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9 February 2001 Title Ch Sophie Marceau vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Sophie Marceau 02.jpgGena Lee Nolin 01.jpg


Unified Welterweight Title

Posted by Simguy on 2/9/2001, 7:20 pm.

Before: Soccer chants rewired around Nolin’s name accompany the blonde to ring--usually reserved Parisian fans rising to the challenge to support their Sophie--high energy night at the fights as an American looks to walk into Marceau’s backyard and take her stuff, Both girls paragons of their particular styles--bookies make it Nolin via KO, Marceau via decision, with a healthy slice of cynical money plunking down on a draw--it’s going to come down to which girl can exert her will on the other. Nolin standing with hands on hips during the stare down, open-front pink blouse over black bikini, big reflective sunglasses (removed for the fight, of course)--Marceau in pale blue push and panties--neither flinches during instructions.

During R1: Early lock up--Sophie wrenching up hard against hard under Nolin’s elbow in the clinch--Gena bellowing in pain as Marceau throws the first curve of the match. Marceau snuggling in close to her victim, brawls Gena to the ropes with a series of rolling lefts and rights to the crotch--Nolin in complete disarray is wide open for sweeping lefts and rights to the face as Marceau capitalizes on the surprise skullduggery. Gena’s hurt, covering up but taking a caning as Marceau lays in whippy licks to the head and hips, punching Nolin along the ropes as the blonde staggers into a corner. After several withering blasts test Nolin’s chin and legs--Marceau backs off, luring Gena forward, patting at the blonde’s belly with the backhand southpaw jab, diving in with slinging left hands on the face to close out a brutal, cheap slugging first round shutout. Nolin shattered by the roughhouse and power punching, wanders stupefied to her corner for some desperate repairs.

R2: Gena out clinching early, using her strength to smother the champ, but Marceau dictates the latter 2 minutes of the round. Sophie exaggerating her southpaw angle, right foot outside of Gena’s left--Marceau able to jump in with supple lefts to the face, turning Nolin awkwardly counterclockwise as Gena eats leather. Reversing field, Sophie can snap the right hook over Gena’s shoulder as Marceau walks away--another brisk, slick round of dominance from the champ as Nolin has yet to land a meaningful blow.

R3: Shutout Sophie Marceau. Sophie now sticking to the plan--she’s got Nolin confused, hurting--Marceau putting the pestering jab to work on belly and breasts, stepping to the right around the blonde, and countering every Gena right hand with a slinging left on the mouth. Brilliant leftie boxing from Sophie Marceau--she’s staying flat footed for the most part, making Gena miss with that limber upper body and making her pay with straight left hands.

R4: Nolin finally adjusting--Marceau’s head untouchable--Gena starts to throw straight right hands to the chest and sweeping left hands to the ribs to keep Sophie in front of her. Marceau not as effective on the counter, and the body shots add up--late in the round, Nolin double pumps a straight right hand, punching back Marceau’s head, then drives in with the hardest punch of the fight: a spearing straight right to the breadbasket that has Marceau doubled over at the ropes. Nolin indulging at the bell, digging her thumb side of her left glove up between Marceau’s legs while shielding her victim fro the ref--Sophie bitterly complaining about the foul during the break.

R5,6: Back to back shutouts for Sophie Marceau. Supple at the waist, she bobs and weaves right in front of Nolin, always stepping to the right, waiting on Gena’s right cross, then banging back with the right hook, straight left hand on the mouth. Sophie taking a lot off the shots, just connecting flush, then moving before Nolin can draw a bead--it’s purist’s dream what Marceau’s doing to Nolin in these rounds.

R7: Gena cinching up with early headlocks, muscling Marceau into the ropes and drawing warnings as the fight bogs down, punching room coming at a premium. Sophie with her back to strands, covers her face, rolls with punches, deflecting a lot of leather with her well-turned shoulders, then dragging her counterpunches up into Nolin’s body from either side. Gena going body as well, especially effective with a wide right hand that catches plenty of back--Marceau starting to wince and sag back as round grounds on. Down the stretch--Nolin piling in with a flagrant overhand right to the trunks, pulls out with the top of her head conveniently finding Marceau’s mouth, stunning the champ long enough for a looping left hook to crash home. Marceau badly hurt, lays on the ropes in stupor at the bell--ref pushing Gena back before she can pile on late.

R8: Gena coming in now--Marceau giving ground, going defensive, not making Nolin pay the way she was earlier. Gena able to loop punches, miss and come back with the other hand wide and hard--she’s bouncing her fists off Marceau’s ribs. Using her elbows to bang back face, and giving the champ a rough ride this round. Marceau doing enough to survive, but she’s starting to lump up under Nolin’s big swinging pressure.

R9: Shutout Gena Lee Nolin. Marceau backpedaling, getting hit more this round than in most of the previous--Gena really gathering momentum, bullying Sophie around the ring--only Marceau’s ability to roll with the right hand saves her from maximum damage. Late in the round--Nolin fighting big with Marceau wilting at the ropes--Sophie dips her shoulder and cranks that right hook into Nolin’s trunks--flagrant foul buys Sophie needed breathing room  as Nolin is given a moment to recover, wipe the tears from her eyes.

R10: Marceau fighting delaying tactics, pushing the jab out into Nolin’s midriff, melting around the ring--it’s Gena making the fight. Nolin really tightening up on the right hand, keeping it coiled at her chest, leaning I to scrape Sophie’s jaw time and again--just missing catching the champ flush as Marceau’s radar works overtime. Down the stretch, a beleaguered Sophie Marceau sits on the ropes, banding side to side, taking punches across her back and into her sides, protecting her chin at all costs as Gena finishes up strong. Nolin piling on after the bell, sweeps another left/right/left against her foe before ref can bull the blonde back. Comes back a controversial draw--Sophie Marceau retains the title!

After: Police immediately move to break up fights in the stands--British contingent of Gena’s backers is mortified by the Parisian decision. Marceau with her nose in the air couldn’t care less--she did what she had to do and will calmly claim in post fight that she had Gena under control all night long. Nolin enraged at the decision despite looking terribly beaten about her face, and having been wailed on earlier in the bo9ut. Sophie starting the fight with the equivalent on the on-side kick--obviously had Nolin reeling till the latter half of the fight.

Reposted by Archer 7/26/11.

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