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28 September 2008 Alana De La Garza vs Maryse Ouellet

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Boxing on the Beach

Posted by Simguy on 9/28/2008, 4:12 pm.

Before: WWE trying to feed another of its marketing projects into the FCBA: “Not on my watch,” says Alana. “These girls are ridiculous skanks,” elegant Ms. De la Garza complains. “They’re talent less buffoons--just brainless, bottle-blonde dim-bulbs who can’t even spell the word ‘sexy’ let along be it. I have no problem at all barring the door to this Maryse girl. We don’t need any more like her.” Ouelett billed by her publicist as a “better athlete than Torrie Wilson; hotter than Stacey Keibler”-type blonde-=-she’ll get her chance to prove up both claims against notorious blonde-basher ADLG. Alana in in yellow bikini top; sporty white bottoms; white gloves. Outdoor south Beach Miami bout--broad daylight--ring n’ bleachers set up: De La Garza considered the home town girl, as well as the experienced veteran coming in.

During R1: Maryse forms up surprisingly well--looks well-schooled for a WWE product just coming up. Clockwise rotation as girls fence jabs--both supple with the stroke, keeping right hands near chins. Maryse stymieing Alana--out jabbing her: minute mark sees blonde lean in, pour a heavy right hand onto De La Garza’s jaw: ALANA’S WOBBLY BUTT! Sheer shock and wonder in Alana’s eyes: Maryse smiling as she steps to, helps herself to paunch via tightly curled left/right. Right uppercut from Maryse calm in close; left hook on Alana’s right ear as brunette’s sputtering backward. Maryse calm in pursuit--surprisingly disciplined: she’s much farther ahead than either Keibler or Wilson were at the start of their careers. Alana in full rout--skirting the perimeter, keeping dukes up, looking for spots to duck in and clinch. Maryse stalks her girl, staying on the waist and ribcage with big, stroking right hands and tight, digging left hooks/uppercuts off the front (left) foot. Shutout Maryse: she tosses long, soft blonde hair; dazzles the audience with a winsome smile as grumpy Alana limps back to her stood.

R2: Alan with that loose-kneed, Trinidad-esque gait as she steps clockwise around her poke: brunette recovering well from initial setback and rude body work. Maryse circling, jabbing Alana with no respect: young blond showing supple poise, boxing De La Garza md ring. ADLG pumped poke to Maryse’s breast, sensing they need humbling. Maryse refusing to be baited--bides her time, times Alana’s jab, and pours a sinewy right hand to jaw once again turn the tide. De La Garza stepping away with a grimace: Maryse a smooth-punching, strapping young lass, and she’s moving Alan with right hands. Maryse over to offense, walking De La Garza down, closing behind the jab, then bouncing taut right/lefts off proud Latina wait. De La Garza grunting, hanging on for ref’s breaks: fight not going the way she imagined through 2.

R3: De La Garza pours a sneaky lead right to Maryse’s mouth, startling the blonde; left-hook chaser swivels Maryse’s head, buckles her knees as Alana takes over. Gorgeous, strapping hook takes Maryse loud in her body--Alana popping hips right and whipping that baby home, reveling in the sudden stricken expression on pretty blonde face. Maryse crippled, backing away all hunched forward: Alana walks her down, gets after Maryse at the ropes, First signs of inexperience from M: she’s got dukes up, moving her head with torso-rolls--but she’s clearly ill-at-ease with back to ropes. Alana snarling, jabbing Maryse’s jugs to stabilize her, then welting her body thick, lashing right/lefts, THEN looking for the hesitation left uppercut off the left (lead) foot, Maryse gobbling several such uppies as she suffers against ropes: sturdy young wrestler proves hardy under duress, shipping shellack but refuses to bend the knee.

R4: Tall girls close via silent agreement, setting up shoulder to shoulder to dig in earnest. Succulent stuff--both rangy vixens adept at tightening up stroke, cuffing and swiping cruelly to tummy, jug and flank. Mitts bouncing off firm bodies with pleasing thumps--both girls giving and taking in orderly turns. Midway through,. Maryse touches Alana a decoy right in the tummy, then licks a vicious right uppercut to chin off the right foot: DE LA GARZA’S ROCKED! Alana’s knees bennnnd, then straighten as she sways on he spot, dark lashes fluttering, Big smile Maryse--blonde so expressive whether suffering or dominating: she celebrates with a sweeping sidearm right against Alana’s midsection, buckling brunette forward into blonde embrace. De La Garza weeping into Maryse’s brawny shoulder--blonde walking brunette to ropes, shoving her rudely into position. Maryse unleashing, beating Alana’s flanks and arms energetically/ De La  Garza sagging back face-in-gloves--SO disappointed to be getting her ass kicked here. Blonde romp to the bell--Maryse hopping away from Alana with a radiant smile as she jogs back to corner.

R5: Maryse storming forward, jotting out jabs and crosses: Alana bobbing underneath, sliding back, luring Maryse forward. Ouelet incautious, punching in smooth, predictable, walk-in streams: Alan slips shots, then straightens to hook French chin. Maryse staggered, eyes widening in confusion: Alan roams to her right, gloves loosely grouped around her chin. Lead right hand Alana; curling hook off the right foot as she’s sliding to her right. Jab stuffs into Maryse’s firm gut; jab punches into Maryse’s full breasts--Alana stepping to her right after scoring. Blonde girl turning, getting rung up: she’s pre-empted as she loads up her own right--smote by Alana’s sneaky lead right on the mouth. Brunette turns blonde through 2 complete counter-clockwise rotations--striking in and out at intervals: Maryse shaky, uncertain for the first time, Girls trade right hands (missing), Alan comes back that smooth-curling hook: BIG blonde head-swivel as Maryse gets STROKED. French girl swaying on the spot, hands out low to either side, torso lolling forward: Alana quickly picking her up left uppercuts and oily right hands--turning her shoulders into the licking combinations. Maryse viciously face-spanked a sequence of blows--Alana’s eyes hard, lips pursed as she beats her blonde into stupor. Maryse wilts forward, pooling into the canvas as Alana’s feet. KO5 Alana De La Garza.

After: Tougher than expected route to victory: Alan given many anxious moments before finally exploiting French exuberance. Maryse not embarrassing herself today--ahead on all cards when Alana finally dialed in. De La Garza huffy in post fight, still clearly agitated by Maryse’s effective competition.

Reposted by Archer 8/29/11

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