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25 March 2000 Charisma Carpenter vs Jaime Pressly

Page history last edited by Archer844 9 years, 8 months ago

Charisma Carpenter 1.jpgJaime Pressly 06.jpg


Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 25-Mar-2000 09:23:07

Before: Stupid, high risk fight for both girls to take--naturally both insist on a rematch over all objections, After her horrendous slump Charisma needs to follow up her KO over Jaime with some ham and eggs, while Pressly looks a possibly going down twice in succession to her bitter rival, Teal bandeau bikini, white lace trim for Jaime, tight ponytail, red bandeau bikini for Charisma, tight ponytail.

During R1: Pressly stalking, Charisma showing springy legged mobility, hopping around the blonde, then launching sudden, single shot right hands or left hooks before bouncing outside again. Pressly unable to cut off the ring and midway through the round. Carpenter begins to feast, ripping right and left uppercuts in tight to Pressly’s chiseled midriff. Pressly covering up, can’t get off as Carpenter banks the first.

R2: Pressly relentless pressure starts to pay off as Charisma settles down, looking to work inside, Both girls with right hands at their chins, left hands moving to guard body or chin as the girls bend and weave at close quarters--often nudging one another with the left shoulder just before ripping the tight right uppercut to the jugs, Spanking, crisp blows flow back and forth as they duke it out in a phone both, but in the final minute, Pressly with a series of short, clubbing right hands to Charisma’s forehead drives the brunette to the corner, finishing up strong as CC bends at the waist and covers up while Jaime flurries at the bell.

R3: Very tight guards again for both girls as Charisma immediately gains access inside-0-where she won the last fight. Shiny bodies are repeatedly spanked by hard, clubbing lefts and rights, Charisma investing heavily in Pressly’s stomach, while Jaime bends side to side, bashing her fists off Carpenter’s forehead and eyes--all punches with small backswings, mostly leg and body behind them. Late in the round, Charisma suddenly gets hurt, and Pressly stays on her, swatting right hands across Carpenter’s forehead to spill her backwards o the ropes. Pressly now opening up, lashing that wide left hook to the waist, then twisting into a cracking right on Carpenter’s jaw--those big brown eyes go dim as Pressly finds the chin again and again. Bell rings to leave Carpenter lolling in the ropes as Jaime saunters back to her corner.

R4: Carpenter still shaky-legged, covers up and props her butt on the ropes. In strides, Jaime and a desperate brawl breaks out as Charisma struggles to survive by moving her head and rolling with Jaime’s punches--Pressly struggles to finish her weakened prey, Pressly stepping in and out, pays careful attention to Charisma’s midsection with left hooks, then tries to hammer a short right hand on the brunette’s face with a bangBANG rhythm. Carpenter bobbing up and down, teeth gritted, is slowly getting worn away as more and more Pressly leather bites into the face, breasts or body of her foe. Late in the round, a whip-action hook/uppercut rocks back Charisma’s head, and her form anadons her as her legs tremble. Pressly doubles up the left, cuffing Carpenter, then bends into a smashing right hand on the teeth that drapes Charisma on the ropes and leaves her helpless. Jaime knows she has had it, spreading her legs wide and letting punches flow, lefts and rights licking hard against Charisma’s skull and breasts and the ref jumps in with seconds left in the round. Carpenter beaten senseless--Pressly pumping her fists in vindication. KO4 Jaime Pressly.

After: “Get used to it honey,” taunts Jaime in post fight, “you’re still,a loser.” Carpenter badly battered in a fight that Pressly just seems to want more, winning it in the trenches where Charisma supposedly was too strong, Jaime making good adjustments from last time, shortening up her punches at close range ala Diego Corrales, and keeping constant pressure on Carpenter with her legs, never allowing CC to back out and regroup.

Reposted by Archer 8/7/11.

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