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23 August 2008 Nadia Bjorlin vs Kristanna Loken

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Posted by SIMGUY on 8/23/2008, 9:09 am

Before: "I'm gonna spoil this girl with right hands," Kristianna purrs in prefight, clearly relishing the thought. "I'm gonna be generous - give until it hurts, you know? Not gonna scrimp - Nadia's going to know all about my right hand, and I promise you, that's not knowledge she's gonna want!" Bjorlin waving away the threats: Nadia anxious to tuck Loken in for a 10 count. "Definitely, I want to knock her out," Nadia grins. "That's the only way this fight can end. I want Ali Landry, and I want to be first in line for Charlize, so I think there's a lot riding on not just winning this fight, but doing so in spectacular fashion!" Loken in gold bra-style bikini/black gloves. Loken in cobalt blue bikini with belted bottoms; white gloves.

During R1: Bjorlin: scuttling forward, weaving side to side down low; mitts collected near her mouth. Loken: fighting tall; right hand under her chin, left hand poised to pump stick off the shoulder; wide, flat footed stance midring. Nadia just HURTLING in: vicious overhand right leads and withering hooks from the crouch. Bjorlin's tanned, succulent body a sight: all a-jiggle with muscle and curves, eyes flashing, teeth bared as she swings for the fences. Loken wide-eyed as power grazes her jaw - she slides back, trying to get the jab on target. Nadia slipping under stick, dipping side to side, ROCKING Kris to jaw. Big brunette haymakers slamming home, stunning taller vixen - Krissy's stumbling around wobbly butt after several concussive blasts early. Second minute - Nadia eyes bright - regrouping in that dynamic crouch, weaving relentlessly forward - gorgeous head movement getting her in under Loken's jab/right cross routine; crunching power from either side smashing at Loken's ribcage and chin. Kristianna coming apart - legs shot - she's stumbling around - even jogging away all wobbly-butt to regroup. Nadia driving in with a blunt right cross with a forearm chaser, crowding in close on follow through. Girls cheek to cheek, pushing - then suddenly Loken reclines, sloughing off Nadia and falling backwards COMPLETELY KNOCKED OUT! Kris out on her feet when she was laying in with Nadia - delayed effect startles a shellshocked audience as Bjorlin BLASTS Loken out KO-freaking-1!

After: KA-BOOM! Sensational, ballistic attack from Nadia - surging drives up the middle protected by savvy head movement and punctuated with thunderous, swinging clouts. Loken out for many moments on her back, just simply annihilated tonight by Bjorlin at her most violent. "TOO MUCH NADIA!" a happy-bordering-on-berserk Bjorlin trumpets: she may well have posted the KO of the year tonight.

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