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9 July 2004 Julie Bowen vs Lori Loughlin

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Boxing on the Beach

Posted by Simguy on 7/9/2004, 9:48 pm.

Before: Little confidence builder for Loughlin--KO loss to Britney probably the worst Lori’s suffered in this recent resurrection, time to dial back the comp and showcase on someone. Bowen a freshly scrubbed little blonde--sort of poor man’s Lori Loughlin--shows a lot of the same looks and punches as LL, without the snappy commitment. So. Cali beach, standard ring n’ bleachers--Lori in “Summerland” floral print bikini (mostly white--green and red patterns)--Julie in white bikini, ring connections.

During R1: Julie showing no respect, jab, right hand, busts Lori in the chops and has Loughlin backpedaling. Bowen nifty-feet, scooting-to, poking straight rights, shooting straight lefts--Lori rung up on her yes and forehead, driven ropeside hard, in obvious disarray. Loughlin slugging back to the body--crisp, snappy punching on the belly, then tidying up chin that curling Ray Leonard hook--Julie comes right back with brisk rights and lefts, ducking and picking up stutter-step hook on Lori’s chin, Crisp back and forth and Bowen beats it out of Lori--no doubt about it. Loughlin sent back to her corner with a scowl.

R2: Lori rights the ship--spitting jabs, tasty digging combinations spackling Julie’s breadbasket, clean-up hooks on the chin. Bowen basically a target--letting fists pik-pak-pek against her ribs and belly meat, turning her shoulders with either the right or the left at her cheek to ride out Loughlin’s punches, but Lori’s scoring a relatively high percentage, LL keeping it quick, getting her touches, stepping over and turning Julie’s right flank to begin anew.

R3: Julie rocks the boat again--another series of sharp, stabbing right hands puts Lori wobbly butt--Loughlin’s normally sturdy legs very unsteady under Bowen’s determined pokes. Julie cleaning up down the stretch in Loughlin-like fashion--Lori rung up, hands at her temples, glum as she stoops forward--Julie collecting points in her foe’s midriff with sticking lefts and rights, nice little shoulder bump to show Lori who’s boss.

R4: Another shutout Lori. Loughlin concentrates and executes? She’s much the classier woman in this contest. Lori wants body--takes it with those rapid, digging two-fisted salvos--doubling up prettily on either hand when it suits her, bending Bowen forward under the strain. Lori wants chin, she can find it with uppercuts when Julie leans, or abrupt right hands off the jab as Bowen stands back. Lori bringing her hands back quick, always in position to get off.

R5,6: Lori settling in, outworking her foe. Bowen turning midring, gloves up, peering over her guard at Lori but not punching much--Loughlin really kicking the stuffing out of her blonde with a withering, consistent body attack pretty lefts and rights, then digging doubled up hooks, even tripled as she cashes in chin--Lori just working up and down on Bowen like it’s a drill. Easy pivot left, Loughlin using her jab to reset her balance, then helping herself--Julie not answering, but taking shots well--one-sided stuff as Lori separates herself on the cards.

R7,8: More Lori rounds, maybe a little more competitive as Julie fights in spots, but Bowen simply the less talented fighter in there, not compensating with enough desire as Loughlin looks the hungrier, Pleasure to watch--Lori such a brisk pattern puncher--face intense, eyes frowning as she hooks up the midsection, then widening when she throws a hook/right hand up top. Bowen basically lifting her mitts to block, but not a lot if head movement or footwork--she’s right in front of Lori, waiting her turn and letting Loughlin set the agenda. Lori draws applause in the 8th with a series of biting hooks in over Julie’s hip, bending Bowen’s frame, bringing a pained wince to her face for the first time.

R9: Sudden brawl breaks out as Julie’s right hand gets to Lori’s chin once again. Loughlin a little complacent, digging at the body, hanging around for 3 and 4 hooks, using her shoulder and extended elbow to reset like she’s a middleweight or something--Bowen’s able to comeback at the midway point. Panicky moments for Loughlin supporters--Lori staggering under fire, being clubbed about her left ear, jaw line as Bowen pitches in  the rights, but Loughlin answers down the stretch. Lori punching-with, beating Bowen to right hands, dipping down and stepping into tidy short left hook--she sits Julie down to end what had been the fight’s most electrifying two-way exchange. Bowen ion her backside, clearly discouraged--she just saw her best chance win this fight go up in smoke.

R10; Lori’s sorted Julie out--Bowen fighting like she wants to get to the finish line with her dignity intact. Julie skirting the perimeter, dukes up at her eyebrows--she’s taking Lori’s biting combinations about the ribs, hips and tummy, then sliding to her right, face stretched tight with cramped discomfort. Loughlin attacking behind her jab then putting her punches together--very Tapia-like as she touches Julie up with stinging, if not devastating punches. Bowen still pitching at the end, punching Lori a right hand in the teeth and turning Loughlin’s cheek a hooks as girls trade right up to the bell. Comes back a tougher than expected UD10 Lori Loughlin.

After: Lori the better woman--but not overwhelming so, Bowen showing moxie to go  with journeywoman skills--she came to fight and makes Lori work every round for the win. Not the glittering KO Loughlin’s people had anticipated, but good to see Lori battle through adversity, put Britney behind her and take care of business like a beach stalwart should.

Reposted by Archer 9/21/11

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