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20 March 2008 Hannah Spearritt vs Naomi Watts

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Posted by Simguy on 3/20/2008, 6:40 pm.

Before; “All I know about Naomi,” Hannah grins, “is that she’s old, she’s not as cut as me, and she’s nothing like tuff. I battered Virginie Ledoyen into submission--that’s more than enough firepower to subdue Naomi. If she retires after, so much the better--I’d love to be the one to chase Watts to the sidelines!” Naomi non-plused--pursing lips and shaking head throughout Hannah’s diatribe. “Well, let’s look at Hannah’s list, shall we?” Watts says at the podium. “She’s young--that’s the point: I need to prove I can handle prime flyweights. She’s very cute--but won’t be for long after she’s had a few rounds of me. But she’s forgetting that I too dismissed Ledoyen--with ease--so I can’t see what that credential bring her. I plan to dominate Hannah in all phases of the fight and I plan to end her night in spectacular.” Naomi in beige bra; white full-coverage panties; small white gloves; hair in sexy tousle. Hannah in pink retro 60s bikini with twist-tie sides; small white gloves, hair in pixie tousle.

During R1:  Feisty two-way scrapping, Naomi initially disrupted by Hannah’s rapid close-and-scour attack--Watts sliding back in her stance, bouncing straight rights and lefts off Hannah’s forehead to answer. Watts generally  able to impose order on the little blonde riot--but Spearritt erupting with vigorous body scrub when she squirms in close. Hannah clearly too quick for Watts to handle easily on the inside.

R2: Hannah chasing Watts about the ring, pasting her in one-sided fashion. Spearritt slugging hard from the hips--arcing her fists up and over landing with palm-down delivery: Watts doing well to cover up, block and bail against winging blasts. Hannah gathering Naomi in with clawing hooks, then digging at her tummy and ribs: very vigorous pursuit to Watts’ body as she slides along the ropes. Naomi hard pressed, grimacing, tousle disheveled, hair hanging in her eyes--she’s scuffed up bell to bell by a beaming Spearritt in the second.

R3: Watts bouncing a ringing right hand off Spearritt’s pate: Hannah stunned, covering up and relatively docile this round. Naomi jabbing Spearritt’s guard, sidestepping her: Hannah bibbing under fresh Watts right hands, but Naomi gouging left hooks at Hannah’s tummy and sternum off the front (left) foot--leaning in and scoring from outside. Watts with a smooth pivot-left around her hooks--very lithe, sleek motion, starting to outclass Hannah. Bell: Spearritt subdued; Naomi brightening, puffing hair out of her eyes en route to her corner.

R4,5: Naomi slowly imposing her will, Spearritt with dukes at her temples--still moving her head well, but finding it very hard to penetrate Naomi’s piercing jab. Jabs scrape at Hannah’s hairline, tap against that left eye--Watts dragging her front (left) foot as she sidesteps and works her poke. Hard, straight right hands stream from Naomi’s shoulder--she’s scoring to Hannah’s forehead or missing over the top, setting up vicious, gouging left uppercuts to Spearritt’s midsection and jug. Hannah having her moments: batting straight-arm blows off Naomi’s flanks and snatching tight rights and lefts off the Watts paunch--but Naomi clearly doing the bulk of productive scoring through 5.

R6: Shutout Spearritt: signs of collapse from Hannah. Spearritt hurt and discouraged as Watts continues to bounce straight rights tart off the skull, Naomi deploys her lariat, looping right hand for the first time, looking to end Hannah’s night: Spearritt able to scramble away to escape impact, but looking shabby as her legs almost fail in retreat. Watts continuing to dig left hooks and uppercuts to Hannah’s body--set up by Watt’s right hands: Spearritt visibly wearing down, crossing arms against her tummy as she stumbles away from hot punching.

R7: Spearritt refusing to go away--she’s busting up nicely, eyes puffy and sore--but she’s trying to worm her way into Watts’ tummy and torso. Hannah swaying in low, jamming away straight, palm-down rights  and lefts to Naomi’s midsection: Watts momentarily flustered, backs away with concern on her face. Watts always able to regroup behind her lefts and jab--just a constant process of bringing Hannah to heel and punishing her for the insurrections.

R8: NAOMI GOES DOWN! Hannah pitching from her hips, sweeps a palm-down right hand to Naomi’s chin, spins her to her right and drops her to all fours seconds in: crowd roars to its feet as Spearritt bounds to neutral corner with renewed life. Watts up woozy, but combative: she engages fiercely with Hannah when Spearritt pounces, exchanging left and right uppercuts to Hannah’s body for ringing rights and lefts against Naomi’s flanks and ears, Middle minute a scrounging, scraping face-on-face slugfest as Naomi beats down resistance: by the final minute, Hannah’s ragged, retreating to the ropes with tears in her eyes. Series of digging left uppercuts to the stomach and sternum drops Hannah to her knees: Naomi huffing and puffing, looking spent, but anxious to continue. Wobbly 8 for Spearritt--she’s swooning, but pulling herself together--she covers up earmuff/butt in ropes as Naomi steps to her. Too much Naomi: Watts squaring away on under-rated legs, ripping and lashing and licking at Hannah: Spearritt beaten into stupor by the assault. No one punch does it--Hannah tilting father and farther forward, then pitching to her face at Naomi’s feet. KO8, Naomi Watts.

After: Watts off the canvas to dish up a terrible pasting of arguably the cutest little fighter in boxing--Spearritt simply going out on feet under Naomi’s 40-something fury. “She’s just another step,” Watts assures fans and pundits both. “I battered Hannah--outclassed her--outslugged her--she was outgunned in every category. I’m on track for a championship by year’s end--no one can really match me at my best.”

Reposted by Archer 8/21/11.

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