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04 Jun 2005 Ali Landry vs Nikki Visser

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Posted by simguy on 6/4/2005


Before: "I'll box Ali all night long," says a confident Nik Visser in prefight. "To me, Natasha Henstridge is the more dangerous opponent: Ali was life and death with Nat - I took Nat apart. If I fight my fight, Landry will suffer much the same fate. I see me tiring her out, frustrating her spirit, then nailing her with some keen right hands. Ali's too proud to go unless I catch her just right, so I mustn't scrimp on the punishment. Every round, I'll send her muttering back to her corner hurt and discouraged." Landry amused at the analysis - can't quite see herself as tired, frustrated and hurt in this fight. "Blonde, young, and confident - just the way I like 'em!" Ali quips to press-corp chuckles. "I love it when Nikki comes in off a big win - she just thinks if she does THAT again, whatever it was - it'll be enough. Guess what Nik? You fight me the way you fought Henny and I'll eat you alive. No offense - you did great on Nat - that's why you're here - but don't kid yourself: that scoot-n-punch stuff won't work on me. Girls like you were a dime a dozen on the pageant circuit - all leg, no heart. I'll break you Nik, simple as that. Break you, and bust you flat." Ali in gold bikini, Nik in bleached sheepskin western style bikini (Jlo battleSkins trademark).


During R1: Nikki leggy, skirting the perimeter, hopping with hands chest high, palms out, just trying to find optimal distance. Landry patiently stalking, cutting off the ring like a veteran. Ali using Nik's own principle weapon: tasty body jab - dictating terms to Nikki, forcing her to go where Ali wants her. Ali checking the chin with right hands off feints or jabs - not big bombs, not put together in combination, but effective calling-card shots, just dialing in. When it comes to eating Ali Landry right hands, Nik might want to go on a diet. Tactical shutout Landry - Nikki purely defensive.


R2: Ali stepping, stooping, spanking her left mitt rigid off Visser's midsection - blonde jumping back from the shot, trying to swipe a counter-hook at Ali's cheek in cat-and-mouse early action. Landry getting cuffed, but walking through it - she's steadily closing distance, directing her attack to the ribcage - landing ones and twos before Visser can dance to the side. Nikki put off her game in subtle ways - she's not jabbing much, not controlling the angles. She's moving well, but being directed in there - Ali channelling nimble blonde, and continuing to startle Visser with right hands whenever Nik thinks she's safe.


R3: Ali establishes jab to body: this gets her feet where she wants them, weight distributed how she likes - Visser giving up the punch for free doesn't see the danger. Landry stalking, touching, smoothing Nikki around the ring. Blonde a joy to watch - few manage canvas like the sleek Aussie, but she's not putting anything on Landry: against Henny, Nik was cracking with everything she had. Second minute, Ali feinting, jabbing amidships - she gets Nik flinching from poke, leans in over the top with that sneaky-quick right hand freight train to chin and DOWN GOES NIKKI! Visser clipped clean, put to her backside at the ropes - she's up quick, but frazzled: never saw the punch. Ali relaxed in neutral corner, arms reclining on top rope - she saunters forward after 8, eyes locked on target. Landry hands at her chest - Visser waiting in the pocket - Nikki shoots left/right, spirited off the ropes. Ali weaves side to side, slipping both shots then swivels into an oily right hand to chin that has "LIGHTS OUT" emblazoned all over it. Nikki limp on contact - bending awkwardly into ropes, then sprawling on her face parallel to apron. Ali looks down with a happy grin, brushing hair out of her eyes, then stands hands on hips, foot in the small of Nikki's back as no count is necessary. Tyrannical KO3, Ali Landry.


After: Sign of a dominant champion: challenger comes in smoking hot off a big upset win, gets cooled down as if doused by a bucket of ice-cold gatorade. Landry simply masterful tonight - using a jab and ring generalship to compensate for Visser's leg, touching the blonde, lulling her, then ringing her up for a diamond cutter, chilling knockout. "I'm going to need blonde lightweight names to step up and face me," crows Ali in postfight. "The top welters are all beat before they get in there - they're quitting on the scales - they know they haven't got what it takes. Either that or it's time every fighter in this league sits down and gives me written testimonial to my superiority. Fight me, or bow down: those are your only two options! In fact, as of tonight, every fighter in this league will be getting an invoice from yours truly: a tithe. I'm demanding a percentage of earnings from every licensed celebrity fighter in boxing in recognition of my dominant status!"

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