every round a shutout for the champ--Jones hurt on many, many occasions as light dims in those beautiful dark eyes.

R8: Jones able to get cheek to cheek with Sophie, curling her right hand into the champ’s chest as bodies square up to the Briton’s advantage. With both hands free and able--Jones combination punching is superior--Sophie has to cover up and turn with punches as Catherine works her up against the ropes. Marceau calm, collected on defense, but she’s not getting off this round as Jones chops at the body with both hands.

R9: Sophie re-establishes the angle, fight gets easier. Marceau loves to get her right shoulder into Catherine’s chest, dip her knees and lift a couple of rigid left hands into the gut--Jones bewildered, beaten--just takes the punches like it’s her birthright. Sophie so loose and relaxed, hands down, controlling Jones virtually with her shoulders and torso, legs pushing and maneuvering the challenger at will. Marceau defense exquisite--she’s making Jones miss by millimeters, and often discouraging Jones from punching at all.

R10” Catherine’s been taking a shellacking all night long and it starts to add up. Sophie puts her shoulder in, walks Catherine to the ropes, legs those left hands up into the gut and Jones swoons to the canvas to all fours. Catherine up, sobbing for air--and Marceau walks in with hands at her sides, slapping her punches up from her waist in a bewildering series of slashes before clapping the mouthpiece of Jones’ teeth with a vicious left cross--down goes Jones again--this time twisting to her back to lie in pain underneath the ropes. Once again Catherine Zeta Jones beats the count, and incredibly, wobbles forward to out some good body shots on the champ--forcing Sophie into tactical retreat. Marceau’s seen enough--she skips and cavorts the rest of the way, taking no chances--Jones hasn’t got the legs left to catch her. Marceau with raised gloves at the bell anticipates the decision: UD10 by wide margin Sophie Marceau.

After: Sophie treats a devastated Catherine Zeta Jones to the most miserable walk of shame of the Welshwoman’s career--Marceau riding her right arm around the girl’s captive waist, waving to her crowd. Marceau landed an ungodly number of power shots from that awkward angle all night long--Jones fighting on pride alone, miraculously refused to be knocked out, but she took a foolhardy beating in the process. Sophie remains head and shoulders above her welterweight challengers--GLN up next as Marceau looks to flatten the division.

Reposted by Archer 7/24/11.

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