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22 March 2000 Rena Mero vs Charlize Theron

Page history last edited by Archer844 11 years, 5 months ago

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Posted by Simguy on Wednesday, 22-Mar-2000 08:35:12

Before: Charlize selecting Rena for a workout, wants rounds, and wants to re-establish her timing after going toe to toe with bell in a Fight of the Year loss to the bruising’ brunette. Mero back in the ring not 3 weeks after getting whacked by Ryan--sure she needs more experience, but this is ridiculous. Rena in black nylon shorts, black sports bra  braid, Theron in white strong bikini top, white nylon shorts.

During R1: Theron her toes, weight out over the front foot, spanks combinations off Rena’s face most of the round, turning Mero with the jab and luring her forward as the girls traverse the ring. Mero evens up the scoring very late with a well-timed right hand jamming in over Charlize’s left shoulder and nearly sitting the blonde down, All Rena in the final seconds as she rips uppercuts through the middle as Charlize covers up.

R2: Is Charlize hurt? She stands flat footed, covering up behind a tight guard, allowing Rena to set her feet wide, twist her hips and get good leverage on booming shots to the hips and car. Theron swatted in a semi-circle around Rena as Mero cuffs her face--Theron dropping the odd little right hand from her guard, but not committing in any way to offense this round.

R3: Shutout Charlize, and she shows it all, the dancing outsider, the licking jab, and hard right hand that has Rena backing way from flush connects on her left eye. Down the stretch, Charlize pokes a beautiful double left into Rena’s mouth, then pounds a hard right hand off that eye to spill Rena to the ropes, Charlize squaring up, twirls uppercuts from both hands, polishing Rena up at the bell.

R4: Charlize times Rena perfectly, leading with a right hand on the side of Mero’s face as Rena closes, and Mero is scattered across the ring as her legs go rubbery. Covering up on the ropes, Rena bends forward, giving Charlize her toned ribcage, and Theron hammers away with De La Hoya-style hooks in behind Mero’s tricep. Mero sponging it, and by the final minute, she offers the odd counter left hook, taken well by Theron who maintains pressure to the bell.

R5: Charlize inexplicably takes the round off, dancing outside, juking left and right, and staying out of reach as the more flat footed Mero hopelessly plods after her. Crowd growing restless as few punches are thrown, fewer connect. Charlize seems happy to use her legs.

R6: Method to Charlize madness become apparent--she dances and circles the ring, drawing Mero forward--Rena getting more reckless reaching with her right hands and getting overextended. Final minute, Theron finally times Rena, chopping a sweet right hand at her chest as Theron wades in. Charlize wades in. Charlize ripping alternating left and right  uppercuts bangs Mero’s heroic sports bra with cruel intentions, leaving Rena sobbing at the tell.

R7: Charlize on her toes, but right in front of Mero, weight over that front foot, fists loose and dangerous--Charlize cuffs and counters with catspaw lefts and rights, chewing up Rena’s face and discouraging Mero from punching Rena crossing her arms, boibbing up and down, but Charlize has no trouble scuffing her up this round.

R8: Mero a little more effective with walking Charlize down, actually able to go cheek to cheek, shoving Charlize onto her heels, then cracking the blonde a right hand before falling in to wrestle. Theron flat footed, resting, doesn’t take any chances in giving away the points.

R9: OH RENA--Mero lights Charlize up with a wild overhand right, putting Theron pout for a split second as the blonde wavers on liquefied hips. Charlize fighting on instinct, chugs back with slapping arm punches, and it’s toe to toe slogging as Theron tries to recover. Late in the round, Rena with her left wrist riding lightly on Charlize’s shoulder, begins to bang heartless right hands against Charlize’s left eye and THERON GOES DOWN! Eyes glassy, Theron sucks it up, takes the 8, then leans against the ropes as Rena gets in several unanswered haymaking right hands at the bill.

R10: Charlize fins enough leg strength to put together 2 minute of boxing, circling shakily, licking out the jab, and leaning back just enough to make Mero miss. Rena a little punched out, can’t pull the trigger, but does finally body up. Cheek to cheek, Rena tests Charlize solar plexus with thudding right uppercuts in the final minute, but it’s too little too late--UD10 Charlize Theron.

After: Theron getting her work in, but not taking the opponent seriously enough to sharpen the performance for a stoppage. Mero redeeming herself, but lacking essential tools to adapt against top flight opposition. Slump continues for Rena who finds herself playing the opponent more and more these days.

Reposted by Archer 8/8/11.

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