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27 December 1999 Post Fight Kilcher vs Bell

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“Jubilation in TE’s corner…(plus her next fight request--but take your time, Sim, we’re still dancing!)

Posted by CB on Monday, 27-Dec-1999 23:09:03

“And now we take you up to Frank Mallicote who’s ringside for the announcement of the decision.”

“Thanks, Charlie. Cat bell and Jewel Kilcher are standing at center ring awaiting the decision. It was a real barnburner Charlie--people definitely got their money’s worth. The announcer is reading the decision--AND IT’S CAT BELL! By  a single point! Oh, my God, what an upset! Cat’s corner is going absolutely CRAZY! Jewel has a stunned look of disbelief on her face--she can’t believe it! Cat Bell has won the MTV title with a shocking upset victory. She’s covering her face with her hands in center ring, she’s as stunned as everyone else! She gives Jewel a quick hug and now she’s turned and is sprinting to her corner where her trainer has grabbed her in a big bear hug. Cat’s trembling, Charlie. She’s so excited. What a fight. Mike Leach is over in their corner. Take it Mike.”

“Cat, you must be on Cloud Nine right now. How do you feel to win the title?”

“I can’t believe it. I knew I fought a good fight, but it was a real toss up. I’m just really glad I got the decision!”

“Syren, you must be proud of your fighter…”

“She was like poetry--watching her fight a real rush! I;ve never been so proud of anyone in my life.”

“Cat, when did you think you had this one?”

“Never. I knew it was going to the wire. I just tried to hang in there and stay on my feet and hit her with everything I had, which wasn’t much by the end.”

“You look pretty clean for going ten rounds with the defending champ. Jewel looked a bit beaten up, though.”

“Well, Syren kept telling me to keep my head moving, and she never got a chance to tee off and do serious damage to me up there. I was able to get to her eye a number of times, and I think that slowed her down a little.”

“She dtopped you twice. Was that tactical on your part?”

“I learned a lot during training the last few weeks. Syren told me that if I felt things getting out of control, take a knee, regroup, and try to get momentum back. It seemd to work for the most part.”

“Syren, what did you tell her between rounds?”

“Just to keep moving, keep her upper body away, and keep her off with the jab until she saw an opening to hook the left. She did a great job--she never panicked and stayed I control.”

“What’s next, Cat?“

“I’m gonna enjoy this one for a while.”

“I mean who is your next fight?”

“I want Zeta-Jones. Catherine, if you’re watching, you’re gonna get a call. I’ll put my title up against yours. I feel real good right now, and I want to take you on while I’m still hot. CB’ll contact Sim Guyonovitch to set up the match shortly. Watch out Catherine, there’s NEW Cat in town!”

“Well, I can imagine you want to get back to your dressing room to relax with the rest of the girls…”

“Relax? Hell no. The night’s just starting! Thanks for the time. It’s been a blast.”

“OK, Charlie, that’s it from here. Back to you…”

ESPN--PPV Telecast

Reposted by Archer 8/2/11.

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