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10 February 2001 Title Ch Jaime Pressly vs Dani Fishel

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(Maxim and Paramount Bantamweights Titles Only)

Posted by Simguy on 2/10/2001, 12:48 pm.

Before: Fishel desperate to erase the humiliation  of being stamped out cold by a single Pressly lick in the last fight--Jaime almost as keen to repeat the feat, promising fans and media that she will attempt to knockout in the first round for the second consecutive time. it’s a good psychological ploy, but bad strategy--Jaime’s made incredible strides with her boxing--wading out and slugging would give Dani her best chance to compete tonight. Pressly in orange bandeau bikini top, light blue bottoms. Dan in teal sports bra, grey cotton stretch shorts.

During R1: Pressly of old comes out flat footed, lashing wide with right and left hand bombs--Fishel bobbing underneath, routinely coming up with rights and lefts of her own into the taut belly and ribs of the champ. Hard working shutout for Dani as Pressly won’t adjust--Jaime consistently missing--Dani staying low, working in tight, getting off with rhythmic rising body blows--at the sound of the bell--Dani bumping on Jaime and shouting her defiance--Pressly sneering, pushed back by the ref as tempers flare.

R2: Jaime stubborn, ignoring her corner--she comes out loose-limbed and slugging again, sweeping over top Fishel’s terrific upper body movement--Dani setting the table underneath with firm straight right hands into the body cavity, wide left hooks to the ribs and liver, backing Pressly up all around long, 6 minutes of fighting--Jaime hasn’t landed a meaningful blow as Dani gets her mojo working early,.

R3: Another banging shutout for Fishel--body shots starting to add up as Pressly covers up stiffly midway through, soaking up ripping licks to her slender waist, Dani fighting off Pressly’s chest now, getting underneath and bulling the champ onto her heels--Jaime not jabbing, not giving her challenger angles, and she can’t get extension with Fishel camping out in her trunks. Rounds ends with Dani beating Jaime’s sides in at the ropes--Fishel pushing up off the steaming trunk of her foe with a lusty bellow--she is PUMPED at the damage she’s doing--Pressly looking sick from the body work.

R4:  FINALLY Jaime’s had enough of the one-sided mauling, and does somethings to answer. Lateral movement--Pressly dancing left and right, hands at her chest as Fishel moves to cut the ring off. Jaime slashing her jab across Fishel’s face--straight punch connects where the wide power shots had been sailing high. Dani now forced to pay for real estate, getting dinged in the way in, but still landing beefily to the ribcage with that hook. Down the stretch: Pressly bouncing, stops, rips a licking left uppercut across Fishel’s face, then twirls a lashing left hook to the cheek and DANIELLE GOES WOBBLY BUTT! Fishel suddenly a-swoon, tumbles into the ropes and covers up desperately as Pressly swarms in, Long-limbed sweeping bombs follow, fists bouncing heavily off Dani’s back as Fishel trembles over her legs at the bell.

R5: Shutout Pressly, Jaime now moving confidently, eyes cold, lips set tight and cruel as she wheels to her left, spearing the jab in between Dani’s eyes and licking the short right hand off the forehead. Fishel following, walking into abuse--she’s no longer cutting off the ring and Pressly’s figuring out the head movement, catching Dani at the peaks and troughs of her bib motion. Pressly’s turn to taunt at the bell as Dani starts to swell.

R6: Dani bobbing down low, gets caught a curling left uppercut in the teeth--Fishel staggering onto her heels, straighten up and catches a whip-armed hook across the face--Dani reeling backwards as Pressly nails her walking with slinging straight rights and wide left hands. Fishel hitting the far ropes in a glassy-eyed haze, gloves at her lips and Pressly standing up tall, dipping side to side to slash her fists in behind then elbows, then curling uppercuts against the face, applying her elbow harshly to nudge Dani back and reset the beating. Pressly swaying in and out, falling off to the sides to really crank multiple lefts or rights I sequence--Dani between ragged this round as champ tallies a murderous shutout.

R7: Best two-way action of the fight. Shopworn Dani sucks it up, eats the jab to get inside and forced Jaime to trade face to face. Pressly trying to pull back to catch Dani with the uppercut--Fishel pressing in, clubbing her fists to the hips and ribs out wide,  often doubling up hack down on the ear and jaw line as the blonde leans forward. Round finishes up with Pressly’s butt riding rope--Dani’s fists spanking loud against the blonde’s sides as Fishel stands with feet wide, compact torso and hips twisting into every punch. Referee separates them as girls can’t hear the bell--it’s crowd pleasing stuff to be sure.

R8: Pressly with hands low, mouth breathing--she’s still hurt and Dani pounces in the opening seconds, NAILING JAIME an overhand right on the cheek that sends the blonde wandering sideways with  a blank expression. Fishel wades in, firing left and right out of her crouch, forcing the woozy champ to the ropes. Dani lifting brick-like hooks into Jaime’s trembling belly, then putting her shoulder into short right hands on the face--Pressly in desperate trouble, breaking down, hands at her stomach as she folds forward. Fishel just pumping away, lifting her mitts up into the chest and face--stepping back as JAIME SLUMPS TO THE CNVAS! Pressly lying ion her face can’t beat the count--KO8 Dani Fishel!

After: Jaime Pressly coming-to is in absolute shock--beaten, used up and stopped by a jubilant Dani Fishel who reclaims two of the bantam belts after a long, torturous journey. Wild seesawing affair--Pressly over anxious early gave Dani almost 10 minutes to work her body--using up precious reserves that would come back to haunt the champ. Jaime tuned to boxing to get the challenger off her, lighting Dani up in savage, one-sided middle rounds that had Fishel on the verge of stoppage herself. Sweet vindication for Dani who climbs the mountain yet again--hard lessons for Pressly who still has plenty of bxcoing left IF she can pout this devastating loss behind her.

Reposted by Archer 7/26/11.

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