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10 August 2006 Rachel Stevens vs Michelle Williams

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Rachel Stevens 03.jpgMichelle Williams 12.jpg


Albert Hall, London, UK


Posted by simguy on 8/10/2006, 10:17 pm


Before: Two girls - locked forever together by one shining moment: "Oh, those Mishy-peas," Williams gloats, eyes shining with fond recollection of pushing Rachel's face into pre-fight green-goo. "That has to be the worst punking of any fighter ever - I won that fight at the dais - totally broke Stevens' will. And the fight itself! I went on to give Rachel the worst beating of her career - a beating I've recently been informed has made BLONDE! Magazine's 10 best 'beatings-of-the-year' ALL TIME list! Can you believe it? I dished out one of the worst beatings in celebrity fighting history to Rachel - I LOVE her for that! Good times, you know? Good times. I can't wait to get re-acquainted." Stevens squirming at the dais, refusing to get within 10 feet of Michelle at any time: memory of that Mishy-Pea fight has dogged - and some say ruined - this once promising British slugger. "I'm going to give Michelle Williams absolute hell in this fight," Rachel promises in clipped tones. "She branded me with that incident - she marked me for all time and I've never been able to live it down, but all that's coming back on her at long last. I've the chance to earn redemption with my own two fists - that's all I've ever asked - and I'll do it defending home turf against this witch. I'll have her on her back - nothing else will satisfy!" Michelle in leopard print push up bra, scarlet bikini bottoms. Rachel in tan, vaguely animal print bandeau top and string-tied bottoms (old Aristide reference - not quite a tiger print, but that idea), frosted hair. Small black mitts, Mish; small white mitts, Rache.


During R1,2: Mishy the aggressor, systematically going at Rachel to soften her, loosen her up. Stevens back-to-ropes, huddled in behind her mitts, slugging back short, muscular strokes, but hard-pressed: Williams nicely disciplined, forcing the issue at close quarters. Mish pressing in with guard-and-head - pushing at Rache, then swiping at her temples - pushing off the left foot to club left hands, pushing off the right to club rights, dipping side to side to pull those babies across, bouncing mitts off British skull. Mish bumping up, then jerking short little left or right uppercuts - bumping contact picking up Rachel's chin, then Mishy goes downstairs with snappy hooks, looking to gut Stevens while she's still absorbing the chin-check. Rachel sturdy, sponging it all up - she's back at Mish with tight little uppercuts or hooks out of the guard, constantly bringing her hands back to her face, keeping elbows in to receive Williams' spirited leather. Good brisk back-and-forth spank - but Mish going 19-to-the-dozen on Rachel, simply working Stevens over, keeping her pinned down through 2. At the bell to end the second - Mishy lands a clouting right to Rachel's cheek, immediately leaning in to kiss the bruise a smart peck before turning away on her heel - leaving Stevens open-mouthed and STEAMING at blatant American sauce.


R3: Girls head-to-head, guard-on-guard - dippin'-n'-diggin' at close quarters: Rachel bumps Mishy to ropes in thick tit for tat. Touch of rope at the back galvanizes Williams - she goes trunks, trunks, trunks - right/left/right - loose, lapping punches to bunch gasping Rachel up - quick tug-o'-the-head, sidestep reverses field, puts Stevens on the apron. JUGG! Mishy sampling British rack as poor Rachel struggles to shake off crotch-music - lusty blonde hup-hup-hup as Mishy's short-shrugging shots lift and separate. Stevens open mouthed, coming apart at the seams - she reaches her left arm dreamily over Mishy's right shoulder in hopes of tieing up: Williams buries her right mitt in beneath Stevens left breast, sitting Brit in the ropes with a sigh. Williams: grinning, glowing, widening her stance and starting to slosh it home - small mitts bounce off Stevens' tanned shoulders, bowed head in rapid succession until Rache finally wraps up the waist. Mishy extending her arms to either side, showing ref it's not HER holding - another peck on the cheek for pain-dimmed Stevens as she lays in grimacing and hurting, awaiting the break.


R4: Boos from the crowd: Mishy's showboating on poor Rachel. Stevens gunshy, creep-stepping behind a worried guard - she paws out the jab while keeping the right at her temple, looking to measure Mish for right hands. Williams dangling her hands at her sides, leaning forward, sticking out her tongue, then ducking and rolling her torso to slip Rachel's jab. Mishy stomp-feinting with a big smile, then bringing hesitation punches up off her thighs, dropping bombs onto humbled British jugs, shiny British face. Rache staggered repeatedly as she misses and Mishy connects - Williams enjoying herself too much to press the pace and get woozy Rachel out of there. Final minute almost entirely a Williams ego-stroke - Stevens actually able to collect her wits and get her legs back as Mishy revels in her supremacy.


R5: Rachel catches a second wind, trudges into Mishy's waistline with snug, bumping lefts and rights from a compact delivery. Williams frowning as she's driven back - trying to walk Rache onto the uppercut, but missing and adding to Stevens' forward momentum in the process. Ropes - Mishy pinned down - Rachel very methodical as she prods and scrapes her jab, then bends in with muscular overhand rights to Williams' head. Crowd roaring wildly - Rachel ringing Williams up repeatedly, resetting professionally behind the jab - Mishy's just crossing her arms or showing earmuff - stubbornly riding out the punishment rather than clinching. Rache pattern punching: hard right hands followed by short, biting hooks head and body - Mishy getting touched up flank, tummy and temples as Stevens dials in. Late the round - Mishy's knees buckle, then straighten hastily - SHE'S HURT! Rachel DIGGING hooks to Mishy's belly, shifting to the right to get a sweet angle, then chopping rights behind Mishy's ear as she bends forward groaning. WILLIAMS GOES DOWN! Thudding non-stop pasting pays dividends in the dying moments - crowd roaring to it's feet - Thandie, Keira, Sienna et all jumping up and down, clapping and hooting. Rachel looming over top, chest heaving, lips curled back from her teeth: Mishy mouthbreathing, astonished as Rachel's sustained fury in the 6th.


Stevens/Williams conc


Posted by simguy on 8/10/2006, 10:18 pm.


R6: Swagger and smile gone from the HISC corner: Mishy hard-eyed, bitterly resenting her trainer bringing up Thandie Newton's name as motivation. Mish snarling, batting mitts together as she rises off her stool and IS PANCAKED TACKLED INTO THE HISC CORNER! Rachel POURING in - forehead on Mishy's clavicle, lefts and rights PUMPING into American belly as poor Williams' backside lurches up onto turnbuckles. OH THE JUGG! Rachel works up-torso, drumming the breath out of Mishy, then going to town on those pushed-up melons with rising lefts and rights. Williams slipping into shock - reaching pathetically for Rachel's shoulders, but not tieing up - IT'S A STEVENS ROMP! Mishy's head bobbling from the rack-attack, mouthpiece dribbling off her teeth - Williams making breathy little glug-glug noises as Rachel grits her teeth and PILES on extra. FINALLY Mish ties up behind Stevens elbows, pulling Rache in for a break - ref pushing Brit back to give Mishy breathing room. Stevens calming down, eyes narrowing with concentration - now she gets back on with the prodding jab, leaning into hard, well-placed rights to the head as Mishy covers up earmuff. Rache not smothering herself, raking Williams head and body, crosses and hooks - Stevens surging bell to bell on Mishy and letting her hear ALL about it at the break!


R7: Mishy cranky up off her stool, wincing and slow - Rachel much the fresher vixen as she closes in behind a high guard. Jab punches back Mishy's head - Rache darting it out, bringing the left back to her cheek, jiggle-stepping left. Another stiff, poking jab punches Mishy's head back - another - and while she's standing there staring: Rache steps in and hooks the taste out of Mishy's mouth. Williams groggy, covering up at her temples, taking a step back and crouching forward: Rachel wades in, tossing her fists carefree to Mishy's tired tummy, then ringing Mish up a TRIUMPHANT right uppercut - jerking the Williams' nogging terribly as she cranes forward in stupor. MISHY'S WOBBLY BUTT! Williams shying away, staggering to her right with a pained don't-want-no-more expression: hungry, hungry Rachel walking her down with coldhearted intentions. Mishy banged to ropes as Rache is allowed to step into thudding lead rights/comeback hooks - Williams ragdoll as she hits strands and digs in behind raised mitts. Crowd roaring as Rache wades in and goes back to that quivering American gut - Rachel nice n' tight, just chugging lefts and rights in rapid succession, then cashing in with the right uppercut or left hook up top. Williams groggy, unresponsive - blinking as she crosses arms at her body and straightens back into the ropes, or covers up earmuff as she crouches forward. Rachel just staying busy - feet wide - jabbing in spots to reset her balance and keep Mish occupied, then clubbing away non-stop rights and lefts, hip to head. Bell: Mishy in tears, all busted up and swollen - Rachel chests up on Williams' left shoulder and kisses her saucily on her ear - just because she can!


R8: Mish can't hold her ground early - Rachel wading in with that thudding left/right chugging action to gut - poor Williams groaning, reaching 'round and tieing up behind the arms for break. Rache wading in, putting hard punches on target - Mishy much grabbier now - unwilling to keep eating her opponent's shots. Sloppy blonde headlock tumbles both vixens to canvas at the minute mark - as Rachel's getting to her feet, Mish TACKLES her about the waist and drives her heavily back down to canvas to a crescendo of boos. Ref scolding and pulling the girls up by their arms - and MISHY SCORES A RIGHT HAND - clocking Rache in the midst of ref's instructions. Stevens stunned, staggering to her right - ref losing control of situation - Mishy wades forward with a walking barrage of lefts and rights. Williams snarling, signs of life returning to her eyes as she lowers her head and pumps to Rachel's breadbasket - doubling Stevens up and sitting her in the ropes. Rough shove-n'-slug - Mishy's specialty: she's getting good bumping jostle on Rache, then clouting her viciously about the head and shoulders. Stevens open-mouthed, earmuffed up - she cramps up with a muffled cry as Williams digs home a vicious left to the liver at the bell. Mishy's turn to chest up - bellowing in Rachel's groggy face - ref takes a hand as tempers flare.


R9: Sloppy two-way as punishment/fatigue become real factors - but Mishy's carrying the round. Rachel's accuracy suffering as she slaps and waves her punches, unable to get herself together. Williams missing, but hitting out with a lot more mustard - looping rights and lefts backing Rachel off with sheer velocity. Latter half the round - Mishy fighting off Stevens' chest - giving Rache a mouthful of blonde tousle, a belly full of blonde dukes, a rackful of shrugging hup-hup and all the mauling, smearing, smothering body-ups she can handle. Bell: Williams wiping her mouth with her forearm, glaring hard at Rachel, daring her to make eyecontact. British vixen staggers away, eyes downcast, unable to hold Mishy's gaze late.


R10: Extra Mishy! Williams throwing her reserves into this fight - driving Rachel into her corner and smothering her with full-body pushes, headlocks, bearhugs, tousle-rubs, forearm-scrubs to face. Second minute - Mishy starts to work - shunting her hips back while laying her head on either Rachel shoulder, just pushing mitts to meat with a constant beat. Stevens blubbering, crossing her arms or trying to reverse field on Mish, but Williams too strong. Mishy writhing, brawling her way out of Rachel's clinches - curling the punches from up underneath to bump tummy, ribs, jug. Too much Mish - she's fighting of Rachel's chest and loving it - swinging at the head with either hand, lathering to the body, pushing and smothering to keep Stevens pinned down to the bell. Bell: exhausted Mishy chests up, refusing to let battered Rachel past - Williams with a rough, bruising kiss on Rachel's left cheek causes distraught Brit to burst into disappointed tears. Comes back UD10 Mish Williams.


After: BOOOO! Crowd letting Mish hear it as her hand is raised. Stevens crying quietly, consumed by knowledge that a late collapse on her part gave this fight to Williams. Mish very hard hearted, chesting up once again and barking in Rachel's face - Stevens pushes Mishy in the chest - Williams steps in with a right hand as Rache ducks in to tackle American about the waist. Tawdry, writhing bundle of flyweight on the canvas - Mish on top; Rachel on top; Mish on top - as officials rush to restore order. Once broken up - Mishy breathing hard, left hand on her hip, right hand raised, holding up three fingers to signify three wins over top British comp. More jeers and catcalls as crowd is whipped into a froth by the little blonde bully's outrageous swagger.



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