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23 March 2000 Trish Stratus vs Kiana Tom

Page history last edited by Archer844 11 years, 5 months ago

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Posted by Simguy on Thursday, 23-Mar-2000 08:03:44

Before: Trish claiming A girl status with B level credentials--claim to pre-WCW was being fired from Vicky Pratt’s training camp for putting Pratt down in sparring--has yet to show that kind of sock when an opponent is expecting it. Tom just doing the rounds, hasn’t beaten Stratus up yet and doesn’t like the mouth on the kid either--Hawaii Hilton, outdoors, Beach ‘n Bleachers set. Kiana in black sports bra, black nylon trunks, black gloves and shoes, Trish in teal twist tie sports top over pink bikini top, grey short shorts, white gloves and shoes.

During R1: Kiana out with Hearns boxing look, sinking in that left hook to the body and Trish is wobbly butt from the open. Kiana staying on her girl, stepping to the left, ripping her hooks down low, suddenly jerks a short right hand through Trish’s panicky guard and Stratus scoots to her backside in shock. Trish up in 8, but already looking glassy eyed, retreats erratically as Kiana walks her down behind a piston jab, stepping into whip-action wide rights to the rib cage, or short right hand blasts on the jaw that keep Stratus reeling throughout. Trish surviving to the bell, nails Kiana a crisp, fouling right hand on the cheek after the break to prompt referee intervention.

R2: Trish standing her ground, punching with Kiana, victimizing Tom’s low hands with a counter hook thrown as Tom jabs. Kiana flat footed trading shots, seems to be exploring for one clean right hand, but Stratus taking risks, gets the better of the exchanges, diving in with short, gambling right hands off Kiana’s left eye, then smothering the receipt for a break. Tom trying to time Stratus wild lunges without success this round.

R3: Stratus clinching early, messing with Kiana’s timing, cracks an elbow onto that swollen eye during the first minute that has Kiana blinking. Tom pushing her way out, digs spanking hooks to Trish’s bronzed abs and snaps the right cross in around Stratus’ high guard. Trish in retreat once again as Tom avenges the elbow, but can’t really square up against Stratus’ unpredictable movement.

R4: Kiana methodical, busting jabs into Trish’s mouth, following with crisp right hands to the teeth or breasts has Stratus backing away with fear in her eyes. All Tom to the final minute, beating Trish up with slick one-twos from outside, when a wild Stratus hook caves in Kiana’s jaw over the low right hand. Tom funky-legged, hands at her chest stares blankly as Stratus launches an all-out assault. Stratus diving in behind a short, pounding right hand on the eye, lands again and again to drive Kiana the length of the ring. Tom on the ropes, hands limp in front of her, eyes swelling, mouth open--she’s s sopping it up from Trish as Stratus opens up. Trish pulling wide right hands across her body to spank loud against Tom’s flat abs, then pushing Kiana back with a left at Tom’s neck for a wide right blast across the eye. Tom getting shredded, right hands beating her senseless as Trish pours it on and THE FIGHT IS STOPPED! Kiana in a punch drunk daze is defenseless as the ref jumps in. Stratus leaping for joy, climbs the ring ropes as a shocked Kiana tom lolls in the referee’s arms. KO4 Trish Stratus.

After: Trish wild in victory, proclaims herself the Queen of Fitness, and calls out the likes of Leeann Tweeden. Paula Pound-on in her exuberance. “I gave Kiana a taste--just a TASTE of what I’m all about and she couldn’t take it!” yells Trish, among other things. For Kiana, a shocking, humiliating dismissal most see as bad luck, but Stratus just wild enough, just unpredictable enough to perhaps give Tom a legitimate tough match up, Devastated Kiana is helped from the ring--her face tragically battered by Trish’s minute of fury in the 4th.

Reposted by Archer 8/16/11.

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