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11 February 2001 Charisma Carpenter vs Jenny O'Dell

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Posted by Simguy 2/11/2001, 2:50 pm.

Before: Jenny O’Dell getting right back in the saddle, facing one of the most popular battlers in the circuit--O’Dell pretty frank about wanting to steal Carpenter’s heat with a beating. Charisma with the new short ‘do--makes weight at 118, but ill fight at a comfy 122--looks a lot healthier, stronger with the extra weight, Carpenter in black sports bra, red adidas terrycloth trunks, Jenny in light blue sports bra, white adidas terrycloth trunks.

During R1: Jenny leads, Charisma follows in a bruising back and forth first. Carpenter allowing O’Dell inside--jenny turning into the short lead right to the sternum, then putting her hands together across the waist, coming ff the body to skid short swipes off Carpenter’s jaw. CC banged back to the ropes, but she digs in and answers back--lanky limbed delivery comparatively ponderous, but landing heavy--she works outside Jenny’s elbows, occasionally cramming in a short clout over the shoulder to O’Dell’s ears. Jenny with her weight forward, bangs out hard earned points.

R2: Second verse, same as the first--Jenny able to walk in--no jab from Carpenter--girls go shoulder to shoulder, start heaving away at one another’s sides, bellies and chins--and it’s Carpenter getting stepped back to the ropes. Nothing frenzied or wild about this action, girls taking turns for the most part, changing positions on the ropes, but ‘dell starts and finishes the round strong, punishing brunette midriff and leaving Carpenter looking pasty.

R3: Jenny’s starting to roll, Carpenter’s competitive, but shouldering up, slugging toe to toe is O’Dell’s fight, and Jenny’s bashing Charisma up in a series of grueling encounters. Carpenter’s back inevitably hit’s the ropes, and she’s starting to buckle, cover up for longer stretches as Jenny’s reefing lefts and rights start to spank gut with authority, CC with some late left uppercuts backs Jenny off a step to prevent a shutout, but the blonde is taking the fight right to the brunette, winning the third straight round.

R4: Crowd roars as the girls lay into one another mid ring--hardest punches of the fight crash to opposing breadbaskets--girls taking turns lifting in leather, challenging one another’s midriff, and Carpenter  starts ton give ground with a pinched expression. Jenny with a little bob, hops in and drives a short right hand off her shoulder to Carpenter’s chin--head snap and DOWN GOES CARPENTER! CC in a heap--Jenny stumbling over her as the blonde inadvertently tramples her foe--Carpenter up at 8, but eyes are cloudy, mouth open.  Fight resumes and CC is bulled easily to the ropes--legs are stiff, hands low and loose--Carpenter pushing and looping her punches now--O’Dell still sharp, fighting off carpenter’s chest and laying a beating in the brunette at this point. Punches carom off Charisma’s jaw at the bell as she stands straight, hands down, dimly taking it as O’Dell snaps off tidy lefts/rights to finish up strong.

R5: Carpenter groggy, eyes distant, but she’s still punching, laying in with O’Dell and finally getting into a lanky-limbed rhythm as Jenny gets out punched this round. CC  leaning forward, curling her right hand up underneath to crack chin, then looping right out, around and down to slap cheek--O’Dell walking into these punches, crossing her arms and continuing to chop the brunette in half--Charisma’s desperation the difference as she gets on the board.

R6: Carpenter with that looping right uppercut gets Jenny moving backward, but O’Dell is taking a beautiful punch to this point. Reading Charisma’s stiff movement at the midway point, Jenny fades the uppercut, making Charisma miss badly and turning over the counter left hook on the jaw that saps the life out of those long dancer’s legs. Carpenter hurt, defenseless--Jenny barrels in with tough curling swabs to the ribs, clipping the chin and driving the limp brunette to her back once again. Carpenter swooning, gets painfully to her feet and fades to the ropes. Long final minute as jenny climbs aboard, working between the hips on Carpenter--CC answering back with single left or right uppercuts as she holds her mitts at her mouth--agonizing round of punishment leaves CC staring at the bell.

R7: Blistering exchange midring--both girls leaning into hard right hands, taking turns swiveling one another’s heads--jenny working straight right hands o the body--Charisma working wide with spanking left/rights to the side--entertaining slobber knocker has ‘em rocking in the aisles, Once again, O’Dell busier, crisper punching backs Carpenter to the ropes, once again Charisma’s eyes seem to wander, her fists on autopilot as she trades self-destructively with the younger, hungrier blonde. Down the stretch, electrifying simultaneous punches explode--girls ripping rights and lefts at the same time, landing at the same time, lighting each other up with horrifying impacts and DOWN GOES O’DELL! Jenny lying tits up, absolutely blasted out cold as Carpenter sags out on her feet at the ropes with a dazed expression. KO7 Charisma Carpenter!

After: Back to back tough brunettes for Jenny--she’s 0-2 and could SO easily be 2-0 after savage wars leave her drained.; carpenter helped t her stool, gets the salts from her trainer--shattering exchange of lefts and rights one for the highlight reels as replays show Charisma’s final right hand kissing jaw a split second before Jenny’s could land. Post fight an emotional experience for Charisma--fielding constant accusations about getting lucky against Jenny, Carpenter explodes: “I’m SICK of hearing about how I was getting outfought, fighting Jenny’s fight and so on. What about her fighting MY fight? I was CRIPPLING her with those body shots--all you guys want to talk about is what she was doing to MY body! Newsflash jerks: SHE went out on HER back! I was the last woman standing,” Carpenter huffing out of the conference, probably does deserve more credit than she’s getting.

Reposted by Archer 7/27/11.

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