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25 May 2005 Erika Eleniak vs Britney Spears

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Posted by Simguy on 5/25/2005

Before: Spears treating Erika like a tune up, waxes philosophic in prefight. "I've always handled Baywatch fighters well," Britney says wistfully, curling a lock of hair at her ear with a finger - it's a slap in the face to Carmen Electra from long distance. "In fact, you could call me a bit of a 'Baywatch Assassin' I suppose - I just eat 'em up!" Eleniak unruffled by youthful bravado and mega-star publicity surrounding the fight - she's fine being the opponent 'TBA'. "Maybe Britney didn't see my fight with Brandy Ledford, but I don't think you'd want to lump me in with the other Baywatch girls. I'm made of sterner stuff, and I've kept in shape. If you didn't know she was 'Britney Spears' and you just compared our bodies? You'd be making me a two to one favourite. Nobody carrying that much ass into a fight can be planning to go the distance. You might not see it, but I do: Britney's a desperate fighter coming in - she wants me to go away easy, but that's not what I do. I'll carry her deep, tire her out and have my way with her. 'Baywatch Assassin'. We'll see." Lime green bikini, pink UGG boxing boots Britney - tan western motif bikini, tan suede boxing moccassins (midcalf, tassles) Erika. Girls refuse to touch gloves - bit more tension than expected for this one.

During R1: Erika on Britney, all round long. Spears bumped, bullied and smudged back into her home corner - trainer bellowing up at her from the floor to "CLINCH!" Erika riding her guard into Brit, smearing her sideways, then packing in chugging thump to buttock, back, hip, tummy. Spears covering up, overwhelmed by ferocity. Erika very muscular, very physical and rough: she'll get Britney sideways on the ropes, ride the left forearm against Brit's shoulder and upperback, pinning her down for plugging right hands to the body. Spears cringing, tempest-tossed - been a long time since we've seen someone step to Spears and pound away like this. Late the round, Britney seated ropeside and squared up behind her gloves - Erika sinks a gorgeous left hook to liver, shaking Spears up - doubles off the body a carving tight left uppercut, picking Britney's face up off her gloves, momentarily lighting the singer up. Bell: Spears ramshackle, blinking, mouth open - Snarling Erika standing close, hands at her side, nostrils flaring - she hooks Britney's unsuspecting tits a spanking clout, prompting referee intervention - hot shouts of protest from the Spears corner.

R2: Erika wades right back in, reaching under Britney's arms, walking Spears into her corner and JAMMING her into turnbuckle: Spears' head whiplashing as Eleniak takes over. Same thing - brawny bump n' smudge - Eleniak pushing and smearing, getting Britney sideways, covered up and doubled over, riding a forearm across her upperback and leaning in to hold her down then bashing away with the free mitt. Real Banff Springs Hotel stuff - Canadian Rockie's style smash mouth - Spears really hasn't seen the approach in a while. Erika an equal opportunity punisher: she'll pound away buttock, back, ribs without distinction. When Erika smears Britney upright and square, Eleniak romps to jug, getting all up into Britney's rack with succulent, chugging lefts and rights, pressing up with body-beef to smother the receipts. Not all senseless brutality - Erika occasionally setting her hips and placing shots with vicious precision, especially thudding hooks behind Britney's right elbow. One such punch draws a throaty groan from Spears, hobbling her - Britney sinks to one knee, ashen faced with gutshock - Eleniak stands close enough to cast her shadow over Spears - glaring down with steamy satisfaction.

R3: Cue comeback. Job 1: Britney meets Erika midring, refusing to be backed up. Job 2: Erika trying to reach in, body up and walk Britney - Spears rejects the attempts with torrid hup-hup punching to the body and breasts, bumping Eleniak's torso with fevered thump and rejecting the older blonde's advances. Job 3: steady advance - Britney getting mouth on shoulder with Erika, swapping hard downstairs: tanned, taut bellies getting bludgeoned, ribs scorched, racks packed with tight, stuffing leather - Spears able to step forward after grinding exchanges. Tortuous advance, Eleniak contesting every scrap of canvas, still getting her hook firm to the body AND picking Britney up the uppercut. Spears fitting right hands snug into Erika's sternum, doubling up off the body with righty uppercuts - Eleniak doesn't like it. Third minute, Erika's back finally touches ropes - Britney ON her foe with a mopping head, pushing hands, trying to clear Erika's arms out of the way the better to cudgel torso. Romping abuse applied - Eleniak battered to her belly and bulging jugs - ERIKA TAKES A KNEE! Britney stepping back drenched in the sweat of her own labour, breathing hard - Eleniak trembling, awe-struck - this thing's taking its toll on both beauties through 3.

R4: Britney emerges the stronger vixen after high-tempo third - Eleniak's legs look sullen, heavy - Erika's mouth open, eyes discouraged - she never dreamed Britney would body-swap with her tonight. Spears wading in big-girl, reaching with the left to palm Erika's right bicep, then ripping her right uppercuts sternum, breasts, and chin - Spears just sawing away righty as she steps Erika to ropes. Body and head, body and head - Britney holding Erika down and beating her - Eleniak's mouthpiece tumbles past numb lips as her eyes start to cloud after a minute's steady bombardment. Spears tasting defeat in Erika's sweat - she POURS it to Eleniak with harder body shots, meaner jug-clubbing, tighter right uppercuts, just belting away at helpless blonde meat as Erika sags broken into the strands. AND THE REF JUMPS IN! Erika mute with punishment, lolling into the man's arms - Britney stomps away still snarling with aggression - every inch of her body trembling with excitement after hammering Erika senseless. TKO4 Britney Spears.

After: Spears not taking well to Erika's hurtful prefight observations, then getting her ass kicked early - Britney had to harden up to avoid embarrassment tonight. Tractorpull guy asks, "Britney: did you go all-in early because of poor conditioning? Were you afraid that as Erika said, you just weren't ready to go 10 hard rounds?" Bothersome shnook is carted away by security as Britney refuses to answer the probe. "Erika Eleniak's no joke," a worn, throbbing Britney Spears says in postfight. "It might not have gone long, but I probably took 10 rounds of punching from that girl in the first two of this fight - she's one strong, determined old cougar. I'm glad she went out - NOT because I couldn't have gone 10, but truth is, she was hurting me. Erika could have stopped me if the ref had continued to let her fight that way - fortunately, I was able to take the matter out of his hands tonight."

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