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23 June 2000 Rene Russo vs Charlize Theron

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Posted by Simguy on Friday, 23-Jun-2000 13:43:14

Before: Russo always been a gym rat with some impressive performances behind the scenes, but has kept her skills out of the public eye for the most part. 3 round exhibition on Rosie O’Donnell saw Rene smack Michael Michelle around pretty good--pays off with the Theron bout as Charlize looks to stray sharp if as and when Bell negotiations bear friut. Charlize the classier participant, but Rene a solid tall woman with good legs can make it about toughness if the right Theron shows up. Charlize in yellow bikini, black mesh to the neck in an obvious slap in the face to GLN--Russo in purple crochet bikini, short sassy do.

R1: Theron with her hands low, stepping in to bring right hands off her thigh and putting them right on Russo’s face--style says “I’m faster than you, I’m more athletic than you” as Rene stumbles in retreat, fielding hard potshots to her face as she tries tom keep up her gangly guard. At the bell, Charlize has Russo stepping in fence post holes, on the verge from going down to coun tles full-bodied right hands t the head.

R2: Theron settles down, going more flat footed by stepping to the left, showing Russo the jab as she circles. Rene looking hot and bothered--getting her head snapped back as Charlize threads the needle up the middle, then shoots straight right hands to the brunettes tight gut. Another shutout for Theron as she lumps up on Russo--Rene frowning and gnashing her teeth a lot--but not doing anything more than take.

R3: Butterflies gone, Rene moves her hands more--still taking too many shots, but her feet are calmed down--she measures left, leans into long right hands from a wide stance. Theron boxing, showing Russo angles, working off the jab to score with both hands and win the round, but Rene stands her ground.

R4: Rene getting there with slinging right hands upside the head on the blonde--Theron getting a little lazy and late in the round, she gets stiffened by a pair of looping, heavy right hands on the jaw that have the blonde hanging on the bell Girl jawing after the bell as Rene now competitive on psychological as well as physical level.

R5: Charlize using her legs, can make this an easy fight if she chooses, Russo turning blocking the jab, but getting chewed up as Theron circles and pecks away with surprising lead rights, left hooks and a sprint-jab up the middle.

R6: Theron working to Russo’s belly with a slinging left hook, pivots around the brunette and has Rene gritting her teeth early, but midway through the round, Russo comes over the top with the right hand and drubs Theron to her knees for a stunning knockdown., Theron up but woozy, and Russo walks her down, slugging with wide lefts and rights to put Theron ropeside, piling onto Charlize’s chin with bug right hands at the bell, Theron wobbly butt, stumbling to her  corner at the break can thank that chi for taking Russo’s best leather.

R7: Charlize answering like a warrior, going flat footed and bringing the crowd to its feet with fierce trade mid ring. Russo getting smacked down, goes rubbery limbed as Theron gets the better of it, and the blonde batters the brunette to the ropes beneath an avalanche of lefts and rights, Theron more selective the rest of the way, bodying up on Russo in between heavy rights and lefts to the waist to pile on the mileage. At the bell, Russo dazed, hurting--eyes look verrry sleepy.

R8: Charlize back on her girl, working to the body, then pushing up on Rene, leaning in to make the brunette deal with the weight, then punching with right uppercuts to the mouth, wide slapping lefts to the midriff. Russo arm punching, slapping right hand against Charlize ribs and jaw, but the blonde is shrugging this stuff off, using her fists to beat down her opponent. At the bell, Russo is slack jawed, drifting--Theron piling on at this point.

R9: Russo can’t get out of her corner as Charlize bodies her into the turnbuckle and starts classic shove and slug, Russo covering up numbly, elbows in, taking shuddering blows to her sides and jaw as Theron snaps off clubbing blows from both hands. Theron working with her head on Rene, pushing and laying in between punches. Sheer accumulation adds up as Russo takes in the corner like a mule , then goes out on her feet with under a minute left. Ref steps in as Russo’s mouthpiece dribbles down her chest and her eyes are unfocused. KO9 Charlize Theron.

After: Russo quickly sat down on a nearby stool--eyes are open but nobody’s home as she soaks up the beating of a lifetime from a determined Charlize. Theron getting maybe more than she wanted in this one, but answering the call to stop a game Rene Russo with a sustained pummeling down the stretch.

Reposted by Archer 8/8/11.

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