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9 August 2000 Halle Berry vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Halle Berry 06.jpgGena Lee Nolin.jpg


Posted by Simguy on Wednesday, 09-Aug-2000 09:00:10

Before: Berry coming in with good momentum off the Lopez upset--win over Gena would really position Halle as a serious contender. Nolin to be credited for selecting a decent challenge after her Bo Derek showcase--should be a good contest. Gena in powder blue bikini, Halle in yellow and white triangle print bikini, short brunette spiky do.

During R1: Gena Lee sweeping wide offspeed lefts to set up slinging, hard right hands up the middle, but Halle doesn’t want to cooperate Berry staple gunning her jab to Nolin’s mouth, dances left, stops and slashes nice loose limbed combinations to the blonde’s face, and outclasses Gena easily to take a fine first round.

R2: Nolin out with a tackle, drives a stunned Halle to the corner, puts her shoulder into the black girl’s chest and pumps some close lefts and rights to the hips and trunks until the ref pushes the girls apart. Berry ruined, grimacing, lolling o n the ropes, barely gets her hands up to chest level when a slinging overhand right cracks her back over the top ropes, leaving her stunned, Gena squaring up, bringing her fists I wrap around arcs from her hips, bashes Halle into a brutal stupor--Berry getting pounded out as several wide haymakers land flush--Gena torquing her lean body in behind every blow, Ref jumps in at the bell and this is OVER! KO2 Gena Lee Nolin.

After: So much for the stiff test--Berry overwhelmed, brutalized, and KO’d by vintage slugging Nolin--Gena all smiles and pound bites in post fight, wonders aloud when someone is actually going to offer a legitimate challenge to her awesome skills.

Reposted by Archer 9/25/11

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