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30 July 2000 Halle Berry vs Jennifer Lopez

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Posted by Simguy on Sunday, 30-Jul-2000 14:54:46

Before: Berry back in the ring with “X-Men” momentum behind her, playfully confident I pre-fight. “Jen looks soft to me--I’m putting her on the Halle Berry Diet--after I beat her down, she’ll be eating soup for 6 weeks!” Lopez one a shining star, hasn’t looked good against boxer/punchers in the past, and needs a redemptive performance to regain credibility. Berry wearing her storm hair, tight white shirt, scoop front, cut off under the breasts, black leather bikini cut shorts, Lopez shoulder length brown curls, light blue tank top, panties. Fierce stare down, Lopez looking like she might throw right there--Berry smirking.

During R1: Bell to bell Lopez pressure, forces Berry to the corners--Halle picking Jen up with a lazy jab, but can’t keep the brunette off. Halle slipping, turning her shoulder towards Jen, avoids the most damaging blows--but this is good work from Lopez. Jen with her head ion Halle, cranking hooks to the body and head, chopping right hands, pushing and chicken-winging the left arm against the opponent to set her up. Jen going belly to belly to jaw after the bell as she lets Halle hear about how good that round was for Lopez.

R2: Barry out with loose, relaxed form, slinking left, popping the jab--fight gets easier as Halle sticks and moves. Jen bobbing up and down, stomping forward, slips the first jab, but Halle is getting off with loose-limbed hooks and crosses, punching Lopez sleepy with smooth combinations while backing up. Jen taking punches, coming forward--Midway through the round, Barry digs a double left hook to the body that jerks Lopez over--Halle pivoting left, splashing straight lefts and left hooks as she moves and she CLOCKS Jen a beautiful right cross as Lopez turns into the punch. Lopez wobbly butt, suddenly dazed, and on comes Halle. Jen with arms crossed, eyes fluttering--Barry stepping forward touching the brow with the jab, then slashing the right hand across the face, coming back with a cranking left hook on the chin. Lopez crumbling to the ropes, drowsy face blank as Halle beats on her. Long left hand reach down into Jen’s trembling gut, then licking left/right bounce off the face and LOPEZ GOES DOWN! Jen slumping to all fours can’t get off her haunches--referee struggles to push a gloating Halle away as she pushes forward to taunt her foe. KO2 Halle Berry in stunning fashion.

After: Expected to be a war, Barry turns the lights out early on the party, overwhelming Lopez with slick combination punching, smooth movement and a nice killer instinct. Best performance of Berry’s up and down career--devastating loss leaves Lopez battered, confused--she’s really lost direction in the ring--underperforming terribly despite her ability.

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