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07 Sept 2007 Danielle Fishel vs Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Posted by simguy on 9/7/2007


Before: "Jennifer hurt me with right hands," says special commentator Allison Mack at ringside, "and that means Dani's in terrible danger in this fight. I was able to soak up Hewitt's power and come back well in our fight - but if Dani gives up the hits I did early - she won't survive it. Fishel needs to move her head and understand that Jennifer's VERY strong on her feet now - very tough to bull back. But I know Fishel - she's too mule-stupid stubborn to believe until she gets cracked, and by then it'll be too late. I like Jenny in an upset here - I think she'll hurt Dani early, back her up and finish her in the middle rounds. The sport has passed Fishel by at this point and I think a girl like Jennifer Love Hewitt is the proof." Dani in gunmetal blue bikini, small navy work out gloves. Jennifer in hot pink lace push up, pink boy cut panties; small white work out gloves.


During R1: Jenny stepping-to, eyes narrowed, right at her cheek, left at her hip, snapping up-jabs. Fishel showing crossed arm - vigorously bobbing and weaving, getting under Jenny's jab. Hewitt deploys that short right cross, turning over her back (right) foot on delivery: Dani slips to her left, getting under it; left uppercut takes Jenny in her tummy with a jolt; left hook takes Jenny across her jaw, swivelling her head and HEWITT GOES DOWN! Big smile Dani as she jogs all jugs-a-jumpin' to neutral corner: long, cranky climb up for Jen and a reeling 8. Dani back in muscular - scoring with a pair of short, stubby right hands to the ear as Jenny's covering up, then back into that paunch via the stout left uppercut. Jenny grunting - doesn't like it down there: Dani dips, rips the right uppercut into the body; dips left, jerks the left uppercut - bunching up Jennifer's firm belly meat with firm clout. Shove in the shoulders keeps Hewitt's butt in ropes; hook spanks in behind her elbow; another hook digs the same spot as Jennifer bites down on her mouthpiece behind her mitts. Dani big on Jen's biceps - brutal, pulverizing barrage of flat-knuckle lefts and rights: Fishel pursing her lips, standing up straight as she belts away side to side. Hewitt slumping, mouth open: Dani reaches under Jen's arms, chests her heavy into ropes. Beat down to torso ensues as Dani wriggles her way past Jen's guard - pushing arms out of the way to ransack the meat. Terrible, jolting uppercuts thick to tummy; side to side clobbering of the proudest jugs in all Christendom. Nonstop drumming has Jennifer ragdoll - she goes to all fours in the last minute, panting and trembling as Fishel romps to huge first round points.


R2: Jennifer disheveled, legs heavy, mouth open: she's still hurting. Hewitt able to line Dani up for right hands with a still-zesty jab - but the heft is missing from the sock: Fishel grinning upon receipt as woozy Jen doesn't get smart leverage on the shots. Dani dipping side to side, getting under Hewitt's shots, then ripping up into belly mound with ferocious snap. Cuddly pudge of Jen's tummy bunching up, quivering tight like cold jam in a jar: Hewitt giving ground with a sick, sad expression. Jen's back hits ropes: Dani switches emphasis to Hewitt's biceps, beating her foe's arms numb, loosening up the guard. With Jenny stooping forward, ashen faced - Dani's squirming in - reaching under the arms, chesting into Jen, opening her up and ragdolling her at the ropes. Fearsome, thudding beatdown ensues as Fishel's through the gates: Dani's fists rampaging against Jennifer's plush flesh - beating tummy, ribs, tits with a thumping, full-bodied vigour. Fishel grinning throughout, happy in her work - whenever necessary, she piles into Jen, stacks her up, sorts her out, then gets back to belting her stupid. Bell: Hewitt ashambles - dark curls wan in her eyes, mouth open - she stumbles drearily to corner, choking back tears.


R3: Hewitt stooped forward, up on her toes, butt jumping back, face twisted as she shouts in agony: Dani's hooking Jen viciously amidships. Glorious body work - Fishel jubilant as she arches her back, pops hips-right to get left hands up and in, up and in: poor Jenny's punched up onto her toes and inched backward by the sheer thudding force. Fishel hoists in half a dozen beauties, then piles in all head and shoulders, reaching under Jen's arms to drive her heavily to ropes. Quick pushing and shoving to sort Jen out, then Dani's bashing at arms, bashing at jug, clouting at chin. Hewitt in a fog - pushing pathetically back at Dani, unable to get any leverage or organize any defence. Midway through - Jennifer being horribly bullied and knocked about, dips her left shoulder, looks to hook Dani's trunks: Fishel turns her hip into it, eyes blazing as she blocks the foul. Dani's retribution terrible to behold as she beats right hands into Jennifer's tummy, punching Hewitt's backside up onto the ropes as poor Hewitt sobs in pain. Down the stretch - Jennifer's legs shot, but Dani won't let her fall: Fishel repeatedly reaching in to stack, then adding on extra insurance pummeling of that heaving rack. It's all too much - ref finally jumps in at the sight of Hewitt's head lollling back, throat bared: TKO3 in monster fashion - Danielle Fishel.


After: Jubilant Fishel doing a homerun trot around the ring, thumbing her nose at Mack, reveling in crowd adulation: she just never let a dangerous challenger get out of the blocks tonight. Hurt to the body from the get go, Jennifer never got the right hand off with authority, never got into her rhythm - it's a heartbreaking night for the much improved bantam. Fishel taking some time out in the aftermath to pull Hewitt aside by her arm and give her a bit of a champion's rebuke. There's finger waggling, some touching of Jennifer's cheek with fingertips when she tries to look away: Fishel not being mean or gloating, but she's being very firm, chastising Jenny for the deliberate crotch attempt and reminding her that Dani would be well within her rights to smother her if Fishel weren't such a class act. On and on - Dani's high-hand not playing too well as Jennifer takes it with sullen resentment.

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