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1 December 2001 Post Fight Fishel vs Milano

Page history last edited by Archer844 11 years, 7 months ago

“Vindication! And Paying a Price…”

Posted by CB & SYREN on 12/1/2001, 11:12 pm.

That’s what you get for being a good sport…

What moments before had been an indescribable high for Dani suddenly turned into the basest of the base. Alyssa had hit a new low, even for her. This was on par with 3-on-1 dressing room attack that had led to Blood Feud 99

Almost out cold, Dani lay on her stomach, her right foot absently kicked the canvas. As we attended to the fallen champ, we noticed a small red stain on the canvas. Damn it! Her nose was bleeding. Made it through the fight pretty much unscathed, only be blindsided afterwards. After a few seconds of concerted effort on our part, she was sitting, but she was disoriented, blinking a lot. Alyssa had caught her flush with a taped fist on her cheek and nose. We slowly brought her back around, and she was LIVID!!!!!!!! Her eyes flashing, she sprewed some of the most colorful vernacular we’ve heard of her in a long time.

We sat her up as CB staunched the flow from her nose. By this time, all of the girls were in the ring, Mish was with us, while Cat and Terry were trying to get through the melee at Milano, Terry struggled the hardest, being restrained by the referee, who was almost as tall as she was. Both Cat and Terry were viciously screaming at Alyssa to “get (her) cowardly a$$ back (there).” Terry was as incensed as CG had ever seen, Alyssa was already on her way out, being shielded by security against the taunts and catcalls of the crowd, which had turned ugly in hurry!

Deciding that the perpetrator was out of reach, Cat and Terry came back to the rest if us,. By this time Dani was on her feet, holding the cloth to her nose, eyes flashing. “Damn it,: she spluttered, “I can’t believe she DID that!”

Terry, trying to defuse things in her own inimitable way, fixed Dani with a look. Crossing her arms. She said, “What the hell were you doing shaking her hand, anyway? You should gave been the one knocking HER out! didn’t your mama ever tell you not to play with pitbulls?”

Cat looked at her outrageous friend and shook her head with a faint smile.

As the entourage made its way toward the corner, the color announcer stopped them momentarily, asking if Dani were alright. Syren said she was going to check her when they got back to the dressing room, but she felt that “The Champ” was probably OK. Her accent on those two words was meant  to remind people that, inspite of the after fight events, Dani was still the Reebok bantam Champion, having FINALLY disposed of her hated rival in convincing fashion. She had taken a lot from Milano for a  long time, and this was the result she had been praying her. It was something she was going to make sure that Dani remembered, too…


My, my! What an imagination you have, Sim! Imagine, someone doing that! Actually, we heard about it when happened on the ESPN fights broadcast--seemed like something that could only be a fantasy, huh? Just goes to show that some of this stuff you can’t make up--reality is too bizarre, Seemed like a perfectly logical twist to the Milano/Fishel war, though. Guess this won’t just disappear… (Smile)

Thank you for running it, as well as everything you do. It was so sweet to FINALLY get Milano! Talk about being DUE!



Posted by FCBA Chronicle on 12/5/2001, 5:11 pm,

We received and gladly publish this letter from Ms Milani

To the FCBA,
To all the FCBA fans and
To Ms  Dani Fishel

With the present letter I’d like to apologize for my stupid and cowardly act after the match that was held on the first of December. I was very stressed and the media attention in my challenge to Ms. Fishel just enhanced my stress, so that I couldn’t handle the situation properly

Ms Fishel beat me in a clear, one-sided match that I will remember for years, her technique was far better than mine, and the overall result was obviously a consequence of this. I hope that she accept my apologies and that we could soon forget this unpleasant event.

My last thought is for all the fans who watched the match, and who were disappointed at my act. I hope that you forgive me, and understand that this is not the way I want to show my boxing skills. I promise you all that in the future I’ll give the best if me in the ring, and that you’ll be proud to watch every single match if Alyssa Milano.


Alyssa Milano

Reposted by Archer 8/9/11.

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