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25 February 2006 Dani Fishel vs Evangeline Lilly

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Posted by Simguy on 2/25/2006, 7:49 am.

Before: All about the rankings--Dani got bumped by Lilly and didn’t like it: Evangeline more than happy to prove the point to Dani. “I appreciate what Fishel’s accomplished in this sport,” Evangeline tells assembled reporters, “but she’s got to  realize there’s a new world order in the FCBA and she’s not part of it. Dani’s been on top for a long time, so it’s hard for her to understand that she’s now second tier at bantam. Girls like me beat girls like Dani down. It’s nothing personal--it’s just mother nature at work.” Fishel bristling at all the Young Turk talk--first it’s wave after wave of Dani Busters, now this. “Talk is cheap,” Dani growls. “I’ve been put out to pasture more times than I care to recall, and I’ve fought my way back o the top every time. Lilly better be careful: one day she’s going to get pushed by some young upstart and we’ll see how she likes it. A little respect goes a long way around here and it’s time Evangeline got taught her manners!” Dani in navy bandeau bikini, bra strap supports, large baby blue polka dots, white aerobics socks/shoes for that ballistic look. Evangeline in orange sport cut top, forest green boy cut bottoms, black aerobics shoes, white socks.

During R1: Dani aggressively forward in Frazier-esque bob and weave, crossing her arms, bringing the right hand up to her cheek, showing lots of head movement, Lilly meeting Dani head in mid ring--Evangeline not shy about challenging Fishel on her own turf, but Dani gets the better of heavy trade. Concussive overhand rights bounce off Lilly’s skullcap and forehead; hooks take Lilly in the cheek, pound off her ribcage--slowly but surely she’s backed up. Final minute: Lilly back-to-ropes, frowning, under pressure--she’s bending at the waist, crossing her arms, trying to slip underneath Dani’s shots. Fishel very physical, palm-pushing Lilly’s head and shoulders; ripping hooks amidships--so hard Dani’s right foot’s coming off the canvas, Dani also scoring with short, curving overhand rights-startling Evangeline who’s mostly looking for ther left hand from Fishel. Bell: Dani turning ion her heel with a big grin--Lilly well touched, backed up in a Fishel first.

R2: Lilly looking to use a little more leg, bounding around the perimeter--trying to box Dani more, use some angles, potshot the little juggernaut. Fishel applying pressure, bobbing and weaving very abruptly: exceptional head movement from Fishel tonight as Lilly’s usually sharp hands having trouble connecting. ‘Vange hounded to the ropes where she jukes right and left, trying to shake the pursuit, then usually stepping away to her right. Fishel patiently walking her girl down, stroking the ribcage before Lilly can get away. Midway through, Lilly with a dabbing right hand to Dani’s forehead--‘Vange skips away to her right hands down and DANIELLE LIGHTS HER UP THE HOOK! Shattering, step-in blast--Fishel launching up out of her crouch, jumping forward with the punch as it crashes into jaw, swiveling Evangeline’s head and LILLY GOES DOWN! Brunette flopping into a pile of rubble in the corner, rolling onto her back in swoon and it’s OVER!  Good LORD: KO2 in stunning fashion, Dani Fishel!

After: Last year it was Jen Connelly getting caught the 100 Years Hook: this year it’s Evangeline as Fishel once again lands a Career Best shot on a quality chin. Fishel just a-jiggle--thrilled to have destroyed Evangeline in 2--little juggernaut bubbling in post fight. “I felt that shot in my lower back!” Dani blurts, arching her back with hands at her kidneys for emphasis, “I was pressuring her early, pushing her downhill. And I just started winding up, you know? We had trained to grind this girl for 10 rounds--I wasn’t even supposed to LOOK at her chin until the fifth round, but she was a little lazy with her hands and POW! I got all of her chin (hooks the air to show how). I can’t speak for Jen Connelly or Eliza, but these good young fighters better not look past Dani Fishel ever again. I don’t care who you are: if I step into you like I stepped into Evangeline Lilly tonight? You’re going OUT!”

Reposted by Archer 8/30/11.

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