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01 Jan 2005 Kelly Brook vs Charisma Carpenter

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Posted by simguy on 1/1/2005


Before: "After watching tape of that first fight," says a serious Charisma C in prefight, "I know I won it. She did surprise me - she had better stamina than I thought, she hit better with the left hand than I thought, but overall, I thought I did enough to win. I just have to be sharper, take the fight to her more often and good things will happen." Brook equally confident her side of the dais. "Charisma must have had the blinders on watching that tape," buxom Brit chuckles. "I carried the fight, I bullied her and I think I took her power much better than she took mine. I think to separate myself from this girl, I'll have to stop her, yeah?" Stacey Keibler highly visibly ringside for the fight, black satin blouse, gold hoop earrings, wide tan leather belt with brass fittings, black leggings and tan suede thigh boots - obviously thrilled that Charisma and Kelly are fighting. Kelly in hot pink/scarlet push up and panties, Charisma in navy battle bikini.


During R1: CC showing leg, changing directions, just to give Kel a little different look early. Brook aggressive, shooting jabs, trying to step in a shearing right hand. Carpenter slips under the right, answers back a gobsmacking hook to chops midring and KELLY GOES DOWN! Brook laid out on her back, face stretched in pain, hands up at her head - heroic effort for Brit to shake off the KO. Hungry Carpenter moves in after 8, chops a short right to cheek but takes a thick thudding right in her belly: Kelly's not ready to go. Girls lay in with Carpenter on top, snatching at British belly and jug with swatting delivery - Brook stubborn, crossing her arms, bumping shoulders with Charisma and clouting back brawny. Bell: Kelly SO disappointed, but Carpenter frustrated as well - Brook holding her ground after that shattering knockdown.


R2: Charisma easing into the ropes and inviting Kelly on - Brook obliging. CC crouching, alternating her guard from crossed-arm to earmuff as she rolls and slips. Brook setting up on CC's left shoulder, riding the forearms into Carpenter to jostle, bumping her rude shoulders, hooking her tummy and tits. Brook working hard, hacking her right hands top o' the head on CC, packing rights in around the left hip, raking her hooks - good smothering attack. CC choosy, placing firm, short-arm counters to Kelly's belly with moist, "Chup" "Thup" impacts on the paunch. Down the stretch, CC dipping side to side and gobbing up Kelly's ribs nasty tucking lefts and rights off the slip - Brook open-mouthed, slowing down - Charisma with a nice sidestep-spin reverses positions and puts British back to ropes. CARPENTER WANTS JUG! CC pressing in and getting beefy to Kelly's glorious rack - great shrugging lefts and rights snuggling up in there as Brook cries out, reaching for Charisma's hips. Enough to steal the round - Carpenter hurting and flurrying late for the points.


R3: Carpenter easing to her perch on the ropes, right under her chin, left at her waist - dipping side to side, turning her shoulders, moving her head - Brook missing and collecting numbing body shots in her ribs, available tummy. Kelly getting chewed up, but showing tremendous tenacity - she's throwing a lot, skidding punches off Carpenter's shoulders and pate, landing the odd loud body shot to CC's paunch. Carpenter getting the better of it, but Brook forcing American to work every second of the round.


R4: CC lounging cute on the ropes again, but output dropping - she's not making Brook pay for missing this round. Kell very rough with Charisma, riding a bumping guard into CC's shoulders, bodying up and smothering after scoring. Clubbing, scrounging attack from Brook as she smears CC along the ropes - British girl laying in strong, working the flanks, tummy and hooking CC's bulging rack whenever available. Carpenter shaking her head back to her corner: she knows she got lazy that round, corner tells her: "You can't stop working baby. Put hands on this girl, you gotta keep touching her."


R5: Charisma fighting off the ropes again, ups her tempo, takes a few more shots, but does tremendous work in Kelly's pale waist and hulking jug. CC so sharp and short with her punches - Brook grimacing after clean touches behind her elbows, thick tucking blows to her paunch and meanspirited swipes across her throbbing hooters. Carpenter putting her shoulder to Kelly and walking to midring at times to change things up, but gravitating back to the ropes for patient slip and counter as Brook keeps trudging forward.


R6: Carpenter bending low and putting a shoulder to Kel's hips to ease her back, then hooking as Brook comes forward - gorgeous shot thick on the liver sends a tremor down Kelly's legs, buckles her knees in the first minute. British girl remarkably stubborn - hurt, she piles on and keeps working, bumping her guard, clubbing and mauling - Carpenter forced to fight hard or get swamped. Brutal two way action - Kelly being tortured to her body courtesy Carpenter's swift, cruel fists, but Brook's clobbering attack taking it's toll as CC's mouthbreathing, reaching around Kelly's back at times to clinch.


R7: Kelly attacking Charisma relentlessly - rides her left around CC's head to cuddle her close, establishing cauldron on Carpenter and enjoying her best round of the fight. Girls tucked in ear to ear, wrapping up lefty around one another's head and plugging away mindlessly with free right hands - Brook pressing CC to the ropes has much better position for this sort of scrum. CC's output drops as she starts to take a onesided pounding - Brook happily getting her weight on Charisma, holding and hitting right hands, stuffing her mitt to jug over and over with thudding glee. Ref issuing breaks - CC's face damp, eyes hollow - she's getting used up by sheer weight of shot from Kel. Great bell to bell rub down from Kelly - she puts a look of tired discouragement on CC's face at last.


R8: Carpenter adjusts - showing leg midring, lifting a saucy jab off her hip, using the ring like CC of old. Brook wary, dukes up, elbows in as she turns and stalks. Kelly featuring a very heavy jab, stepping it in, keeping the right hand high, but the lateral movement bothering her - she's not comfortable as CC steps around, ducking and rolling, easing out to change distance.


R9: CC still using her legs - Kelly's turn to adjust. Brook doing a better job of cutting off the ring, steps over and lands the jab this round, backing CC to the ropes for her more typical slip-and-counter routine off the strands. Good bruising trade - Brook tall, chopping jabs to pave the way, leaning in with short, bludgeoning rights, twisting to rake hooks loud off CC's hip, bumping left shoulder to reset. CC calm in the pocket, getting outworked, but placing those withering body shots to paunch and rib, swatting jug firm, smarting hooks.


R10: Brook cringing on her stool during the break as trainer probes her ribs - brave British beauty all busted up down there, but she trudges out determined to take the fight to CC in the tenth. Carpenter up against the ropes, hands stacked chest and tummy, dipping side to side - early tucking counter-hook catches Brook behind her right elbow: Kel buckles, nearly goes down as crowd roars. CC: quick-spin sidestep puts Brook on the ropes, gets after her big-girl. Full minute spent on Kelly's jugs: CC palming the shoulders, pushing biceps out the way, swatting, swiping, and belting those bulky beauties in deliberate bid to break British will. Kelly's eyes misting up with how-could-you tears, but she's still pushing back weak leather. Rack-busting mission accomplished - CC switches focus, hooking Kelly's waist, clipping right uppercuts to chin, swatting ear the catspaw hook to set up digging hooks thick in the back or liver: it is a devastating, wince-making beat down. Poor Kelly subjugated, not punching back in the last minute, too weak to clinch - she's systematically hammered to her haunches in a neutral corner, hands at her face as she slouches against turnbuckle. CC strutting, only seconds left in the fight and it's OVER! KO10 in gutwrenching fashion - Charisma Carpenter!


After: CC winning a brutal battle of attrition, taking Brook apart brick by curvy brick in textbook beat-down fashion. Kelly achily to her hands and knees, crawling parallel to ropes, still basically out - WHEN SHE'S PEARL HARBORED FROM THE SIDE! Stacy Keibler barreling in, tackles groaning Kelly to her back! Blonde kneeling beside prostrate brunette - Stace rips open her blouse with a marauding grin, tosses aside her belt to flop down in black bra and leggings, stretching poor Brook out in a heinous, scavenging, Keibler cross-body! Carpenter confused at the sudden crowd-roar, looks past her people at the sight unfolding and after a few moments...chooses to do nothing! CC turning away to continue her interviews and celebration, coldly leaving Brook to her fate. Kelly's feet pushing weakly at the canvas, hips gulping in exhaustion beneath offending blonde weight - there's no dislodging a fresh Stacy Keibler. "It's between them," CC shrugs when tapped for her thoughts on the cheapest cross-body get in history. "I had no idea Stacy was planning something like this. It's cheap and it's wrong, but it's not my responsibility to handle Kelly's business for her. If Brook doesn't want to get stretched - maybe she shouldn't get knocked out." Ouch!

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