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06 Sept 2002 Laetitia Casta vs Jeri Ryan

Page history last edited by Dradis 11 years, 8 months ago

Posted by simguy on 9/6/2002


Before: "No way Laetitia beats me," Jeri says, no bravado, no bluster, just business. Blonde supremely confident coming in, but not cocky, she's in shape, she's been battering sparring partners and she's ready. Casta back in the ring after a nice break, French woman eager to resume her relentless assault on boxing's tiffany names, mirroring Ryan's confidence. Both girls with a similar stalking, right hand power punching style, both quietly confident the other won't be around long. Ryan in classic red bikini, black gloves,messy ponytail, Laetitia in pale green bikini, black gloves, messy ponytail.


During R1: Jeri snapping the jab off her belly, right hand at her chin, angling her left shoulder at Casta. Laetitia with the left hand at her hip, right at her cheek, slidestepping back, crossing to her right - tactical opening moments as the girls feel each other out. Midway through, Laetitia times blonde stick, rolls the jab with her left shoulder and slings in a whistling right on the mouth - magic in Jeri's legs as the long blonde steps funky, nearly pitches to her face, then stagger-steps sideways with a wounded look. All Laetitia the rest of the way - she walks Jeri down, gets after her waist right/left, finishes up with a clouting left on the eye that spills Ryan ropeside. Jeri covers up, takes a mule-kicking to her ribcage as Casta has her way at the bell.


R2: Jeri shakes it off, goes right back to working her gameplan. Ryan with a shattering jab, really stamping it onto Casta, steering her around the ring. Laetitia can back off, move to the right, but she can't get close - Jeri doing a better job of jabbing at the right distance, harder to counter this round. Ryan mixing in an assortment of punches off the stick - a humming right cross level to the chin, a nice step-in hook to the paunch. Casta nickled and dimed all around the ring, big blonde stepping her down, touching her up from the outside for a shutout.


R3: Girls circling warily, pawing jabs, weight on right feet as they load up for the cross. End of the first minute, both lean into monster right hands and CASTA GOES DOWN! Jeri stepping back exultant as Laetitia sprawls forward in liquid stages to her face - she's out COLD! KO3 Jeri Ryan!


After: Casta - cheek wet on canvas, sleepy lips pursed, shoulders relaxed, sexy, with her hands reaching limp past her head. One moment a dangerous, vibrant French woman, the next a slumbering wreck - Ryan blowing on her right mitt like it's the smoking barrel of a lethal six gun, turning away without another glance as ringside physicians rush to examine sleeping beauty. "She gave me a good poke for a model," admits Jeri of Laetitia's first round blast, "but that basically gave me the confidence to go right at her. I took what she had, then I gave her something she couldn't handle. Welcome to Jeri Ryan boxing kids."

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