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27 February 2000 Pam Anderson vs Teri Hatcher

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Beaches and Bleachers Bout


Posted by Simguy on Sunday, 27-Feb-2000 18:39:17

Before: Fight almost 5 years in the making, with bitter on again, off again negotiations, finally gets done as Hatcher no loner has the star power to play hard ball, Both girls maybe just a little past their primes, but meeting at 110, both look wiry and ready to do a hard dime, each guaranteeing a stoppage of the other. Pam wearing her new bikini from the Lit video (white with black leather waist band, top goes to a high neck, sort of a “boulder bag”) Teri in red string bikini, hair wet--fought at Venice Beach--strong Pam turf--beach n’ bleachers outdoor step up.

During R1: Hatcher with the low slung left, right at her cheek, disdains to box, walking Pam down and going right at her with wide whip action lefts, slinging right hands over the top. Anderson with her hands low, looks to time Teri and walk her into outrageous uppercuts, but the blonde’s timing is off and Hatcher tears it up this round. Teri scoring several popping blows from either hand, has Pam on the ropes late and gets after those jugs with an evil grin. Anderson swooning at the bell, hair in her eyes, gloosy pout as Teri shuts her out.

R2: Pam still looking to and the one big shot, holding her hands way too low, striding into wide right hands but telegraphing all the way, Teri able to block with her left, twist into crashing right hands on Pammy’s jaw, and the blonde is reeling by the midway point. Defensively inept, Anderson staggers into several haymakers to her chin, leaving her functionally helpless for the later half of the round, Teri stalking, sweeps a mean left hook across Pam’s tight midsection, twisting back the other way to lean into wide rights on the side of Anderson’s head. Pam getting shellacked, looks out on her feet in the final seconds as Teri once again goes to those jugs with sweeping lefts and right at the bell.

R3: Pam doing the smart thing, clinching Teri, headlocking the brunette and holding for breaks to slow the action down, Toe to toe, the girls take turns spanking one another’s face and chests with snapping single hooks or crosses--Teri touching Pam with the left first before laying with the right, while Pam swings away side to side, connecting almost at random.

R4: Teri once again walks her blonde down, taking a wide stance, and goes to work with slashing lefts and rights to bust Pammy up, Snapping the left against Pam’s hard, brown body, Teri bends into wide right hands on the jaw that seems to leave Pam stunned--Anderson’s feet square, hands at her waist, doing more pushing and slapping than punching, in the final minute, tide turns as both girls lean into sloppy right hands, and Teri’s head snaps back viciously as she catches the brunt of the collision. Hatcher reeling away. Anderson walking her down, and it’s Pam finishing up with wide swinging lefts and rights, battering Teri up against the ropes as the brunette soaks it up. Pam pounding a late forearm across Hatcher’s breasts provokes a stern finger waggle from the vigilant official.

R5: Girls wander to center ring, both looking shabby and a little tremble-bodied, Slapping one another with left hands, both girls bend into payoff rights and Pam beats Teri clean to the punch, smashing the brunette’s head to the side, ducking low on follow through as Hatcher misses wildly over the top. Teri badly hurt, stumbling out over her legs, and Pam palm s up on the brunette, propping her for a savage right hand clout across the mouth, Hatcher nearly taking a knee, reaches in to clinch, but she’s too weak, Pammy lashing her arms, bangs away with wild lefts and rights, buffeting Teri to the body, breasts and head until Hatcher pitches forward to the canvas, Pam thrusts her fists high, and sticks a hip out ala Dawn Marie to signify total victory as Teri can; get off her face. KO5 Pam Anderson.

After: Anderson back on the map at 110 sends Teri to a crash and burn KO after soaking up 4 rounds of Hatcher leather. Nothing’s changed with Pam--she’s another year older, still looks awkward and gangly, and still stops other lanky-bodies in their tracks if they slug with her. Hatcher slides another notch, disconsolate after this heartbreaking loss.

Reposted by Archer 8/2/11.

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