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14 February 2000 Natalie Raitano vs Michelle Williams

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Posted by Monday, 14-Feb-2000 19:12:27

Before: Raitano calling out the likes of Carmen Electra, Alyssa Milano et al, clearly has no respect for Michelle and guarantees a win in spectacular fashion over Williams. Mish not buying the cheap Ali imitation doesn’t look intimidated during boisterous weigh-in and pre-fight conferences. Nat in black sports bra, red stretch pants to the ankle, Mish in white sports bra, light blue adidas terrycloth trunks.

During R1: Both girls immediately go cheek to cheek, laying in to dig directly to one another’s midriff with the left hook, swatting wide with right hands to the kidney. Punch for punch, Raitano wears Mish out early, and starts buckling the blonde’s legs with the fearsome hooks up underneath by the midway point. Down the stretch, Williams is in desperate trouble, cringing and pulling away as Raitano HARMS the blonde’s ribcage, stalking with a cruel smile as Michelle staggers around the ring, Big round for Raitano leaves Michelle trembling, and a worried corner applies ice to the battered ribs of the blonde during the break.

R2: Raitano smiling, licking her lips and waving Mish in, bodies up once again and chugs furiously at the tender meat of Williams’ waist and sides. Raitano jerking savagely as her legs pump up and down, the hook thumping hollowly against Michelle’s torso as the blonde goes into shock. Pushed to the turnbuckle, Michelle is savaged by an endless stream of lefts and rights to her chest cavity, and at the bell, Williams comes away with a bleeding nose from the force of Raitano’s BODY punching!

R3: Williams shaking off concern in her corner, storms out and gets her first good licks on Raitano, standing in toe to toe as the girls hunch forward, lean on one another, and lift hooks into one another’s tummies. Down the stretch, Raitano once again just too strong, too quick fisted, begins to pour it on as Williams fades, and Natalie once again finishes the round pounding away on a helpless, cowering blonde.

R4: Natalie hurting Williams every time she touches her downstairs, starts to come up top with hooks on Michelle’s wide open jaw, a mean right uppercut between  the mitts to start blood flowing from the mouth of Williams. Michelle game as ever, using her shoulder to shove Raitano off, and clocking the brunette with some jolting short right hand counters late to get respect.

R5: Michelle starts strong, actually stuffing Raitano momentarily into her own corner, but Nat punches her way off the turnbuckles, and by the midway point is in complete control. Doubling and tripling the hook up into Michelle’s solar plexus. Raitano twists her whole body into the rising shots, as Michelle begins to swoon, crumpling forward and soaking up punishment at the bell.

R6: Hammer and tongs action as Williams refuses to be overwhelmed. Swatting the left to Natalie’s ear, Michelle doubles up the hook in behind the brunette’s elbow, bringing the first splash of pain to Raitano’s face. Williams utilizing the double hook combination to good effect, has Nat crouched forward, and digs into the brunettes sides with both fists as Raitano grimaces.

R7: Raitano explodes on Michelle’s tummy with an irresistible torrent of lefts and rights to open the round, leaving Michelle defenseless, As Williams leans in bleary-eyed, hands crossed on her savaged abs, Raitano turns into picture perfect right uppercuts, clipping the blows over and over onto Michelle’s outstretched chin, and WILLIAMS GOES DOWN!! Michelle on her hands and knees, shakes her head and gets up groggily at 8. Nat with a punishing finishing barrage drives Michelle to the ropes, and busts open cuts over Williams eyes with fierce combination punching from side to side.

R8: Nat eager to get at the nearly comatose blonde, charges across the ring, coming in hard with her head on Michelle’s teeth and riving Williams to the ropes. Brutal beat down along the ropes as Nat swats left hooks, driving Michelle to the corner, then feasting on Williams’ pain wracked midsection with those pumping one-twos, Raitano fighting wild, legs and backside jiggling furiously as she piles hurt onto Mish, but the plucky blonde soaks it up to the bell.

R9: Williams now virtually blind, face swollen grotesquely, cream top pink with blood, shakes off the ref and stumbles out to take a murderous beating this round, Williams getting rocked from one foot to the other as Raitano simply heaves lefts and rights from her hips to hammer Michelle into oblivion. Williams on the ropes in the final minute, turns sideways as her body crumples up underneath another crush of leather from Raitano--Williams screaming behind her bit as Nat batters already bruised ribs. Raitano pouring it on after he bell, is pulled off by the red and skips around the ring, screaming at the crows as Williams is helped to her corner.

R10: Nat running across the ring, lands a leaping left hook clean through the jaw of Michelle and puts the blonde on her back with the force of a clothesline to open the round, incredibly, Williams gets to her feet, hopelessly battered, and staggers in to take a withering bombardment to her hips and midsection. Clinching, sobbing, Michelle is bodied up against the ropes once again for a sustained mauling. Natalie clinching up under the blonde’s arms to prevent her from falling, propping Williams up for more punishment. Final minute sees Raitano holding Michelle with the left, clubbing the blonde’s breasts with cruel curling right hands to the bell as Williams jerks spasmodically in time. Natalie is pulled off the badly battered girl and struts the ring with fists held high. Decision not in doubt--UD Natalie Raitano.

After: Raitano fails to deliver on the promise of a knockout, but she gives Michelle Williams a beating of the sort some fighters never recover from Williams collapsing in her corner after the decision is announced, is rushed to a nearby emergency ward as Raitano and her handlers make mocking gestures towards the fallen warrior, An awful, awful massacre--naturally highlights are put to music and aired in heavy rotation on MTV as part of Raitano’s promotional contract.

Reposted by Archer 8/6/11.

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