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17 March 2007 Lauren Graham vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Lauren Graham 02.jpgGena Lee Nolin 04.jpg

Posted by simguy on 3/17/2007, 7:23 am


Before: Gena Lee positioning to take on HBO big-girl darling Mandy Moore - little tune up with Moore sparring partner and recent co-star Graham just the thing to keep Nolin sharp. "I just need to rev my engine a bit," says a confident GLN in prefight. "Lauren's just the girl I'm looking for. I hope she can give me a few rounds before collapsing - that's all I'm counting on from her." Graham a rough and tumble, good sized brunette frowning at the notion of going out early against Big Blonde. "I don't know what fights Gena's been watching, but if she knew anything about me, she'd know you don't look past Lauren Graham. Nobody's as good as Gena thinks she is - she's going to be one suprised bimbo when I'm still around and hitting hard in the 10th. I'd pit my heart against hers any day of the week!" Graham in navy cotton bra and panties (Sweet November); Gena in crimson bikini with gold connections. White gloves, both vixens.


During R1: Lauren swinging at paunch early - relaxed, freeswinging lefts and rights taking Gena in her body, backing blonde up with a frown. G reaches in under Lauren's arms to tie up: Graham works hard, continuing to chug at the ribs and flanks, punching around Nolin's outstretched arms. Nolin upright, flat footed, cranky early because of Lauren's spirited, no-nonsense slugging - GLN joins in with a similar patient, heavy handed clobbering of Graham's waist. Flat footed, wandering action - both girls leaning forward slightly when getting off - both covering up tight lipped when the other one's working. Both reaching under the other's arms when things get too hot: both showing good work ethic, continuing to jam at bodkin right up until ref's break.


R2: Lauren dukes up, going aggressively at Gena - one hard, stiff jab startles Nolin; sharp right cross chinchecks her and NOLIN GOES DOWN! Shout of shock from the audience as Nolin is sent awkwardly to her backside - she's up in good shape, but clearly stunned to have been dumped. Graham awaits the 8, bats mitts together, wades on in: big banging roundhouses to midsection sit Gena groaning into rope - blonde tilted forward behind her mitts. LG methodical, heavy handed, slams away downastairs until grimacing Gena ties up for ref's break. Lauren pushed back by official, but she's very intense - right back on top with the jab; heavy sidearm right loud in the stomach: poor Gena's right back where she started. Stop and go action as Lauren beats Gena about her hips, flanks and stomach until Nolin clinches - ref separates 'em and Lauren reinitiates. Graham strong on Gena bell to bell: blonde scowling thunderclouds back to her corner, griping at her trainer.


R3: Gena creep-stepping to her right, finally getting Lauren to move her feet - Graham turning, gets nailed that sneaky Nolin right hand from the closed stance. Lauren shook up, stooping forward behind her mitts: Gena's in close with her left shoulder, just pops her hips right, licks a savage left hook against Lauren's trunks-front. Blurt of pain, Graham - she's all cramped up: Gena still with the left shoulder on Lauren, steps right to keep ref on the wrong side, hooks Lauren short n' thick to trunks. Lauren crumbling forward, eats a hard, tight hook upside the head; short, drifting right hand onna chin that breaks up her guard, buffetts her to her right. Gena snarling, sweeps a heavy right hand into Lauren's lower back, earning a bark of disapproval from the ref as Graham's staggering away windblown. G encroaching with a flicking range-finder jab, then pouring in a long right cross to Lauren's skull - brunette sent reeling into ropes, legs queasy. Nolin sailing in - brutal right hand crashes past Graham's wilting guard, smashing Lauren's head over top rope whereupon it immediately snaps back into position. Lauren slumping into strands, out on her feet - Gena's squaring away, teeth bared: HERE COMES THE BEAT DOWN! Lauren no longer processing - dukes miserable at her temples: Gena's just plowing away, arching her back, getting into Lauren with rising lefts and rights. Stop the fight ref - Lauren's no longer defending herself, just taking a beating from a girl who's more than willing to dish it like this all night long. FINALLY - ref pulls Gena off: Proud Graham slumped in the ropes, refusing to go down - but she's finished. TKO3 Gena Lee Nolin.


After: The usual outraged boos and wild applause for Nolin as she struts the ring. G just too big and strong for Lauren tonight - and maybe just a little too cold-blooded: Graham busted low, never recovered as Nolin able to apply the finishing touch after the fouls. "I ripped her to the belly button, and everyone starts screeching like I'm trunking the b###h," Nolin bleats defensively in postfight. "Check the tape: I crippled her with a hook in the pit of the stomach - nobody takes that shot and comes back. Nobody."


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