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31 August 2001 Melanie Brown vs Geri Halliwell

Page history last edited by Archer844 9 years, 8 months ago

Posted by Simguy on 8/31/2001, 8:49 pm


Before: Wildly hyped fight surrounded by rumours of catfights during the Spice years--Mel the more voval and flamboyant girl in pre-fight, but Geri the bookies' favourite should this fight go into the second half. Halliwell giving up wait to gain in muscle and endurance--most think Mel's bets chance lay in rough play and a strong start--try to Pearl Harbour Geri out of action before the blonde can exert her will. Geri in cropped red t shirt, red adidas terrycloth trunks--Mel in tiger print bra, panties and gloves.

During R1: Mel wide-eyed, swinging amateurishly--a compact and decisive Geri gets the better of it mid ring, bobbing low and coming up tight with tough lefts and rights to the ribcage of her opponent. Punches are absolutely gutting Mel--she's google-eyed as Geri beats her back to the ropes and the rout is on. Terrific combination punching from Geri as she puts it all together, boibbing underneath Mel's panicky swings, stepping to one side or the other and tearing away at the gut--it's carnage! Brown breaking down--lacking the skills to fight effectively off the ropes and meanwhile absorbing a huge connect percentage from the brisk-working blonde. Down the stretch, Halliwell's fists start to bash off skull in sickening fashion as Brown's limbs go buttery--Mel pathetically pushing back punches as her face takes a horrid battering and BROWN GOES DOWN! Mel simply battered senseless, slips to her knees and is a slobbering wreck as she tries to climb the ropes to beat the count. She can't do it--this one is a stunning KO1 Geri Halliwell!


After: Even Halliwell seems shocked at the one-sided demolition of her hated rival--she enjoys a parade around the ring on the shoulders of her cornermenl then indulges in a sweet walk oif shame at Mel's expense. Brown very emotional--sobbing as Geri parades her about the ring--it's the worst moment of Melanie Browns young life and it's seen by millions world wide who eat up the humiliation with gusto.


Reposted by Archer 8/31/11.

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