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5 February 2001 Sandra Hess vs Virginie Ledoyen

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Boxing After Dark

Posted by Simguy on 2/5/2001, 6:52 pm

Before: :Ledoyen’s American debut no pushover--Hess the best technician in the WB stable, and one of the best Europeans period anxious to show up her highly touted French challenger. Not a lot of tape on Ledoyen, Sandra enters as favourite by default as the known quantity. Yellow bikini for Sandra, black bikini for Viginie wet curly hair look.

During R1: Girls use every inch if ring in a tactical first. Hess with her fists at her chest or temples the more conventionally cor4eect--Ledoyen often loping with her hands down, switching casually to southpaw, leaning away from Sandra’s sharp, flicking jab. Hess basically the aggressor, trying to find the range--but nobody’s hurt this round.

R2: Virginie setting down, hands palm-up at waist level and she spanks Hess senseless in a rousing first minute. Ledoyen countering beautifully, slinging wider rights over Sandra’s jab, wide lefts over the blonde’s right cross--slender French girl generating tremendous torque with her supple body twisting into the blows. Hess busted up from the cuffing blows, nevertheless forces her jab into the French girl’s chest, seems to be gouging her way back into the fight, when out of nowhere--Virginie retreating, stops, licks the left hand across Sandra’s face, slings the right I and down on the jaw and DOWN GOES SANDRA! Hess rolling to her back, eyes wide in shock--she’s trembling as she stands for 8, Ledoyen makes like she’s rushing in,  fades back out as Sandra pushes a clumsy defensive jab out, then piles on in behind another looping right hand to bludgeon Hess to the mat at the ropes! Sandra up with a lightning bolt cut on her forehead--badly hurt by Ledoyen’s bolo punching and slick cobra upper body movements.

R3: Sandra shakes off her trainer to continue the fight. Blonde carrying the right at her cheek, popping jabs--Ledoyen sliding back, reaching in with the lead right, lifting a lazy jab off her hip, bending away with her hands down as Sandra come sup short. Ledoyen just waiting for Hess to commit, then she makes her pay, often stinging the blonde with looping lefts or rights from out wide to the ears and jaw line--Sandra stumbling a step or two to the side as she gets clapped. Round to Virginie.

R4: Ledoyen’s seem enough. She brazenly marches on Hess--hands at her side, feinting in on the blonde, fading back out and TAGGING Hess repeatedly with exquisitely timed counter shots--wide, slinging blows that shouldn’t be landing, but Sandra’s biting on the feints. Hess breaking down badly as the brunette is clubbing her head with vicious blows--the fists bouncing ugly off the skull as the blonde meanders. Midway through, Virginie bends down and wheels a sweeping right to the body, buckling Hess’ legs and sending her faltering to the ropes, Ledoyen closing, stoops to go body, then crosses Hess up, looping an overhand right hand against the wide open face and bashing Sandra out on her feet! Hess asleep with hands at her chest--she topples and lies face first on the canvas as an expressionless Virginie Ledoyen stares down. KO4 Virginie Ledoyen.

After: Impressive win over a girl who’s hard to hit, hard to look good against. Hess bleary-eyed, stunned, offers no resistance as the French model takes her for a walk of shame--Ledoyen without a trace of emotion as she guides her prize around the ring. Hess unable to test Virginie’s chin or heart in this unexpected  wipe out--but the French girl appears to have the goods on the offensive side of the ledger.

Reposted by Archer 7/25/11.

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